* Household Income by Zip 2011.

STCODE "Identifies records as STATE vs. ZIP summary level: st = state-level figures; zip = zip-level figures"
STFIPS "2-digit FIPS state code"
STATE "2-character state abbreviation"
ZIP "5-character ZIP code
(99999 = consolidated small and miscelanious zip areas; 00000 = state-level summary records)"
FIPS "2-digit State + 3-digit County FIPS code (Federal Information Processing Standard). See also U.S. Census Bureau State & County QuickFacts."
AGIGROUP "Adjusted Gross Income Group, 0-6:
(AGI Summary Groups 1-6 assigned by IRS; AGI Summary Group 0 = total of AGI groups 1-6 per NCCS)"
AGISIZE "Adjusted Gross Income Size Description (based on AGIGROUP values)"
AGILEV "Adjusted Gross Income Level (based on AGIGROUP values):
u25= under $25,000; 25to50= $25,000 under $50,000; 50to75= $50,000 under $75,000; 75to100= $75,000 under $100,000; 100to200= $100,000 under $200,000; 200ormore= $200,000 or more; tot= total;"
TotReturns2 "Number of Form 1040 return filings"
TotReturns2Joint "Number of Form 1040 returns: Filing status is married filing jointly"
PrepareNum2 "Number of returns with paid preparer signature"
ExempDep2 "Number of dependent exemptions claimed (1040:06c)"
ExempTot2 "Number of exemptions claimed (1040:06d)"
CompNum2 "Number of returns with salaries and wages (1040:07 / 1040A:7 / 1040EZ:1)"
Comp2 "Salaries and wages amount, in thousands (1040:07 / 1040A:7 / 1040EZ:1)"
TaxIntNum2 "Number of returns with taxable interest (1040:08a / 1040A:8a / 1040EZ:2)"
TaxInt2 "Taxable interest amount, in thousands (1040:08a / 1040A:8a / 1040EZ:2)"
TaxODivNum2 "Number of returns with ordinary dividends (1040:09a / 1040A:9a)"
TaxODiv2 "Ordinary dividends amount, in thousands (1040:09a / 1040A:9a)"
TaxQDivNum2 "Number of returns with qualified dividends (1040:09b / 1040A:9b)"
TaxQDiv2 "Qualified dividends amount [3], in thousands (1040:09b / 1040A:9b)
[3] Qualified Dividends are ordinary dividends received in tax years beginning after 2002 that meet certain conditions and receive preferential tax rates. The maximum Qualified Dividends tax rate is 15%."
SchCProfitNum2 "Number of returns with Sched C business net income (loss) (1040:12)"
SchCProfit2 "Sched C Business or professional net income (loss) amount, in thousands (1040:12)"
SchDCapGainsNum2 "Number of returns with net capital gain (less loss) (1040:13 1040A:10)"
SchDCapGains2 "Net capital gain (less loss) amount, in thousands (1040:13 1040A:10)"
TaxIraNum2 "Number of returns with taxable IRA distributions (1040:15b / 1040:11b)"
TaxIra2 "Taxable IRA distributions amount, in thousands (1040:15b / 1040:11b)"
TaxPenNum2 "Number of returns with taxable pensions and annuities (1040:16b / 1040A:12b)"
TaxPen2 "Taxable pensions and annuities amount, in thousands (1040:16b / 1040A:12b)"
SchFProfitNum2 "Number of farm returns (1040:18)"
UnemplNum2 "Number of returns with unemployment compensation (1040:19 / 1040A:13 / 1040EZ:3)"
Unempl2 "Unemployment compensation amount [4], in thousands (1040:19 / 1040A:13 / 1040EZ:3)
[4] Includes the Alaskan permanent fund, reported by residents of Alaska on Forms 1040A and 1040EZ. This fund only applies to statistics in the totals, and the state of Alaska."
TaxSocSecNum2 "Number of returns with taxable Social Security benefits (1040:20b / 1040A:14b)"
TaxSocSec2 "Taxable Social Security benefits amount, in thousands (1040:20b / 1040A:14b)"
SepSimpNum2 "Number of returns with self-employment retirement plans (1040:28)"
SepSimp2 "Self-employment retirement plans amount, in thousands (1040:28)"
AGI2 "Adjust gross income (AGI) [2], in thousands (1040:37 / 1040A:21 / 1040EZ:4)
[2] Does not include returns with adjusted gross deficit."
SchANum2 "Number of returns with itemized deductions (1040:40)"
SchAItemD2 "Total itemized deductions amount, in thousands (1040:40)"
TaxableIncNum2 "Number of returns with taxable income (1040:43 / 1040A:27 / 1040EZ:6)"
TaxableInc2 "Taxable income amount, in thousands (1040:43 / 1040A:27 / 1040EZ:6)"
MinTaxNum2 "Number of returns with alternative minimum tax (1040:45)"
MinTax2 "Alternative minimum tax amount, in thousands (1040:45)"
ChDpCareTaxCrNum2 "Number of returns with child and dependent care credit (1040:48 / 1040A:29)"
ChDpCareTaxCr2 "Child and dependent care credit amount, in thousands (1040:48 / 1040A:29)"
ChildTaxCrNum2 "Number of returns with child tax credit (1040:51 / 1040A:33)"
ChildTaxCr2 "Child tax credit amount, in thousands (1040:51 / 1040A:33)"
REnergyTaxCrNum2 "Number of returns with residential energy tax credit (1040:52)"
REnergyTaxCr2 "Residential energy tax credit amount, in thousands (1040:52)"
TotTaxCrNum2 "Number of returns with total tax credits (1040:54 / 1040A:34)"
TotTaxCr2 "Total tax credits amount, in thousands (1040:54 / 1040A:34)"
IncTaxACNum2 "Number of returns with income tax (1040:55 / 1040A:35 / 1040EZ:10)"
IncTaxAC2 "Income tax amount [7], in thousands (1040:55 / 1040A:35 / 1040EZ:10)
[7] Income Tax reflects the amount reported on Form 1040 line 55. It also includes data from Form 1040A and 1040EZ filers."
TotTaxNum2 "Number of returns with tax liability (1040:61 / 1040A:35 / 1040EZ: 10)"
TotTax2 "Total tax liability amount [8], in thousands (1040:61 / 1040A:35 / 1040EZ: 10)
[8] Total Tax Liability differs from Income Tax, in that Total Tax Liability includes the taxes from recapture of certain prior-year credits, tax applicable to individual retirement arrangements (IRAs), social security taxes on self-employment income and on certain tip income, advanced earned income payments, household employment taxes, and certain other taxes listed in the Form 1040 instructions."
EITCNum2 "Number of returns with earned income credit (1040:64a / 1040A:38a / 1040EZ:8b)"
EITC2 "Earned income credit amount [5], in thousands (1040:64a / 1040A:38a / 1040EZ:8b)
[5] Earned Income Credit includes both the refundable and non-refundable portions. The non-refundable portion could reduce income tax and certain related taxes to zero. The Earned Income Credit amounts in excess of Total Tax Liability, or amounts when there was no tax liability at all, were refundable. See footnote 6 below for explanation of the refundable portion of the Earned Income Credit."
ExEITCNum2 "Number of returns with excess earned income credit (1040:64a / 1040A:38a / 1040EZ:8b)"
ExEITC2 "Excess earned income credit (refundable) amount [6], in thousands (1040:64a / 1040A:38a / 1040EZ:8b)
[6] The refundable portion of the Earned Income Credit equals total Income Tax minus the Earned Income Credit. If the result is negative, this amount is considered the refundable portion. No other refundable credits were taken into account for this calculation."
AddChildTaxCrNum2 "Number of returns with additional child tax credit (1040:65 / 1040A:39)"
AddChildTaxCr2 "Additional child tax credit amount, in thousands (1040:65 / 1040A:39)"
TaxRefundAmtNum2 "Number of returns with overpayments refunded (1040:73 / 1040A:42 / 1040EZ:11a)"
TaxRefundAmt2 "Overpayments refunded amount [10], in thousands (1040:73 / 1040A:42 / 1040EZ:11a)
[10] The amount of overpayments the tax filer requested to have refunded."
TaxAmtDueNum2 "Number of returns with tax due at time of filing (1040:76 / 1040A:45 / 1040EZ:12)"
TaxAmtDue2 "Tax due at time of filing amount [9], in thousands (1040:76 / 1040A:45 / 1040EZ:12)
[9] Reflects payments to or withholdings made to Total Tax Liability. This is the amount the tax filer owes when the income tax return is filed."
SchASLITaxNum2 "Number of returns with State and local income taxes (Schedule A:05a)"
SchASLITax2 "State and local income taxes amount, in thousands (Schedule A:05a)"
SchASLSTaxNum2 "Number of returns with State and local general sales tax (Schedule A:05b)"
SchASLSTax2 "State and local general sales tax amount, in thousands (Schedule A:05b)"
SchARETaxNum2 "Number of returns with real estate taxes (Schedule A:06)"
SchARETax2 "Real estate taxes amount, in thousands (Schedule A:06)"
SchATaxPaidNum2 "Number of returns with taxes paid (Schedule A:09)"
SchATaxPaid2 "Taxes paid amount, in thousands (Schedule A:09)"
SchAMortIntNum2 "Number of returns with mortgage interest paid (Schedule A:10)"
SchAMortInt2 "Mortgage interest paid amount, in thousands (Schedule A:10)"
ContNum2 "Number of returns with contributions (Schedule A:19)"
Cont2 "Contributions amount, in thousands (Schedule A:19)"

"0" "TOTAL"
"1" "$1 under $25,000"
"2" "$25,000 under $50,000"
"3" "$50,000 under $75,000"
"4" "$75,000 under $100,000"
"5" "$100,000 under $200,000"
"6" "$200,000 or more"

SPSS input statement lines

/FILE="c: emp.csv"
stateName a25
ZIP a5
TotReturns2 f15.0
TotReturns2Joint f15.0
PrepareNum2 f15.0
ExempDep2 f15.0
ExempTot2 f15.0
CompNum2 f15.0
Comp2 f15.0
TaxIntNum2 f15.0
TaxInt2 f15.0
TaxODivNum2 f15.0
TaxODiv2 f15.0
TaxQDivNum2 f15.0
TaxQDiv2 f15.0
SchCProfitNum2 f15.0
SchCProfit2 f15.0
SchDCapGainsNum2 f15.0
SchDCapGains2 f15.0
TaxIraNum2 f15.0
TaxIra2 f15.0
TaxPenNum2 f15.0
TaxPen2 f15.0
SchFProfitNum2 f15.0
UnemplNum2 f15.0
Unempl2 f15.0
TaxSocSecNum2 f15.0
TaxSocSec2 f15.0
SepSimpNum2 f15.0
SepSimp2 f15.0
AGI2 f15.0
SchAagi2 f15.0
SchANum2 f15.0
SchAItemD2 f15.0
TaxableIncNum2 f15.0
TaxableInc2 f15.0
MinTaxNum2 f15.0
MinTax2 f15.0
ChDpCareTaxCrNum2 f15.0
ChDpCareTaxCr2 f15.0
ChildTaxCrNum2 f15.0
ChildTaxCr2 f15.0
REnergyTaxCrNum2 f15.0
REnergyTaxCr2 f15.0
TotTaxCrNum2 f15.0
TotTaxCr2 f15.0
IncTaxACNum2 f15.0
IncTaxAC2 f15.0
TotTaxNum2 f15.0
TotTax2 f15.0
EITCNum2 f15.0
EITC2 f15.0
ExEITCNum2 f15.0
ExEITC2 f15.0
AddChildTaxCrNum2 f15.0
AddChildTaxCr2 f15.0
TaxRefundAmtNum2 f15.0
TaxRefundAmt2 f15.0
TaxAmtDueNum2 f15.0
TaxAmtDue2 f15.0
SchASLITaxNum2 f15.0
SchASLITax2 f15.0
SchASLSTaxNum2 f15.0
SchASLSTax2 f15.0
SchARETaxNum2 f15.0
SchARETax2 f15.0
SchATaxPaidNum2 f15.0
SchATaxPaid2 f15.0
SchAMortIntNum2 f15.0
SchAMortInt2 f15.0
ContNum2 f15.0
Cont2 f15.0