* Household Income by Zip 2007.

AGILEV "Adjusted Gross Income Level. u10= under $10,000; 10to25= $10,000 under $25,000; 25to50= $25,000 under $50,000; 50to75= $50,000 under $75,000; 75to100= $75,000 under $100,000; 100to200= $100,000 under $200,000; 200ormore= $200,000 or more; tot= total; "
Cont2 "Amount of charitable contributions, in thousands"
ContNum2 "Number of returns reporting charitable contributions"
FIPS "2-digit State + 3-digit County FIPS code (Federal Information Processing Standard). See also U.S. Census Bureau State & County QuickFacts."
STATE "State. Two-letter state abbreviation. "
STATENAME "State Name"
STCODE "State/ zip level? St= state-level figures; zip= zip-level figures."
STFIPS "State FIPS Code"
ZIP "Zip Code. Five-digit zip code."
AGI2 "Adjusted Gross Income, in thousands of dollars "
Comp2 "Amount of salaries and wages, in thousands"
CompNum2 "Number of returns reporting salaries and wages"
EITC2 "Total amount of Earned Income Tax Credit, in thousands"
EITCNum2 "Number of total returns with Earned Income Tax Credit"
ExempDep2 "Number of Dependent Exemptions"
ExempTot2 "Number of Total Exemptions"
IncTax2 "Amount of income tax before credits, in thousands"
IncTaxNum2 "Number of returns reporting income tax before credits "
IRADed2 "Amount of payment deductions for IRA (Individual Retirement Arrangements), in thousands"
IRADedNum2 "Number of returns reporting payment deduction for IRA (Individual Retirement Arrangements)"
MinTax2 "Amount of alternative minimum tax, in thousands"
MinTaxNum2 "Number of returns reporting alternative minimum tax"
PrepareNum2 "Number of returns reporting paid preparer"
SchAItemD2 "Schedule A: Used to report itemized deductions. Amount of total itemized deductions, in thousands"
SchANum2 "Number of total returns with itemized deductions"
SchCProfit2 "Schedule C: Used to Report Profit or Loss from Business. Amount of Net Profit or Loss, in thousands"
SchCProfitNum2 "Schedule C: Used to Report Profit or Loss from Business. Number of returns reporting Net Profit or Loss"
TaxDiv2 "Amount of taxable dividends, in thousands"
TaxInt2 "Amount of taxable interest, in thousands"
TaxIntNum2 "Number of returns reporting taxable interest"
TaxPaidD2 "Amount of taxes paid deductions, in thousands"
TotReturns2 "Total Number of Returns"
TotTax2 "Amount of total tax, in thousands"
TotTaxNum2 "Number of returns reporting total tax "


SPSS input statement lines

/FILE="c: emp.csv"
Firstfield a30
ZIP a5
AGI2 f15.0
Comp2 f15.0
CompNum2 f15.0
TaxInt2 f15.0
TaxIntNum2 f15.0
TaxDiv2 f15.0
TaxNum2 f15.0
SchCProfit2 f15.0
SchCProfitNum2 f15.0
IRADed2 f15.0
IRADedNum2 f15.0
SchAItemD2 f15.0
SchANum2 f15.0
TotTax2 f15.0
TotTaxNum2 f15.0
MinTax2 f15.0
MinTaxNum2 f15.0
Cont2 f15.0
ContNum2 f15.0
IncTax2 f15.0
IncTaxNum2 f15.0
EITC2 f15.0
EITCNum2 f15.0
TaxPaidD2 f15.0
TaxPaidNumD2 f15.0
TotReturns2 f15.0
ExempTot2 f15.0
ExempDep2 f15.0
PrepareNum2 f15.0
TotReturns a12
ExempTot a12
ExempDep a12
AGI a12
CompNum a12
Comp a12
TaxIntNum a12
TaxInt a12
TaxDivNum a12
TaxDiv a12
SchDCapGainsNum a12
SchDCapGains a12
SchCProfitNum a12
SchCProfit a12
SchFProfitNum a12
SchFProfit a12
IRADedNum a12
IRADed a12
PensionNum a12
Pension a12
SchAItemDNum a12
SchAagi a12
SchAItemD a12
ContNum a12
ContAGI a12
Cont a12
TaxPaidDNum a12
TaxPaidDagi a12
TaxPaidD a12
MinTaxNum a12
MinTax a12
IncTaxNum a12
IncTax a12
TotTaxNum a12
TotTax a12
EITCNum a12
EITC a12
PrepareNum a12
state a2
TaxDivNum2 f15.0
SchDCapGainsNum2 f15.0
SchDCapGains2 f15.0
SchFProfitNum2 f15.0
PensionNum2 f15.0
Pension2 f15.0
SchAagi2 f15.0
ContAGI2 f15.0
SchFProfit2 f15.0
TaxPaidDNum2 f15.0
TaxPaidDagi2 f15.0
TotReturnsCd a1
AGICd a1
ExempTotCd a1
ExempDepCd a1
CompNumCd a1
CompCd a1
TaxDivNumCd a1
TaxDivCd a1
SchDCapGainsNumCd a1
SchDCapGainsCd a1
SchCProfitNumCd a1
SchCProfitCd a1
SchFProfitNumCd a1
IRADedNumCd a1
IRADedCd a1
PensionNumCd a1
PensionCd a1
SchAItemDNumCd a1
SchAagiCd a1
SchAItemDCd a1
ContNumCd a1
ContAGICd a1
ContCd a1
MinTaxNumCd a1
MinTaxCd a1
TotTaxNumCd a1
TotTaxCd a1
TaxIntNumCd a1
TaxIntCd a1
SchFProfitCd a1
TaxPaidDNumCd a1
TaxPaidDagiCd a1
TaxPaidDCd a1
IncTaxNumCd a1
IncTaxCd a1
EITCNumCd a1
EITCcd a1
PrepareNumCd a1
AGIGroup a1
filecode a6