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2012 NCCS Core Files -- Finances of Public Charities

The 2012 NCCS Core Public Charity file is now available for analysis and downloading. It includes dozens of new variables and is based on newly-released financial data from the Internal Revenue Service for public charities, private foundations, and other types of tax-exempt 501(c) organizations filing Forms 990, 990EZ, and 990PF. The data are provided through the IRS's Statistics of Income Division (SOI) and represent annual informational returns that were filed and processed by the IRS during calendar year 2013.

These files combine the raw data provided by the IRS with organization name and address information, NCCS summary National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) activity codes (NTEE), and other fields likely to be of interest to users from the SOI Exempt Organizations Business Master File Extract (BMF). Learn more about NCCS's NTEE classification codes, its series of historical files, supplemental data and other data, tools and resources at

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NCCS Extract of IRS Financial and BMF Data: Documentation, 2013

Exemption Type
Form Type
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These data are created for administrative purposes by the IRS and have NOT been reviewed for discrepancies in the data (e.g. errors, omissions, or inconsistencies). The Urban Institute shall not be held liable for any such discrepancies. Please review the NCCS Data Guide for a discussion of the limitations of the data. Please contact with any comments or corrections.