* Core 2013 PC Full 990.

EIN "Employer identification number."
NAME "Organization name."
SEC_NAME "Secondary organization name"
ADDRESS "Address"
CITY "City"
STATE "Two-letter state abbreviation."
ZIP "ZIP code."
zip5 "First 5 digits of zip code"
NTEE1 "NTEE major group (A-Z)"
NTEECC "NTEECC classification"
SUBSECCD "IRS subsection code (03=501(c)(3), etc.)"
FNDNCD "Reason for & type of 501(c)(3) exempt status including codes for operating and grantmaking foundations, and broad type of public charity"
RULEDATE "Ruling date: year and month of IRS ruling or determination letter recognizing orgs exempt status (YYYYMM)"
ORGCD "Form of organization: corporation, trust, assoc, etc."
ACCPER "Accounting period"
FIPS "2-digit State + 3-digit County FIPS code (Federal Information Processing Standard). See also U.S. Census Bureau State & County QuickFacts."
MSA_NECH "Metropolitan Statistical Area (NCCS file) (list)"
PMSA "Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area - the component areas that comprise a CMSA (76 PMSAs as of 1995). (list)"
styear "Starting year (yyyy when fiscal year began, which is also the tax form year)"
TAXPER "Ending date for tax period of financial data. Core files for 1997 on are in "yyyymm" format (199412=Dec. 1994). Earlier years use 2-digit year ("9412")."
outnccs "Out-of-scope (IN/OUT) (see OUTREAS doc. for details)"
OUTREAS "Reason why out of scope"
AFCD "Affiliation code"
CLASSCD "Combination of subsection code and classification code reflects a further breakdown of the Internal Revenue Code subsections"
DEDUCTCD "IRS Deductibility code"
EOSTATUS "Exempt Organization Status Code defines the type of exemption held by the organization"
FRCD "Filing requirements code. The 1st 2 characters indicate the requirements for 990/990-EZ forms. The 3rd character = 1 if a 990-PF is required or 0 if not."
GEN "Group Exemption Number"
FisYr "Fiscal year (ending year, YYYY)"
subcd "Subsection code"
ntmaj5 "Major subsector (5)"
ntmaj10 "10 NTEE major groups"
ntmaj12 "12 NTEE major groups: ntmaj10 plus higher education (BH) and hospitals (EH)"
MAJGRPB "Major NTEE group plus hospitals and higher education"
NTEEconf "NTEE classification confidence rating (A/B/C)"
LEVEL2 "Reporting public charity groups."
s501c3or4947a1cd "Described in 501(c)(3)?"
schdbind "Schedule B required?"
politicalactvtscd "Political activities?"
lbbyingactvtscd "Lobbying activities?"
subjto6033cd "Subject to proxy tax?"
dnradvisedfundscd "Donor advised funds?"
prptyintrcvdcd "Conservation easements?"
maintwrkofartcd "Collections of art?"
crcounselingqstncd "Credit counseling?"
hldassetsintermpermcd "Temp or permanent endowments?"
rptlndbldgeqptcd "Land buildings and equipment reported?"
rptinvstothsecd "Investments in other securities reported?"
rptinvstprgrelcd "Program related investments reported?"
rptothasstcd "Other assets reported?"
rptothliabcd "Other liabilities reported?"
sepcnsldtfinstmtcd "Separate consolidated financial statement"
sepindaudfinstmtcd "Separate audited financial statement"
inclinfinstmtcd "Included in consolidated financial statements?"
operateschools170cd "School?"
frgnofficecd "Foreign office?"
frgnrevexpnscd "Foreign activities, etc?"
frgngrntscd "More than $5000 to organizations Part IX, line 3?"
frgnaggragrntscd "More than $5000 to individuals Part IX, line 3?"
rptprofndrsngfeescd "Professional fundraising?"
rptincfnndrsngcd "Fundraising activities?"
rptincgamingcd "Gaming?"
operatehosptlcd "Hospital?"
hospaudfinstmtcd "Hospital audited financial statement included?"
rptgrntstogovtcd "Grants to organizations?"
rptgrntstoindvcd "Grants to individuals?"
rptyestocompnstncd "Schedule J required?"
txexmptbndcd "Tax exempt bonds?"
invstproceedscd "Investment income?"
maintescrwaccntcd "Escrow account?"
actonbehalfcd "On behalf of issuer?"
engageexcessbnftcd "Excess benefit transaction?"
awarexcessbnftcd "Prior excess benefit transaction?"
loantofficercd "Loan to officer or DQP?"
grantoofficercd "Grant to related person?"
dirbusnreltdcd "Business relationship with organization?"
fmlybusnreltdcd "Business relationship thru family member?"
servasofficercd "Officer, etc. of entity with business relationship?"
recvnoncashcd "Deductible non-cash contributions?"
recvartcd "Deductible contributions of art, etc?"
ceaseoperationscd "Terminated?"
sellorexchcd "Partial liquidation?"
ownsepentcd "Disregarded entity?"
reltdorgcd "Related entity?"
intincntrlcd "Related organization a controlled entity?"
orgtrnsfrcd "Any transfers to exempt non-charitable org?"
conduct5percentcd "Activities conducted thru partnership?"
compltschocd "Schedule O completed?"
f1096cnt "Number forms transmitted with 1096"
fw2gcnt "Number W-2Gs included in 1a"
wthldngrulescd "Compliance with backup witholding?"
noemplyeesw3cnt "Number of employees"
filerqrdrtnscd "Employment tax returns filed?"
unrelbusinccd "Unrelated business income?"
filedf990tcd "Form 990-T filed?"
frgnacctcd "Foreign financial account?"
prohibtdtxshltrcd "Prohibited tax shelter transaction?"
prtynotifyorgcd "Taxable party notification?"
filedf8886tcd "Form 8886-T filed?"
solicitcntrbcd "Non-deductible contributions?"
exprstmntcd "Non-deduct. disclosure?"
providegoodscd "Quid pro quo contributions?"
notfydnrvalcd "Quid pro quo disclosure?"
filedf8282cd "Form 8282 property disposed of?"
f8282cnt "Number of 8282s filed"
fndsrcvdcd "Funds to pay premiums?"
premiumspaidcd "Premiums paid?"
filedf8899cd "Form 8899 filed?"
filedf1098ccd "Form 1098-C filed?"
excbushldngscd "Excess business holdings?"
s4966distribcd "Taxable distributions?"
distribtodonorcd "Distribution to donor?"
initiationfees "Initiation fees amount"
grsrcptspublicuse "Gross receipts amount"
grsincmembers "Gross income from members"
grsincother "Gross income from other sources"
filedlieuf1041cd "Form 990 in lieu of 1041?"
txexmptint "Tax exempt interest in lieu of 1041"
qualhlthplncd "Qualified health plan in multiple states"
qualhlthreqmntn "Qualified health plan reserves required"
qualhlthonhnd "Qualified health plan reserves on hand"
rcvdpdtngcd "Payments for indoor tanning"
filedf720cd "Filed Form 720 for tanning"
totreprtabled "Reportable compensation from organization"
totcomprelatede "Reportable compensation from related orgs"
totestcompf "Other compensation"
noindiv100kcnt "Number individuals greater than $100K"
nocontractor100kcnt "Number of contractors greater than $100K"
totcntrbgfts "Total contributions"
prgmservcode2acd "Program service revenue code 2a"
totrev2acola "Program service revenue amount 2a"
prgmservcode2bcd "Program service revenue code 2b"
totrev2bcola "Program service revenue amount 2b"
prgmservcode2ccd "Program service revenue code 2c"
totrev2ccola "Program service revenue amount 2c"
prgmservcode2dcd "Program service revenue code 2d"
totrev2dcola "Program service revenue amount 2d"
prgmservcode2ecd "Program service revenue code 2e"
totrev2ecola "Program service revenue amount 2e"
totrev2fcola "Program service revenue amount 2f"
totprgmrevnue "Program service revenue"
invstmntinc "Investment income"
txexmptbndsproceeds "Tax-exempt bond proceeds"
royaltsinc "Royalties"
grsrntsreal "Gross rents -- Real estate"
grsrntsprsnl "Gross rents -- Personal property"
rntlexpnsreal "Rental expense -- Real estate"
rntlexpnsprsnl "Rental expense -- Personal property"
rntlincreal "Net rent -- Real estate"
rntlincprsnl "Net rent -- Personal property"
netrntlinc "Net rental income"
grsalesecur "Gross sales -- Securities"
grsalesothr "Gross sales -- Other assets"
cstbasisecur "Sales expense -- Securities"
cstbasisothr "Sales expense -- Other assets"
gnlsecur "Net gain from sales -- Securities"
gnlsothr "Net gain from sales -- Other assets"
netgnls "Sales of assets"
grsincfndrsng "Gross fundraising"
lessdirfndrsng "Fundraising expenses"
netincfndrsng "Fundraising income"
grsincgaming "Gross income from gaming"
lessdirgaming "Gaming expenses"
netincgaming "Gaming income"
grsalesinvent "Gross sales of inventory"
lesscstofgoods "Cost of goods sold (inventory)"
netincsales "Income from sales of inventory"
miscrev11acd "Other revenue code 11a"
miscrevtota "Other revenue amount 11a"
miscrev11bcd "Other revenue code 11b"
miscrevtot11b "Other revenue amount 11b"
miscrev11ccd "Other revenue code 11c"
miscrevtot11c "Other revenue amount 11c"
miscrevtot11d "Other revenue amount 11d"
miscrevtot11e "Other revenue"
totrevenue "Total revenue"
grntstogovt "Grants to governments/orgs in the US"
grnsttoindiv "Grants to individuals in the US"
grntstofrgngovt "Grants to orgs and individuals outside the US"
benifitsmembrs "Benefits paid to or for members"
compnsatncurrofcr "Compensation of current officers, directors, etc "
compnsatnandothr "Compensation of disqualified persons"
othrsalwages "Other salaries and wages"
pensionplancontrb "Pension plan contributions"
othremplyeebenef "Other employee benefits"
payrolltx "Payroll taxes"
feesforsrvcmgmt "Management fees"
legalfees "Legal fees"
accntingfees "Accounting fees"
feesforsrvclobby "Lobbying fees"
profndraising "Professional fundraising fees"
feesforsrvcinvstmgmt "Investment management feed"
feesforsrvcothr "Other fees"
advrtpromo "Advertising and promotion"
officexpns "Office expenses"
infotech "Information technology"
royaltsexpns "Royalties"
occupancy "Occupancy"
travel "Travel"
travelofpublicoffcl "Travel/entertainment expenses to public officials"
converconventmtng "Conferences, conventions, meetings"
interestamt "Interest expense"
pymtoaffiliates "Payments to affiliates"
deprcatndepletn "Depreciation, depletion, amortization"
insurance "Insurance"
othrexpnsa "Other expenses 24a"
othrexpnsb "Other expenses 24b"
othrexpnsc "Other expenses 24c"
othrexpnsd "Other expenses 24d"
othrexpnse "Other expenses 24e"
othrexpnsf "Other expenses 24f"
totfuncexpns "Total functional expenses"
nonintcashend "Cash - non-interest bearing - eoy"
svngstempinvend "Savings and temporary cash investments - eoy"
pldgegrntrcvblend "Pledges and grants receivable - eoy"
accntsrcvblend "Accounts receivable - eoy"
currfrmrcvblend "Receivables from officers, directors, etc. - eoy"
rcvbldisqualend "Receivables from disqualified persons - eoy"
notesloansrcvblend "Notes and loans receivables - eoy"
invntriesalesend "Inventories for sale or use - eoy"
prepaidexpnsend "Prepaid expenses or deferred charges - eoy"
lndbldgsequipend "Land, buildings, & equipment (net) - eoy"
invstmntsend "Investments in publicly traded securities - eoy"
invstmntsothrend "Investments in other securities - eoy"
invstmntsprgmend "Program-related investments - eoy"
intangibleassetsend "Intangible assets - eoy"
othrassetsend "Other assets - eoy"
totassetsboy "Total assets - boy
NOTE: estimated value
Beginning Balance Sheet values in Part X, Column (A) represent ending balance values from the prior year return, as available per NCCS Core archives."
totassetsend "Total assets - eoy"
accntspayableend "Accounts payable and accrued expenses - eoy"
grntspayableend "Grants payable - eoy"
deferedrevnuend "Deferred revenue - eoy"
txexmptbndsboy "Tax-exempt bond liabilities - boy
NOTE: estimated value
Beginning Balance Sheet values in Part X, Column (A) represent ending balance values from the prior year return, as available per NCCS Core archives."
txexmptbndsend "Tax-exempt bond liabilities - eoy"
escrwaccntliabend "Escrow account liability - eoy"
paybletoffcrsend "Payables to officers, directors, etc. - eoy"
secrdmrtgsboy "Secured mortgages and notes payable - boy
NOTE: estimated value
Beginning Balance Sheet values in Part X, Column (A) represent ending balance values from the prior year return, as available per NCCS Core archives."
secrdmrtgsend "Secured mortgages and notes payable - eoy"
unsecurednotesend "Unsecured mortgages and notes payable - eoy"
othrliabend "Other liabilities - eoy"
totliabboy "Total liabilities - boy
NOTE: estimated value
Beginning Balance Sheet values in Part X, Column (A) represent ending balance values from the prior year return, as available per NCCS Core archives."
totliabend "Total liabilities - eoy"
unrstrctnetasstsend "Unrestricted net assets - eoy"
temprstrctnetasstsend "Temporarily restricted net assets - eoy"
permrstrctnetasstsend "Permanently restricted net assets - eoy"
capitalstktrstend "Capital stock or trust principal - eoy"
paidinsurplusend "Paid-in or capital surplus - eoy"
retainedearnboy "Retained earnings - boy
NOTE: estimated value
Beginning Balance Sheet values in Part X, Column (A) represent ending balance values from the prior year return, as available per NCCS Core archives."
retainedearnend "Retained earnings - eoy"
totnetassetboy "Total Net Assets - boy
NOTE: estimated value
Beginning Balance Sheet values in Part X, Column (A) represent ending balance values from the prior year return, as available per NCCS Core archives."
totnetassetend "Total Net Assets - eoy"
totnetliabastend "Total Liabilities + Net Assets - eoy"
DLN "Document Locator Number used by the IRS"
nonpfrea "Reason for non-PF status"
totnooforgscnt "Number of organizations supported"
totsupport "Sum of amounts of support"
gftgrntsrcvd170 "Gifts grants membership fees received (170)"
txrevnuelevied170 "Tax revenues levied (170)"
srvcsval170 "Services or facilities furnished by gov (170)"
pubsuppsubtot170 "Public support subtotal (170)"
exceeds2pct170 "Amount support exceeds total (170)"
pubsupplesspct170 "Public support (170)"
samepubsuppsubtot170 "Public support from line 4 (170)"
grsinc170 "Gross income from interest etc (170)"
netincunreltd170 "Net UBI (170)"
othrinc170 "Other income (170)"
totsupp170 "Total support (170)"
grsrcptsrelated170 "Gross receipts from related activities (170)"
totgftgrntrcvd509 "Gifts grants membership fees received (509)"
grsrcptsadmissn509 "Receipts from admissions merchandise etc (509)"
grsrcptsactivities509 "Gross receipts from related activities (509)"
txrevnuelevied509 "Tax revenues levied (509)"
srvcsval509 "Services or facilities furnished by gov (509)"
pubsuppsubtot509 "Public support subtotal (509)"
rcvdfrmdisqualsub509 "Amounts from disqualified persons (509)"
exceeds1pct509 "Amount support exceeds total (509)"
subtotpub509 "Public support subtotal (509)"
pubsupplesub509 "Public support (509)"
samepubsuppsubtot509 "Public support from line 6 (509)"
grsinc509 "Gross income from interest etc (509)"
unreltxincls511tx509 "Net UBI (509)"
subtotsuppinc509 "Subtotal total support (509)"
netincunrelatd509 "Net income from UBI not in 10b (509)"
othrinc509 "Other income (509)"
totsupp509 "Total support (509)"
LEVEL1 "Public charity or private foundation?"
level3 "Major NTEE category"
level4 "NTEE-CC Major Group"
NAICS "North American Industrial Classification System"
VERIFY "Financials have been verified"
NCCSKEY "Unique key: ein + return date"
NCCSKEY2 "Unique key: ein + fiscal year"
DocCD "A 2-digit code identifying type of Form 990 (990, 990-EZ, or 990-PF), and form revision (form revision 2007 and earlier vs. 2008 and later).
Document Code is the 4th and 5th digits of the DLN assigned by the IRS."
LONGITUDE "Longitude"
LATITUDE "Latitude"
randnum "Random number between 0 and 1 used for creating samples"
SOIYR "Starting year for org's fiscal year."

VALUE LABELS actonbehalfcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"6" "Central - parent (group ruling) and is not a church or 501(c)(1)"
"3" "Independent org. or independent auxiliary unaffil. w. national, regional or geogr. grouping"
"2" "Intermediate organization (no group exemption)"
"1" "Central organization (no group exemption)"
"9" "Subordinate in a group ruling."
"8" "Central - parent (group ruling) and is a church or 501 (c)(1)"
"7" "Intermediate- group exempt intermediate organization of a national, regional or geog. group"
"0" "Unknown"
VALUE LABELS awarexcessbnftcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS ceaseoperationscd
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS compltschocd
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS conduct5percentcd
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS crcounselingqstncd
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
"0" "Description unknown at this time"
"1" "Contributions are deductible"
"2" "Contributions are not deductible"
"4" "Contributions are deductible by treaty (foreign organizations)"
VALUE LABELS dirbusnreltdcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS distribtodonorcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS dnradvisedfundscd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"92" "Form 990-EZ revision 2008 and later"
"90" "Form 990 revision 2007 and earlier"
"93" "Form 990 revision 2008 and later"
"09" "Form 990-EZ revision 2007 and earlier"
"91" "Form 990-PF"
VALUE LABELS engageexcessbnftcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"01" "Unconditional Exemption"
"02" "Conditional Exemption"
"12" "Trust described in section 4947(a)(2) of the Code"
"25" "Organization terminating its private foundation status under section 507(b)(1)(B) of the Code"
"32" "Did not respond to an IRS CP 140 notice requesting information on its continued exempt status"
VALUE LABELS excbushldngscd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS exprstmntcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS filedf1098ccd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS filedf720cd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS filedf8282cd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS filedf8886tcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS filedf8899cd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS filedf990tcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS filedlieuf1041cd
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS filerqrdrtnscd
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS fmlybusnreltdcd
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
"12" "Hospital or medical research organization"
"11" "School"
"10" "Church"
"09" "Suspense"
"04" "Private non-operating foundation"
"03" "Private operating foundation (other)"
"02" "Private operating foundation exempt from paying excise taxes on investment income"
"00" "All organizations except 501(c)(3)"
"18" "Organization organized and operated to test for public safety"
"17" "Supporting Organization 509(a)(3) for benefit and in conjunction with organization(s) coded 10-16"
"21" "Supporting Organization 509(a)(3) Type I"
"16" "Organization income is <=1/3 investment or unrelated business and >1/3 donated or related to purpose"
"22" "Supporting Organization 509(a)(3) Type II"
"15" "Organization with a substantial portion of support from a governmental unit or the general public"
"23" "Supporting Organization 509(a)(3) Type III functionally integrated"
"14" "Governmental unit"
"24" "Supporting Organization 509(a)(3) Type III not functionally integrated"
"13" "Organization operated for the benefit of a public (government owned or run) college or university"
VALUE LABELS fndsrcvdcd
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
"031" "990PF Required - Group return"
"040" "990 - Required to file Form 990-BL, Black Lung Trusts"
"041" "990PF Required - 990 Required to file Form 990-BL, Black Lung Trusts"
"060" "990 - Not required to file (church)"
"061" "990PF Required - Not required to file (church)"
"070" "990 - Government 501(c)(1)"
"071" "990PF Required - Government 501(c)(1)"
"130" "990 - Not required to file (religious organization)"
"131" "990PF Required - Not required to file (religious organization)"
"000" "990 - Not required to file (all other)"
"140" "990 - Not required to file (instrumentalities of states or political subdivisions)"
"001" "990PF Required - 990 not required to file (all other)"
"141" "990PF Required - Not required to file (instrumentalities of states or political subdivisions)"
"010" "990 (all other) or 990EZ return"
"011" "990PF Required (all other)"
"020" "990 - Required to file Form 990-N (Income less than $25,000 per year)"
"021" "990PF Required - 990 Required to file Form 990-N (Income less than $25,000 per year)"
"030" "990 - Group return"
VALUE LABELS frgnacctcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS frgnaggragrntscd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS frgngrntscd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS frgnofficecd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS frgnrevexpnscd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS grantoofficercd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS hldassetsintermpermcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS hospaudfinstmtcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS inclinfinstmtcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS intincntrlcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS invstproceedscd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS lbbyingactvtscd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"PF" "Private Foundation"
"PC" "Public Charity"
"U" "Unknown"
"O" "Other Nonprofits"
"M" "Mutual Benefit Public Charity"
"S" "Supporting Public Charity"
"O" "Operating Public Charity"
"ZA" "Single organization support"
"MO" "Other mutual benefit"
"MR" "Pension and retirement funds"
"UN" "Unknown, unclassified"
"RE" "Religion related"
"PB" "Public, societal benefit"
"IN" "International, foreign affairs"
"HS" "Human Services"
"HE" "Health"
"EN" "Environment/animals"
"ZF" "Other Supporting Public Benefit"
"ZE" "General fundraising"
"ZD" "Public foundations"
"ZC" "Private grantmaking foundations"
"ED" "Education"
"ZB" "Fundraising within NTEE major group"
"AR" "Arts, culture and humanities"
"L" "Housing, Shelter"
"W" "Public, Society Benefit - Multipurpose and Other"
"G" "Diseases, Disorders, Medical Disciplines"
"R" "Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy"
"B" "Education"
"M" "Public Safety"
"X" "Religion Related, Spiritual Development"
"H" "Medical Research"
"S" "Community Improvement, Capacity Building"
"C" "Environmental Quality, Protection, and Beautification"
"N" "Recreation, Sports, Leisure, Athletics"
"Y" "Mutual/Membership Benefit Organizations, Other"
"I" "Crime, Legal Related"
"T" "Philanthropy, Voluntarism, and Grantmaking Foundations"
"D" "Animal-Related"
"O" "Youth Development"
"Z" "Unknown"
"J" "Employment, Job Related"
"U" "Science and Technology Research Institutes, Services"
"E" "Health"
"P" "Human Services - Multipurpose and Other"
"" "Unknown"
"K" "Food, Agriculture, and Nutrition"
"V" "Social Science Research Institutes, Services"
"F" "Mental Health, Crisis Intervention"
"Q" "International, Foreign Affairs, and National Security"
"A" "Arts, Culture, and Humanities"
VALUE LABELS loantofficercd
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS maintescrwaccntcd
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS maintwrkofartcd
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
"BH" "BH-Higher educ."
"Q" "Q-International, Foreign Affairs"
"C" "C-Environment"
"R" "R-Civil Rights/Advocacy"
"D" "D-Animal Related"
"S" "S-Community Improvement"
"E" "E-Health - General"
"T" "T-Philanthropy, Voluntarism"
"EH" "EH-Hospitals"
"U" "U-Science and Technology"
"F" "F-Mental Health"
"V" "V-Social Science"
"G" "G-Health - Disease Specific (general)"
"W" "W-Public, Society Benefit"
"H" "H-Health - Disease Specific (research)"
"X" "X-Religion Related"
"I" "I-Crime, Legal Related"
"Y" "Y-Mutual/Membership Benefit"
"J" "J-Employment, Job Related"
"Z" "Z-Unknown, Unclassified"
"K" "K-Food, Agriculture, Nutrition"
"L" "L-Housing, Shelter"
"M" "M-Public Safety, Disaster Preparedness"
"N" "N-Recreation and Sports"
"A" "A-Arts, Culture & Humanities"
"O" "O-Youth Development"
"B" "B-Education"
"P" "P-Human Services, Multipurpose and Other"
VALUE LABELS notfydnrvalcd
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
"Q" "International, Foreign Affairs, and National Security"
"A" "Arts, Culture, and Humanities"
"L" "Housing, Shelter"
"W" "Public, Society Benefit - Multipurpose and Other"
"G" "Diseases, Disorders, Medical Disciplines"
"R" "Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy"
"B" "Education"
"M" "Public Safety"
"X" "Religion Related, Spiritual Development"
"H" "Medical Research"
"S" "Community Improvement, Capacity Building"
"C" "Environmental Quality, Protection, and Beautification"
"N" "Recreation, Sports, Leisure, Athletics"
"Y" "Mutual/Membership Benefit Organizations, Other"
"I" "Crime, Legal Related"
"T" "Philanthropy, Voluntarism, and Grantmaking Foundations"
"D" "Animal-Related"
"O" "Youth Development"
"Z" "Unknown"
"J" "Employment, Job Related"
"U" "Science and Technology Research Institutes, Services"
"E" "Health"
"P" "Human Services - Multipurpose and Other"
"" "Unknown"
"K" "Food, Agriculture, and Nutrition"
"V" "Social Science Research Institutes, Services"
"F" "Mental Health, Crisis Intervention"
"V" "Social Science Research Institutes, Services"
"F" "Mental Health, Crisis Intervention"
"Q" "International, Foreign Affairs, and National Security"
"A" "Arts, Culture, and Humanities"
"L" "Housing, Shelter"
"W" "Public, Society Benefit - Multipurpose and Other"
"G" "Diseases, Disorders, Medical Disciplines"
"R" "Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy"
"B" "Education"
"M" "Public Safety"
"X" "Religion Related, Spiritual Development"
"H" "Medical Research"
"S" "Community Improvement, Capacity Building"
"C" "Environmental Quality, Protection, and Beautification"
"N" "Recreation, Sports, Leisure, Athletics"
"Y" "Mutual/Membership Benefit Organizations, Other"
"I" "Crime, Legal Related"
"T" "Philanthropy, Voluntarism, and Grantmaking Foundations"
"D" "Animal-Related"
"O" "Youth Development"
"Z" "Unknown"
"J" "Employment, Job Related"
"U" "Science and Technology Research Institutes, Services"
"E" "Health"
"P" "Human Services - Multipurpose and Other"
"" "Unknown"
"K" "Food, Agriculture, and Nutrition"
"SMP" "Classification review from sampling (confidence=B)"
"ALM" "Almanac 2000 edits (confidence=A)"
"CORE02" "Core 2002 codes (04/02/04)"
"ZA" "Review of organizations classified as Z in preparation for the 1997 ARNOVA conference (confidence=B)"
"bahrz1" "NCCS - No information found in web search"
"RT" "Review of samples of organizations in construction of NTEE rating system (confidence=A)"
"$src" "Dig.data auto-coded 3/2005"
"$src" "Auto-generated codes (confidence=C)"
"" "Unknown source (confidence= ?)"
"DD200511" "Digitized data auto-codes"
"FC" "Foundation Center reclassification"
"DS" "David Stevenson's rulings (confidence=A)"
"bahr1" "NCCS thorough verification (Matt Bahr 2002) (confidence=A)"
"Core2004co" "2006 NTEE rules"
"ZD" "David Stevenson's reclass. of unclassified"
"FLR" "1992 classification of organizations using parts 3 and 8, stored in Filer92 (confidence=B)"
"NCCS200211-B" "NCCS verified records (medium confidence)"
"ZT" "Temp's review of unclassified, Feb. 97"
"IS" "Bank of classifications that were completed at Independent Sector (confidence=B)"
"DIT" "Digitized Data - Tom's Foxpro classification program (confidence=C)"
"NCCS200211-C" "NCCS autocoded records (low confidence)"
"NSO" "Nick Stengel's clean up of the opera file (confidence=A)"
"T3" "Temps review and corrections to initial review of RTF95 file(T2)."
"MD" "Classifcation of Maryland State Attorney General's file"
"ZZ" "NCCS expert verified records"
"JCC" "Jill Capitani's clean up of the nteelu file"
"T2" "Temps classification of the unclassified orgs in RTF95 file (confidence=B)"
"N95" "Classifcation of RTF 1995 completed by Nick Stengel"
"BMF" "Classification by I.R.S. EP/EO Division (confidence=C)"
"auto" "Automatically coded by NCCS (confidence=C)"
"DD200304-C" "Dig.data auto-coded 4/2003"
"T" "Temps review in Fall 1996 (confidence=B)"
"NSS" "Classifcation of SOI completed by Nick Stengel (confidence=A)"
"RTF" "Classification of I.R.S. Return Transaction Files"
"DD200304-B" "Dig.data verified 4/2003"
"IV" "Independent verifiers (1996) (confidence=A)"
"KCS" "Classification done for Kansas City newspaper layout"
"SM" "Classification done by ShoShauna Mccoy"
"SOI" "Classification completed during reconciliation of SOI94"
"3YR" "Classification review completed during the data development of the three-year financial project"
"RE" "Religion"
"IN" "International"
"PU" "Public and societal benefit"
"UN" "Unknown"
"MU" "Mutual benefit"
"EN" "Environment"
"AR" "Arts, culture, and humanities"
"ED" "Education"
"HE" "Health"
"HU" "Human services"
"MU" "Mutual benefit"
"EN" "Environment"
"EH" "Hospitals"
"BH" "Education, higher"
"AR" "Arts, culture, and humanities"
"ED" "Education"
"HE" "Health"
"HU" "Human services"
"RE" "Religion"
"IN" "International"
"PU" "Public and societal benefit"
"UN" "Unknown"
"AR" "Arts, culture, and humanities"
"ED" "Education"
"HE" "Health"
"HU" "Human services"
"OT" "Other"
VALUE LABELS operatehosptlcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS operateschools170cd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"5" "Association"
"4" "Partnership"
"3" "Co-operative"
"6" "Non-exempt charitable trust"
"2" "Trust"
"0" "Unknown"
"1" "Corporation"
VALUE LABELS orgtrnsfrcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"T" "T- U.S. Territory or armed forces overseas"
"S" "S- Missing geographic information"
"I" "I- Coded out of scope by Independent Sector"
"" "No value"
"G" "G- Government Entity"
"F" "F- Foreign organization"
"4" "4- Not a 501(c)(3)"
"N" "N- Coded out of scope by NCCS (e.g. foreign address on Form 990)"
VALUE LABELS ownsepentcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS politicalactvtscd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS premiumspaidcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS prohibtdtxshltrcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS providegoodscd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS prptyintrcvdcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS prtynotifyorgcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS qualhlthplncd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS rcvdpdtngcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS recvartcd
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS recvnoncashcd
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS reltdorgcd
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS rptgrntstogovtcd
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS rptgrntstoindvcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS rptincfnndrsngcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS rptincgamingcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS rptinvstothsecd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS rptinvstprgrelcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS rptlndbldgeqptcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS rptothasstcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS rptothliabcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS rptprofndrsngfeescd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS rptyestocompnstncd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS s4966distribcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS s501c3or4947a1cd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS sellorexchcd
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS sepcnsldtfinstmtcd
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS sepindaudfinstmtcd
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS servasofficercd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS solicitcntrbcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"SAG" "NTEE Classification based on agreement of 2 or 3 of codes from NCCS, FC or SOI."
"SOK" "NTEE Classification based on information from directory, web search or phone call."
"SQU" "NTEE Classification based on current IRS information or on previous classifications-chosen without c"
"I" "IRS Return Transaction Files"
"A" "Unified Database of Arts Organizations"
"C" "American Churches List"
"G" "Knight Foundation Grant Applicant Files"
"D" "Dun & Bradstreet Data Source"
"P" "Phone CD"
"U" "United Way"
VALUE LABELS subjto6033cd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"40" "40- Apostolic and religious orgs. - 501(d)"
"20" "20- Trusts for prepaid group legal services, as part of a qual. group legal service plan or plans."
"16" "16- Cooperative organizations to finance crop operations, in conjunction with activities ..."
"50" "50- Cooperative Hospital Service Organization - 501(e)"
"21" "21- Black lung trusts, satisfying claims for compensation under Black Lung Acts."
"15" "15- Mutual insurance cos. ar associations, providing insurance to members substantially at cost..."
"04" "04- Civic leagues, social welfare organizations, and local associations of employees"
"60" "60- Cooperative Service Org. of Operating Educ. Org.- 501(f)"
"14" "14- State-chartered credit unions, mutual reserve funds, offering loans to members..."
"22" "22- Multiemployer Pension Plan"
"70" "70- Child Care Organization - 501(k)"
"13" "13- Cemetery companies, providing burial and incidental activities for members."
"23" "23- Veterans association formed prior to 1880"
"71" "71- Charitable Risk Pool"
"12" "12- Benevolent life insurance associations, mutual ditch or irrigation companies, mutual or coop..."
"24" "24-Trust described in Section 4049 of ERISA"
"81" "81- Qualified State-Sponsored Tuition Program"
"11" "11- Teachers retirement fund associations."
"25" "25- Title Holding Company for Pensions, etc"
"03" "03- Religious, educational, charitable, scientific, and literary organizations..."
"10" "10- Domestic fraternal societies and assoc's-lodges devoting their net earnings to charitable..."
"90" "90- 4947(a)(2) Split Interest Trust"
"02" "02- Title holding corporation for a tax-exempt organization."
"09" "09- Voluntary employees' beneficiary ass'ns (including fed. employees' voluntary beneficiary..."
"80" "80- Farmers' Cooperatives"
"01" "01- Corporations originated under Act of Congress, including Federal Credit Unions"
"08" "08- Fraternal beneficiary societies and associations, with lodges providing for payment of life..."
"91" "91- 4947(a)(1) Public Charity (Files 990/990-EZ)"
"07" "07- Social and recreational clubs which provide pleasure, recreation, and social activities."
"92" "92- 4947(a)(1) Private Foundations"
"82" "82- 527 Political Organizations"
"93" "93- 1381(a)(2) Taxable Farmers Cooperative"
"CO" "CO- Unspecified 501(c) Organization Other Than 501(c)(3)"
"06" "06- Business leagues, chambers of commerce, real estate boards, etc. formed to improve conditions..."
"17" "17- Supplemental unemployment benefit trusts, providing payments of suppl. unemployment comp..."
"05" "05- Labor, agricultural, horticultural organizations. These are eduactional or instruct. grps..."
"26" "26- State-Sponsored High Risk Health Insurance Organizations"
"18" "18- Employee funded pension trusts, providing benefits under a pension plan funded by employees..."
"27" "27- State-Sponsored Workers Compensation Reinsurance"
"19" "19- Post or organization of war veterans."
VALUE LABELS txexmptbndcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS unrelbusinccd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"M" "Financial fields have been verified by staff."
"S" "Financial fields have been verified by SOI edited return."
"T" "Current financial fields have been multiplied by 1000 because return reported in thousands."
"L" "Financial fields were multiplied by 1000 because return reported in the thousands but inspection rev"
"" "No code"
VALUE LABELS wthldngrulescd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"

SPSS input statement lines

/FILE="c: emp.csv"
EIN a9
NAME a70
CITY a22
ZIP a10
ZIP5 a5
NteeIRS a4
GEN a4
FisYr a4
subcd a2
s501c3or4947a1cd a1
schdbind a1
politicalactvtscd a1
lbbyingactvtscd a1
subjto6033cd a1
dnradvisedfundscd a1
prptyintrcvdcd a1
maintwrkofartcd a1
crcounselingqstncd a1
hldassetsintermpermcd a1
rptlndbldgeqptcd a1
rptinvstothsecd a1
rptinvstprgrelcd a1
rptothasstcd a1
rptothliabcd a1
sepcnsldtfinstmtcd a1
sepindaudfinstmtcd a1
inclinfinstmtcd a1
operateschools170cd a1
frgnofficecd a1
frgnrevexpnscd a1
frgngrntscd a1
frgnaggragrntscd a1
rptprofndrsngfeescd a1
rptincfnndrsngcd a1
rptincgamingcd a1
operatehosptlcd a1
hospaudfinstmtcd a1
rptgrntstogovtcd a1
rptgrntstoindvcd a1
rptyestocompnstncd a1
txexmptbndcd a1
invstproceedscd a1
maintescrwaccntcd a1
actonbehalfcd a1
engageexcessbnftcd a1
awarexcessbnftcd a1
loantofficercd a1
grantoofficercd a1
dirbusnreltdcd a1
fmlybusnreltdcd a1
servasofficercd a1
recvnoncashcd a1
recvartcd a1
ceaseoperationscd a1
sellorexchcd a1
ownsepentcd a1
reltdorgcd a1
intincntrlcd a1
orgtrnsfrcd a1
conduct5percentcd a1
compltschocd a1
f1096cnt f15.0
fw2gcnt f15.0
wthldngrulescd a1
noemplyeesw3cnt f15.0
filerqrdrtnscd a1
unrelbusinccd a1
filedf990tcd a1
frgnacctcd a1
prohibtdtxshltrcd a1
prtynotifyorgcd a1
filedf8886tcd a1
solicitcntrbcd a1
exprstmntcd a1
providegoodscd a1
notfydnrvalcd a1
filedf8282cd a1
f8282cnt f15.0
fndsrcvdcd a1
premiumspaidcd a1
filedf8899cd a1
filedf1098ccd a1
excbushldngscd a1
s4966distribcd a1
distribtodonorcd a1
initiationfees f15.0
grsrcptspublicuse f15.0
grsincmembers f15.0
grsincother f15.0
filedlieuf1041cd a1
txexmptint f15.0
qualhlthplncd a1
qualhlthreqmntn f15.0
qualhlthonhnd f15.0
rcvdpdtngcd a1
filedf720cd a1
totreprtabled f15.0
totcomprelatede f15.0
totestcompf f15.0
noindiv100kcnt f15.0
nocontractor100kcnt f15.0
totcntrbgfts f15.0
prgmservcode2acd f15.0
totrev2acola f15.0
prgmservcode2bcd f15.0
totrev2bcola f15.0
prgmservcode2ccd f15.0
totrev2ccola f15.0
prgmservcode2dcd f15.0
totrev2dcola f15.0
prgmservcode2ecd f15.0
totrev2ecola f15.0
totrev2fcola f15.0
totprgmrevnue f15.0
invstmntinc f15.0
txexmptbndsproceeds f15.0
royaltsinc f15.0
grsrntsreal f15.0
grsrntsprsnl f15.0
rntlexpnsreal f15.0
rntlexpnsprsnl f15.0
rntlincreal f15.0
rntlincprsnl f15.0
netrntlinc f15.0
grsalesecur f15.0
grsalesothr f15.0
cstbasisecur f15.0
cstbasisothr f15.0
gnlsecur f15.0
gnlsothr f15.0
netgnls f15.0
grsincfndrsng f15.0
lessdirfndrsng f15.0
netincfndrsng f15.0
grsincgaming f15.0
lessdirgaming f15.0
netincgaming f15.0
grsalesinvent f15.0
lesscstofgoods f15.0
netincsales f15.0
miscrev11acd f15.0
miscrevtota f15.0
miscrev11bcd f15.0
miscrevtot11b f15.0
miscrev11ccd f15.0
miscrevtot11c f15.0
miscrevtot11d f15.0
miscrevtot11e f15.0
totrevenue f15.0
grntstogovt f15.0
grnsttoindiv f15.0
grntstofrgngovt f15.0
benifitsmembrs f15.0
compnsatncurrofcr f15.0
compnsatnandothr f15.0
othrsalwages f15.0
pensionplancontrb f15.0
othremplyeebenef f15.0
payrolltx f15.0
feesforsrvcmgmt f15.0
legalfees f15.0
accntingfees f15.0
feesforsrvclobby f15.0
profndraising f15.0
feesforsrvcinvstmgmt f15.0
feesforsrvcothr f15.0
advrtpromo f15.0
officexpns f15.0
infotech f15.0
royaltsexpns f15.0
occupancy f15.0
travel f15.0
travelofpublicoffcl f15.0
converconventmtng f15.0
interestamt f15.0
pymtoaffiliates f15.0
deprcatndepletn f15.0
insurance f15.0
othrexpnsa f15.0
othrexpnsb f15.0
othrexpnsc f15.0
othrexpnsd f15.0
othrexpnse f15.0
othrexpnsf f15.0
totfuncexpns f15.0
nonintcashend f15.0
svngstempinvend f15.0
pldgegrntrcvblend f15.0
accntsrcvblend f15.0
currfrmrcvblend f15.0
rcvbldisqualend f15.0
notesloansrcvblend f15.0
invntriesalesend f15.0
prepaidexpnsend f15.0
lndbldgsequipend f15.0
invstmntsend f15.0
invstmntsothrend f15.0
invstmntsprgmend f15.0
intangibleassetsend f15.0
othrassetsend f15.0
totassetsboy f15.0
totassetsend f15.0
accntspayableend f15.0
grntspayableend f15.0
deferedrevnuend f15.0
txexmptbndsboy f15.0
txexmptbndsend f15.0
escrwaccntliabend f15.0
paybletoffcrsend f15.0
secrdmrtgsboy f15.0
secrdmrtgsend f15.0
unsecurednotesend f15.0
othrliabend f15.0
totliabboy f15.0
totliabend f15.0
unrstrctnetasstsend f15.0
temprstrctnetasstsend f15.0
permrstrctnetasstsend f15.0
capitalstktrstend f15.0
paidinsurplusend f15.0
retainedearnboy f15.0
retainedearnend f15.0
totnetassetboy f15.0
totnetassetend f15.0
totnetliabastend f15.0
nonpfrea a2
totnooforgscnt f15.0
totsupport f15.0
gftgrntsrcvd170 f15.0
txrevnuelevied170 f15.0
srvcsval170 f15.0
pubsuppsubtot170 f15.0
exceeds2pct170 f15.0
pubsupplesspct170 f15.0
samepubsuppsubtot170 f15.0
grsinc170 f15.0
netincunreltd170 f15.0
othrinc170 f15.0
totsupp170 f15.0
grsrcptsrelated170 f15.0
totgftgrntrcvd509 f15.0
grsrcptsadmissn509 f15.0
grsrcptsactivities509 f15.0
txrevnuelevied509 f15.0
srvcsval509 f15.0
pubsuppsubtot509 f15.0
rcvdfrmdisqualsub509 f15.0
exceeds1pct509 f15.0
subtotpub509 f15.0
pubsupplesub509 f15.0
samepubsuppsubtot509 f15.0
grsinc509 f15.0
unreltxincls511tx509 f15.0
subtotsuppinc509 f15.0
netincunrelatd509 f15.0
othrinc509 f15.0
totsupp509 f15.0
inPrior f15.0
inPriorSrc a12
taxperP a6
fisyrP a20
doccdP a2
DocCD a2
FileName a40
nteeFinal a5
nteeFinal1 a1
NTEE1 a1
ntmaj10 a2
ntmaj12 a2
ntmaj5 a2
RandNum f15.0
nteeConf a1
censusTract a11
block a15
KeyID f15.0
Verify a1
DLN a14
efile f15.0
epostcard f15.0