* NCCS Form 990PF RTF 2013.

EIN "Employer identification number."
NAME "Organization name."
SEC_NAME "Secondary organization name"
ADDRESS "Address"
CITY "City"
STATE "Two-letter state abbreviation."
ZIP "ZIP code."
NteeCat12 "12 NTEE major groups: higher education (BH) separate from other education (ED); and hospitals (EH) separate from other health (HE)"
SUBSECCD "IRS subsection code (03=501(c)(3), etc.)"
FNDNCD "Reason for & type of 501(c)(3) exempt status including codes for operating and grantmaking foundations, and broad type of public charity"
RULEDATE "Ruling date: year and month of IRS ruling or determination letter recognizing orgs exempt status (YYYYMM)"
ORGCD "Form of organization: corporation, trust, assoc, etc."
ACCPER "Accounting period"
AFCD "Affiliation code"
CLASSCD "Combination of subsection code and classification code reflects a further breakdown of the Internal Revenue Code subsections"
DEDUCTCD "IRS Deductibility code"
EOSTATUS "Exempt Organization Status Code defines the type of exemption held by the organization"
FRCD "Filing requirements code. The 1st 2 characters indicate the requirements for 990/990-EZ forms. The 3rd character = 1 if a 990-PF is required or 0 if not."
tax_pd "Tax period (ending year/month, YYYYMM)"
FisYr "Fiscal year (ending year, YYYY)"
eostat "Exempt Organization Status Code defines the type of exemption held by the organization"
tax_yr "SOI Year"
operatingcd "Operating foundation code"
subcd "Subsection code"
fairmrktvalamt "Total assets - eoy fair market value"
grscontrgifts "Contributions received"
schedbind "Checkbox - foundation not required to attach Sch B (IRS-coded based on presence of Schedule B contributor information)"
intrstrvnue "Interest revenue"
dividndsamt "Dividends"
grsrents "Gross rents"
grsslspramt "Gross sales price for assets"
costsold "Cost-of-goods-sold"
grsprofitbus "Gross profit"
otherincamt "Other income"
totrcptperbks "Total revenue"
compofficers "Compensation of officers"
pensplemplbenf "Pension plans, employee benefits"
legalfeesamt "Legal fees"
accountingfees "Accounting fees"
interestamt "Interest"
depreciationamt "Depreciation and depletion"
occupancyamt "Occupancy"
travlconfmtngs "Travel, conferences, and meetings"
printingpubl "Printing and publications"
topradmnexpnsa "Total operating and administrative expenses column a"
contrpdpbks "Contributions, gifts, grants paid"
totexpnspbks "Total expenses"
excessrcpts "Net income less deficit"
totrcptnetinc "Total receipts net investment income"
topradmnexpnsb "Total operating and administrative expenses column b"
totexpnsnetinc "Total expenses net investment income"
netinvstinc "Net investment income"
trcptadjnetinc "Total receipts adjusted net income"
totexpnsadjnet "Total expenses adjusted net income"
adjnetinc "Adjusted net income"
topradmnexpnsd "Total operating and administrative expenses column d"
totexpnsexempt "Total expenses - exempt purpose"
othrcashamt "Cash non-interest-bearing - eoy book value"
invstgovtoblig "Investments in U.S. & state government obligations - eoy book value"
invstcorpstk "Investments in corporate stock - eoy book value"
invstcorpbnd "Investments in corporate bonds - eoy book value"
totinvstsec "Total investments in securities - eoy book value"
mrtgloans "Investments mortgage loans - eoy book value"
othrinvstend "Other investments - eoy book value"
othrassetseoy "Other assets - eoy book value"
totassetsend "Total assets - eoy book value"
mrtgnotespay "Mortgage loans payable - eoy book value"
othrliabltseoy "Other liabilities - eoy book value"
totliabend "Total liabilities - eoy book value"
tfundnworth "Total fund net worth - eoy book value"
fairmrktvaleoy "Total assets - eoy fair market value"
totexcapgnls "Capital gain net income"
totexcapgn "Net gain - sales of assets"
totexcapls "Net loss - sales of assets"
invstexcisetx "Excise tax on net investment income"
sec4940notxcd "Section 4940 - no tax"
sec4940redtxcd "Section 4940 - 1 % tax"
sect511tx "Section 511 tax"
subtitleatx "Subtitle A tax"
totaxpyr "Total excise tax"
esttaxcr "Estimated tax credit"
txwithldsrc "Tax withheld at source"
txpaidf2758 "Tax paid with Form 2758 (filing extension)"
erronbkupwthld "Erroneous backup withholding credit amount"
estpnlty "Estimated tax penalty"
taxdue "Tax due"
overpay "Overpayment"
crelamt "Credit elect amount"
infleg "Influence legislation question"
actnotpr "Activities not previously reported question"
chgnprvrptcd "Changes not previously reported question"
filedf990tcd "Filed 990-T question"
contractncd "Contraction question"
furnishcpycd "Furnished copy to Attorney General question"
claimstatcd "Claiming status question"
cntrbtrstxyrcd "Substantial contributors question"
acqdrindrintcd "Acquire interest in applicable insurance contract question"
orgcmplypubcd "Comply with public inspection question"
filedlf1041ind "Section 4947(a)(1) filing in lieu of Form 1041 question"
propexchcd "Property exchange question"
brwlndmnycd "Borrow lend money question"
furngoodscd "Furnished goods question"
paidcmpncd "Paid compensation question"
transfercd "Transfer question"
agremkpaycd "Agree to make pay question"
exceptactsind "Acts fail to qualify under section 53.4941(d)-3 question"
prioractvcd "Engage in acts in prior year question"
undistrinccd "Undistributed income question"
applyprovind "Not applying section 4942(a)(2) provisions question"
dirindirintcd "Direct indirect interest question"
excesshldcd "Excess business holdings question"
invstjexmptcd "Jeopardizing investments question"
prevjexmptcd "Prior year jeopardizing investments question"
propgndacd "Propaganda question"
ipubelectcd "Influence public election question"
grntindivcd "Grant individual question"
nchrtygrntcd "Non-charity grant question"
nreligiouscd "Non-religious question"
excptransind "Transactions fail to qualify under section 53.4945 question"
rfprsnlbnftind "Receive funds to pay premiums on personal benefit contract question"
pyprsnlbnftind "Pay premiums on personal benefit contract question"
tfairmrktunuse "Fair market value of assets not used for charitable purposes"
valncharitassets "Net value of noncharitable-use assets"
cmpmininvstret "Minimum investment return"
distribamt "Distributable amount"
undistribincyr "Undistributed income"
adjnetinccola "Adjusted net income column a"
adjnetinccolb "Adjusted net income column b"
adjnetinccolc "Adjusted net income column c"
adjnetinccold "Adjusted net income column d"
adjnetinctot "Adjusted net income total"
qlfydistriba "Qualifying distributions column a"
qlfydistribb "Qualifying distributions column b"
qlfydistribc "Qualifying distributions column c"
qlfydistribd "Qualifying distributions column d"
qlfydistribtot "Qualifying distributions total"
valassetscola "Value assets column a"
valassetscolb "Value assets column b"
valassetscolc "Value assets column c"
valassetscold "Value assets column d"
valassetstot "Value assets total"
qlfyasseta "Qualifying assets column a"
qlfyassetb "Qualifying assets column b"
qlfyassetc "Qualifying assets column c"
qlfyassetd "Qualifying assets column d"
qlfyassettot "Qualifying assets total"
endwmntscola "Endowments column a"
endwmntscolb "Endowments column b"
endwmntscolc "Endowments column c"
endwmntscold "Endowments column d"
endwmntstot "Endowments total"
totsuprtcola "Total support column a"
totsuprtcolb "Total support column b"
totsuprtcolc "Total support column c"
totsuprtcold "Total support column d"
totsuprttot "Total support total"
pubsuprtcola "Public support column a"
pubsuprtcolb "Public support column b"
pubsuprtcolc "Public support column c"
pubsuprtcold "Public support column d"
pubsuprttot "Public support total"
grsinvstinca "Gross investment income column a"
grsinvstincb "Gross investment income column b"
grsinvstincc "Gross investment income column c"
grsinvstincd "Gross investment income column d"
grsinvstinctot "Gross investment income total"
grntapprvfut "Grants approved for future payment"
progsrvcacold "Program service revenue line 1a (excluded)"
progsrvcacole "Program service revenue line 1a (exempt)"
progsrvcbcold "Program service revenue line 1b (excluded)"
progsrvcbcole "Program service revenue line 1b (exempt)"
progsrvcccold "Program service revenue line 1c (excluded)"
progsrvcccole "Program service revenue line 1c (exempt)"
progsrvcdcold "Program service revenue line 1d (excluded)"
progsrvcdcole "Program service revenue line 1d (exempt)"
progsrvcecold "Program service revenue line 1e (excluded)"
progsrvcecole "Program service revenue line 1e (exempt)"
progsrvcfcold "Program service revenue line 1f (excluded)"
progsrvcfcole "Program service revenue line 1f (exempt)"
progsrvcgcold "Program service revenue--fees and contracts from government line 1g (excluded)"
progsrvcgcole "Program service revenue--fees and contracts from government line 1g (exempt)"
membershpduesd "Membership dues and assessments (excluded)"
membershpduese "Membership dues and assessments (exempt)"
intonsvngsd "Interest on savings and temporary cash investments (excluded)"
intonsvngse "Interest on savings and temporary cash investments (exempt)"
dvdndsintd "Dividends and interest from securities (excluded)"
dvdndsinte "Dividends and interest from securities (exempt)"
trnsfrcashcd "Transfer cash to noncharitable exempt organization question"
trnsothasstscd "Transfer other assets to noncharitable exempt organization question"
salesasstscd "Sale of assets to noncharitable exempt organization question"
prchsasstscd "Purchase of assets from noncharitable exempt organization question"
rentlsfacltscd "Rental of facilities or other assets question"
reimbrsmntscd "Reimbursements arrangements question"
loansguarcd "Loans or other guarantees question"
perfservicescd "Performance of services or membership or fundraising solicitations question"
sharngasstscd "Sharing of facilities, equipment, mailing lists, other assets, or paid employees question"

VALUE LABELS acqdrindrintcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"7" "Intermediate- group exempt intermediate organization of a national, regional or geog. group"
"6" "Central - parent (group ruling) and is not a church or 501(c)(1)"
"3" "Independent org. or independent auxiliary unaffil. w. national, regional or geogr. grouping"
"2" "Intermediate organization (no group exemption)"
"1" "Central organization (no group exemption)"
"0" "Unknown"
"9" "Subordinate in a group ruling."
"8" "Central - parent (group ruling) and is a church or 501 (c)(1)"
VALUE LABELS agremkpaycd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS applyprovind
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS brwlndmnycd
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS chgnprvrptcd
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS claimstatcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS cntrbtrstxyrcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS contractncd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"1" "Contributions are deductible"
"2" "Contributions are not deductible"
"4" "Contributions are deductible by treaty (foreign organizations)"
"0" "Description unknown at this time"
VALUE LABELS dirindirintcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"01" "Unconditional Exemption"
"02" "Conditional Exemption"
"12" "Trust described in section 4947(a)(2) of the Code"
"25" "Organization terminating its private foundation status under section 507(b)(1)(B) of the Code"
"32" "Did not respond to an IRS CP 140 notice requesting information on its continued exempt status"
VALUE LABELS exceptactsind
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS excesshldcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS excptransind
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS filedf990tcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS filedlf1041ind
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"18" "Organization organized and operated to test for public safety"
"17" "Supporting Organization 509(a)(3) for benefit and in conjunction with organization(s) coded 10-16"
"16" "Organization income is <=1/3 investment or unrelated business and >1/3 donated or related to purpose"
"15" "Organization with a substantial portion of support from a governmental unit or the general public"
"14" "Governmental unit"
"13" "Organization operated for the benefit of a public (government owned or run) college or university"
"12" "Hospital or medical research organization"
"11" "School"
"10" "Church"
"21" "Supporting Organization 509(a)(3) Type I"
"09" "Suspense"
"22" "Supporting Organization 509(a)(3) Type II"
"04" "Private non-operating foundation"
"23" "Supporting Organization 509(a)(3) Type III functionally integrated"
"03" "Private operating foundation (other)"
"24" "Supporting Organization 509(a)(3) Type III not functionally integrated"
"02" "Private operating foundation exempt from paying excise taxes on investment income"
"00" "All organizations except 501(c)(3)"
"060" "990 - Not required to file (church)"
"061" "990PF Required - Not required to file (church)"
"070" "990 - Government 501(c)(1)"
"071" "990PF Required - Government 501(c)(1)"
"130" "990 - Not required to file (religious organization)"
"131" "990PF Required - Not required to file (religious organization)"
"000" "990 - Not required to file (all other)"
"140" "990 - Not required to file (instrumentalities of states or political subdivisions)"
"001" "990PF Required - 990 not required to file (all other)"
"141" "990PF Required - Not required to file (instrumentalities of states or political subdivisions)"
"010" "990 (all other) or 990EZ return"
"011" "990PF Required (all other)"
"020" "990 - Required to file Form 990-N (Income less than $25,000 per year)"
"021" "990PF Required - 990 Required to file Form 990-N (Income less than $25,000 per year)"
"030" "990 - Group return"
"031" "990PF Required - Group return"
"040" "990 - Required to file Form 990-BL, Black Lung Trusts"
"041" "990PF Required - 990 Required to file Form 990-BL, Black Lung Trusts"
VALUE LABELS furngoodscd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS furnishcpycd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS grntindivcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS invstjexmptcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS ipubelectcd
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS loansguarcd
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS nchrtygrntcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS nreligiouscd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"BH" "Education, higher"
"AR" "Arts, culture, and humanities"
"ED" "Education"
"HE" "Health"
"HU" "Human services"
"RE" "Religion"
"IN" "International"
"PU" "Public and societal benefit"
"UN" "Unknown"
"MU" "Mutual benefit"
"EN" "Environment"
"EH" "Hospitals"
VALUE LABELS operatingcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"5" "Association"
"4" "Partnership"
"3" "Co-operative"
"6" "Non-exempt charitable trust"
"2" "Trust"
"0" "Unknown"
"1" "Corporation"
VALUE LABELS orgcmplypubcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS paidcmpncd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS perfservicescd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS prchsasstscd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS prevjexmptcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS prioractvcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS propexchcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS propgndacd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS pyprsnlbnftind
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS reimbrsmntscd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS rentlsfacltscd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS rfprsnlbnftind
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS salesasstscd
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS schedbind
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS sec4940notxcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS sec4940redtxcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS sharngasstscd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"22" "22- Multiemployer Pension Plan"
"81" "81- Qualified State-Sponsored Tuition Program"
"CO" "CO- Unspecified 501(c) Organization Other Than 501(c)(3)"
"16" "16- Cooperative organizations to finance crop operations, in conjunction with activities ..."
"23" "23- Veterans association formed prior to 1880"
"15" "15- Mutual insurance cos. ar associations, providing insurance to members substantially at cost..."
"24" "24-Trust described in Section 4049 of ERISA"
"14" "14- State-chartered credit unions, mutual reserve funds, offering loans to members..."
"25" "25- Title Holding Company for Pensions, etc"
"13" "13- Cemetery companies, providing burial and incidental activities for members."
"90" "90- 4947(a)(2) Split Interest Trust"
"12" "12- Benevolent life insurance associations, mutual ditch or irrigation companies, mutual or coop..."
"17" "17- Supplemental unemployment benefit trusts, providing payments of suppl. unemployment comp..."
"80" "80- Farmers' Cooperatives"
"11" "11- Teachers retirement fund associations."
"18" "18- Employee funded pension trusts, providing benefits under a pension plan funded by employees..."
"91" "91- 4947(a)(1) Public Charity (Files 990/990-EZ)"
"10" "10- Domestic fraternal societies and assoc's-lodges devoting their net earnings to charitable..."
"19" "19- Post or organization of war veterans."
"92" "92- 4947(a)(1) Private Foundations"
"09" "09- Voluntary employees' beneficiary ass'ns (including fed. employees' voluntary beneficiary..."
"03" "03- Religious, educational, charitable, scientific, and literary organizations..."
"20" "20- Trusts for prepaid group legal services, as part of a qual. group legal service plan or plans."
"93" "93- 1381(a)(2) Taxable Farmers Cooperative"
"08" "08- Fraternal beneficiary societies and associations, with lodges providing for payment of life..."
"02" "02- Title holding corporation for a tax-exempt organization."
"21" "21- Black lung trusts, satisfying claims for compensation under Black Lung Acts."
"26" "26- State-Sponsored High Risk Health Insurance Organizations"
"07" "07- Social and recreational clubs which provide pleasure, recreation, and social activities."
"01" "01- Corporations originated under Act of Congress, including Federal Credit Unions"
"27" "27- State-Sponsored Workers Compensation Reinsurance"
"06" "06- Business leagues, chambers of commerce, real estate boards, etc. formed to improve conditions..."
"40" "40- Apostolic and religious orgs. - 501(d)"
"05" "05- Labor, agricultural, horticultural organizations. These are eduactional or instruct. grps..."
"50" "50- Cooperative Hospital Service Organization - 501(e)"
"60" "60- Cooperative Service Org. of Operating Educ. Org.- 501(f)"
"70" "70- Child Care Organization - 501(k)"
"04" "04- Civic leagues, social welfare organizations, and local associations of employees"
"71" "71- Charitable Risk Pool"
"82" "82- 527 Political Organizations"
VALUE LABELS transfercd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS trnsfrcashcd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS trnsothasstscd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS undistrinccd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"

SPSS input statement lines

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