* SOI 1994 990 Other.

EIN "Employer identification number."
E005 "Sample code"
E006 "Reject code"
E007_1 "Accounting period - year (End of year)"
E007_3 "Accounting period - month (Last month in year)"
E011 "Exemption/subsection number"
E012 "Group return (Y/N)"
E013 "Affiliates, number of"
E014 "Group exemption number"
NAME "Name."
STATE "State"
NTEE1 "NTEE major group (A-Z)"
zip5 "First 5 digits of zip code"
FIPS "2-digit State + 3-digit County FIPS code (Federal Information Processing Standard). See also U.S. Census Bureau State & County QuickFacts."
MSA_NECH "Metropolitan Statistical Area (NCCS file) (list)"
PMSA "Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area - the component areas that comprise a CMSA (76 PMSAs as of 1995). (list)"
E310 "Professional fundraising fees - Column B"
E311 "Professional fundraising fees - Column C"
E312 "Professional fundraising fees - Column D"
E021 "Direct public support, line 1a"
E1006 "SCPL"
E022 "Indirect public support"
E1007 "Generated sample code"
E023 "Government grants"
E149 "Other expenses (itemize) - Column A"
E024 "Total contributions"
E150 "Other expenses (itemize) - Column B"
E025 "Program service revenue"
E151 "Other expenses (itemize) - Column C"
E026 "Membership dues and assessments,line 3. (Includes only portion of dues for which member directly benefits. "Dues" to public charities are often more accurately reported as Contributions.)"
E152 "Other expenses (itemize) - Column D"
E027 "Interest"
E057 "Grants and allocations"
E028 "Dividends"
E058 "Specific assistance to individuals"
E029 "Gross rents"
E059 "Benefits paid"
E030 "Rental expenses"
E060 "Compensation of officers - Column A"
E031 "Net rental expenses"
E061 "Compensation of officers - Column B"
E032 "Other investment income"
E062 "Compensation of officers - Column C"
E033 "Gross amount from sale of assets"
E063 "Compensation of officers - Column D"
E036 "Gross amount from sale of assets"
E064 "Other salaries and wages - Column A"
E034 "Cost or other basis, assets"
E065 "Other salaries and wages - Column B"
E037 "Cost or other basis"
E066 "Other salaries and wages - Column C"
E035 "Gain (or loss)"
E067 "Other salaries and wages - Column D"
E038 "Gain (or loss)"
E068 "Pension plan contributions - Column A"
E039 "Total gain (or loss)"
E069 "Pension plan contributions - Column B"
E070 "Pension plan contributions - Column C"
E041 "Direct expenses"
E071 "Pension plan contributions - Column D"
E042 "Net income"
E072 "Other employee benefits - Column A"
E043 "Gross sales"
E073 "Other employee benefits - Column B"
E044 "Cost of goods sold"
E074 "Other employee benefits - Column C"
E045 "Gross profit from sales of inventory"
E075 "Other employee benefits - Column D"
E046 "Other revenue"
E076 "Payroll taxes - Column A"
E047 "Total revenue"
E077 "Payroll taxes - Column B"
E048 "Program services expense"
E078 "Payroll taxes - Column C"
E049 "Management and general"
E079 "Payroll taxes - Column D"
E080 "Professional fundraising fees - Column A"
E051 "Payments to affiliates"
E081 "Accounting fees - Column A"
E052 "Total expenses"
E082 "Accounting fees - Column B"
E053 "Excess"
E083 "Accounting fees - Column C"
E054 "Funding balance beginning of year"
E084 "Accounting fees - Column D"
E055 "Other changes"
E085 "Legal fees - Column A"
E056 "Funding balance end of year"
E086 "Legal fees - Column B"
E087 "Legal fees - Column C"
E088 "Legal fees - Column D"
E089 "Supplies - Column A"
E090 "Supplies - Column B"
E091 "Supplies - Column C"
E092 "Supplies - Column D"
E093 "Telephone - Column A"
E094 "Telephone - Column B"
E095 "Telephone - Column C"
E096 "Telephone - Column D"
E097 "Postage and shipping - Column A"
E098 "Postage and shipping - Column B"
E099 "Postage and shipping - Column C"
E100 "Postage and shipping - Column D"
E101 "Occupancy - Column A"
E102 "Occupancy - Column B"
E103 "Occupancy - Column C"
E104 "Occupancy - Column D"
E105 "Equipment rental and expenses - Column A"
E106 "Equipment rental and expenses - Column B"
E107 "Equipment rental and expenses - Column E"
E108 "Equipment rental and expenses - Column D"
E109 "Printing and publications - Column A"
E110 "Printing and publications - Column B"
E111 "Printing and publications - Column C"
E112 "Printing and publications - Column D"
E113 "Travel - Column A"
E114 "Travel - Column B"
E115 "Travel - Column C"
E116 "Travel - Column D"
E117 "Conferences, conventions, and meetings - Column A"
E118 "Conferences, conventions, and meetings - Column B"
E119 "Conferences, conventions, and meetings - Column C"
E120 "Conferences, conventions, and meetings - Column D"
E121 "Interest - Column A"
E122 "Interest - Column B"
E123 "Interest - Column C"
E124 "Interest - Column D"
E040 "Gross revenue from fundraising"
E125 "Depreciation, depletion - Column A"
E126 "Depreciation, depletion - Column B"
E127 "Depreciation, depletion - Column C"
E128 "Depreciation, depletion - Column D"
E153 "Total functional expenses - Column A"
E154 "Total functional expenses - Column B"
E155 "Total functional expenses - Column C"
E156 "Total functional expenses - Column D"
E010 "Zip code"
E050 "Fundraising"
E015 "Part VI Question 78(b)"
E016 "Part VI Question 79"
E017 "Part VI Question 80"
E161 "Cash, non-interest-bearing - Column B"
E162 "Savings & temporary cash investments - Column B"
E163 "Accounts receivable - Column B"
E164 "Pledges receivable - Column B"
E165 "Grants receivable - Column B"
E166 "Receivables due from officers, directors"
E167 "Other notes & loans receivable - Column B"
E168 "Inventories for sale or use - Column A"
E169 "Inventories for sale or use - Column B"
E170 "Prepaid expenses & deferred charges"
E171 "Investments (securities) - Column A"
E172 "Investments (securities) - Column B"
E173 "Investments (land, buildings, equipment)"
E174 "Investments (other) - Column B"
E175 "Land, buildings, & equipment - Column B"
E176 "Other assets - Column B"
E177 "Total assets - Column A"
E178 "Total assets - Column B"
E179 "Accounts payable & accrued expenses"
E180 "Grants payable - Column B"
E181 "Support & revenue designated for future"
E182 "Loans from officers, directors, "
E183 "Mortgages and other notes payable"
E184 "Other liabilities - Column B"
E185 "Total liabilities - Column A"
E186 "Total liabilities - Column B"
E194 "Total fund balances or net assets - Column A"
E195 "Total fund balances or net assets - Column B"
E196 "Total liabilities & fund balances/net assets"
P601 "Program service revenue (a) - Column A"
P602 "Program service revenue (a) - Column B"
P603 "Program service revenue (a) - Column C"
P604 "Program service revenue (a) - Column D"
P605 "Program service revenue (a) - Column E"
P611 "Program service revenue (b) - Column A"
P612 "Program service revenue (b) - Column B"
P613 "Program service revenue (b) - Column C"
P614 "Program service revenue (b) - Column D"
P615 "Program service revenue (b) - Column E"
P621 "Program service revenue (c) - Column A"
P622 "Program service revenue (c) - Column B"
P623 "Program service revenue (c) - Column C"
P624 "Program service revenue (c) - Column D"
P625 "Program service revenue (c) - Column E"
P631 "Program service revenue (d) - Column A"
P632 "Program service revenue (d) - Column B"
P633 "Program service revenue (d) - Column C"
P634 "Program service revenue (d) - Column D"
P635 "Program service revenue (d) - Column E"
P641 "Program service revenue (e) - Column A"
P642 "Program service revenue (e) - Column B"
P643 "Program service revenue (e) - Column C"
P644 "Program service revenue (e) - Column D"
P645 "Program service revenue (e) - Column E"
P651 "Medicare/Medicaid (1997- forms) or program service revenue (f) - Column A (pre-1997)"
P653 "Medicare/Medicaid (1997- forms) Program service revenue (f) - Column C (pre-1997)"
P661 "Fees from govt. agencies (g) - Column A"
P663 "Fees from govt. agencies (g) - Column C"
P671 "Membership dues & assessments - Column A"
P672 "Membership dues & assessments - Column B"
P673 "Membership dues & assessments - Column C"
P674 "Membership dues & assessments - Column D"
P675 "Membership dues & assessments - Column E"
P681 "Interest on savings & temp cash investments - Column A"
P682 "Interest on savings & temp cash investments - Column B"
P683 "Interest on savings & temp cash investments - Column C"
P684 "Interest on savings & temp cash investments - Column D"
P685 "Interest on savings & temp cash investments - Column E"
P691 "Dividends & interest from securities - Column A"
P692 "Dividends & interest from securities - Column B"
P693 "Dividends & interest from securities - Column C"
P694 "Dividends & interest from securities - Column D"
P695 "Dividends & interest from securities - Column E"
P701 "Net rental income from real estate: debt - Column A"
P702 "Net rental income from real estate: debt - Column B"
P703 "Net rental income from real estate: debt - Column C"
P704 "Net rental income from real estate: debt - Column D"
P705 "Net rental income from real estate: debt - Column E"
P711 "Net rental income from real estate: not debt - Column A"
P712 "Net rental income from real estate: not debt - Column B"
P713 "Net rental income from real estate: not debt - Column C"
P714 "Net rental income from real estate: not debt - Column D"
P715 "Net rental income from real estate: not debt - Column E"
P721 "Net rental income personal prop: debt fi - Column A"
P722 "Net rental income personal prop: debt fi - Column B"
P723 "Net rental income personal prop: debt fi - Column C"
P724 "Net rental income personal prop: debt fi - Column D"
P725 "Net rental income personal prop: debt fi - Column E"
P731 "Other investment income - Column A"
P732 "Other investment income - Column B"
P733 "Other investment income - Column C"
P734 "Other investment income - Column D"
P735 "Other investment income - Column E"
P741 "Gain (loss) from SOA other than inventory - Column A"
P742 "Gain (loss) from SOA other than inventory - Column B"
P743 "Gain (loss) from SOA other than inventory - Column C"
P744 "Gain (loss) from SOA other than inventory - Column D"
P745 "Gain (loss) from SOA other than inventory - Column E"
P751 "Net income from fundraising - Column A"
P752 "Net income from fundraising - Column B"
P753 "Net income from fundraising - Column C"
P754 "Net income from fundraising - Column D"
P755 "Net income from fundraising - Column E"
P761 "Gross profit (loss) from inventory sales - Column A"
P762 "Gross profit (loss) from inventory sales - Column B"
P763 "Gross profit (loss) from inventory sales - Column C"
P764 "Gross profit (loss) from inventory sales - Column D"
P765 "Gross profit (loss) from inventory sales - Column E"
P771 "Total other revenue - Column A"
P772 "Total other revenue - Column B"
P773 "Total other revenue - Column C"
P774 "Total other revenue - Column D"
P775 "Total other revenue - Column E"
P782 "Subtotal - Column B"
P784 "Subtotal - Column D"
P785 "Subtotal - Column E"
P792 "Adjustment field - Column B"
P794 "Adjustment field - Column D"
P795 "Adjustment field - Column E"
P652 "Medicare/Medicaid (1997- forms), Program service revenue (f) - Column B (pre-1997)"
P654 "Medicare/Medicaid (1997- forms) Program service revenue (f) - Column D (pre-1997)"
P655 "Medicare/Medicaid (1997- forms); Program service revenue (f) - Column E (pre-1997)"
P662 "Fees from govt. agencies (g) - Column B"
P664 "Fees from govt. agencies (g) - Column D"
P665 "Fees from govt. agencies (g) - Column E"
P805 "Subsidiary EIN (b)"
P806 "Percentage of ownership interest (b)"
P807 "Total income (b)"
P808 "End of year assets (b)"
P809 "Subsidiary EIN ( c)"
P810 "Percentage of ownership interest ( c)"
P811 "Total income ( c)"
P812 "End of year assets ( c)"
P813 "Subsidiary EIN (d)"
P814 "Percentage of ownership interest (d)"
P815 "Total income (d)"
P816 "End of year assets (d)"
P800 "Number of taxable subsidiaries"
P801 "Subsidiary EIN (a)"
P802 "Percentage of ownership interest (a)"
P803 "Total income (a)"
P804 "End of year assets (a)"
E214 "Tax-exempt bond liabilities"
E201 "Number of uncompensated officers, etc."
E205 "Political expenditures"
C997 "Sample count"
C998 "Population count"
WEIGHT "Weight"
E206 "Was Form 1120-POL filed?"
E202 "Were all dues nondeductible by members?"
E203 "Lobbying expenditures of $2,000 or less?"
E204 "Dues, assessments, etc. from members"
E207 "Section 162(e) tax elected"
E208 "Nondeductible amount section 6033(e) tax"
E211 "Taxable amount lobbying and political expenditures"
E212 "Section 6033(e) tax elected"
E213 "Tax added to nondeductible dues"
E209 "Initiation fees and cap contributions"
E210 "Gross receipts, public use of facilities"
E218 "Section 4958 excess benefit?"
E219 "Tax paid under section 4958"
E220 "Amount of 4958 tax reimbursed by organization"
E305 "Number of employees"
E400 "Status code"
C004 "Document Locator Number used by the IRS"
RandNum "Random number between 0 and 1 used for creating samples"
C1001 "Editor code"
C1005 "Return year"
CMPCT "Compensation table count"

"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
"C" "Environmental Quality, Protection, and Beautification"
"S" "Community Improvement, Capacity Building"
"D" "Animal-Related"
"T" "Philanthropy, Voluntarism, and Grantmaking Foundations"
"E" "Health"
"U" "Science and Technology Research Institutes, Services"
"F" "Mental Health, Crisis Intervention"
"V" "Social Science Research Institutes, Services"
"G" "Diseases, Disorders, Medical Disciplines"
"W" "Public, Society Benefit - Multipurpose and Other"
"H" "Medical Research"
"X" "Religion Related, Spiritual Development"
"I" "Crime, Legal Related"
"Y" "Mutual/Membership Benefit Organizations, Other"
"J" "Employment, Job Related"
"Z" "Unknown"
"K" "Food, Agriculture, and Nutrition"
"" "Unknown"
"L" "Housing, Shelter"
"M" "Public Safety"
"N" "Recreation, Sports, Leisure, Athletics"
"O" "Youth Development"
"P" "Human Services - Multipurpose and Other"
"A" "Arts, Culture, and Humanities"
"Q" "International, Foreign Affairs, and National Security"
"B" "Education"
"R" "Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy"

SPSS input statement lines

/FILE="c: emp.csv"
E002 a65535
C004 a25
E005 a2
E006 a1
E007_1 a2
E007_3 a2
E009 a65535
E010 a5
E011 a2
E012 a1
E013 a1
E014 a4
E015 a1
E016 a1
E017 a1
E021 f15.0
E022 f15.0
E023 f15.0
E024 f15.0
E025 f15.0
E026 f15.0
E027 f15.0
E028 f15.0
E029 f15.0
E030 f15.0
E031 f15.0
E032 f15.0
E033 f15.0
E034 f15.0
E035 f15.0
E036 f15.0
E037 f15.0
E038 f15.0
E039 f15.0
E040 f15.0
E041 f15.0
E042 f15.0
E043 f15.0
E044 f15.0
E045 f15.0
E046 f15.0
E047 f15.0
E048 f15.0
E049 f15.0
E050 f15.0
E051 f15.0
E052 f15.0
E053 f15.0
E054 f15.0
E055 f15.0
E056 f15.0
E057 f15.0
E058 f15.0
E059 f15.0
E060 f15.0
E061 f15.0
E062 f15.0
E063 f15.0
E064 f15.0
E065 f15.0
E066 f15.0
E067 f15.0
E068 f15.0
E069 f15.0
E070 f15.0
E071 f15.0
E072 f15.0
E073 f15.0
E074 f15.0
E075 f15.0
E076 f15.0
E077 f15.0
E078 f15.0
E079 f15.0
E080 f15.0
E081 f15.0
E082 f15.0
E083 f15.0
E084 f15.0
E085 f15.0
E086 f15.0
E087 f15.0
E088 f15.0
E089 f15.0
E090 f15.0
E091 f15.0
E092 f15.0
E093 f15.0
E094 f15.0
E095 f15.0
E096 f15.0
E097 f15.0
E098 f15.0
E099 f15.0
E100 f15.0
E101 f15.0
E102 f15.0
E103 f15.0
E104 f15.0
E105 f15.0
E106 f15.0
E107 f15.0
E108 f15.0
E109 f15.0
E110 f15.0
E111 f15.0
E112 f15.0
E113 f15.0
E114 f15.0
E115 f15.0
E116 f15.0
E117 f15.0
E118 f15.0
E119 f15.0
E120 f15.0
E121 f15.0
E122 f15.0
E123 f15.0
E124 f15.0
E125 f15.0
E126 f15.0
E127 f15.0
E128 f15.0
E149 f15.0
E150 f15.0
E151 f15.0
E152 f15.0
E153 f15.0
E154 f15.0
E155 f15.0
E156 f15.0
E161 f15.0
E162 f15.0
E163 f15.0
E164 f15.0
E165 f15.0
E166 f15.0
E167 f15.0
E168 f15.0
E169 f15.0
E170 f15.0
E171 f15.0
E172 f15.0
E173 f15.0
E174 f15.0
E175 f15.0
E176 f15.0
E177 f15.0
E178 f15.0
E179 f15.0
E180 f15.0
E181 f15.0
E182 f15.0
E214 f15.0
E183 f15.0
E184 f15.0
E185 f15.0
E186 f15.0
E194 f15.0
E195 f15.0
E196 f15.0
E201 f15.0
E205 f15.0
E206 a1
E202 a1
E203 a1
E204 f15.0
E207 f15.0
E208 f15.0
E211 f15.0
E212 a1
E213 a1
E209 f15.0
E210 f15.0
E400 a1
P601 f15.0
P602 f15.0
P603 f15.0
P604 f15.0
P605 f15.0
P611 f15.0
P612 f15.0
P613 f15.0
P614 f15.0
P615 f15.0
P621 f15.0
P622 f15.0
P623 f15.0
P624 f15.0
P625 f15.0
P631 f15.0
P632 f15.0
P633 f15.0
P634 f15.0
P635 f15.0
P641 f15.0
P642 f15.0
P643 f15.0
P644 f15.0
P645 f15.0
P651 f15.0
P652 f15.0
P653 f15.0
P654 f15.0
P655 f15.0
P661 f15.0
P662 f15.0
P663 f15.0
P664 f15.0
P665 f15.0
P671 f15.0
P672 f15.0
P673 f15.0
P674 f15.0
P675 f15.0
P681 f15.0
P682 f15.0
P683 f15.0
P684 f15.0
P685 f15.0
P691 f15.0
P692 f15.0
P693 f15.0
P694 f15.0
P695 f15.0
P701 f15.0
P702 f15.0
P703 f15.0
P704 f15.0
P705 f15.0
P711 f15.0
P712 f15.0
P713 f15.0
P714 f15.0
P715 f15.0
P721 f15.0
P722 f15.0
P723 f15.0
P724 f15.0
P725 f15.0
P731 f15.0
P732 f15.0
P733 f15.0
P734 f15.0
P735 f15.0
P741 f15.0
P742 f15.0
P743 f15.0
P744 f15.0
P745 f15.0
P751 f15.0
P752 f15.0
P753 f15.0
P754 f15.0
P755 f15.0
P761 f15.0
P762 f15.0
P763 f15.0
P764 f15.0
P765 f15.0
P771 f15.0
P772 f15.0
P773 f15.0
P774 f15.0
P775 f15.0
P782 f15.0
P784 f15.0
P785 f15.0
P792 f15.0
P794 f15.0
P795 f15.0
P800 f15.0
P801 a9
P802 f15.0
P803 f15.0
P804 f15.0
P805 a9
P806 f15.0
P807 f15.0
P808 f15.0
P809 a9
P810 f15.0
P811 f15.0
P812 f15.0
P813 a9
P814 f15.0
P815 f15.0
P816 f15.0
C997 f15.0
C998 f15.0
C999 f15.0
C1001 a5
E1004 a65535
C1005 a2
E1007 f15.0
E1006 a12
E003 a65535
CMPCT f15.0
E218 a1
E219 f15.0
E220 f15.0
E305 f15.0
E310 f15.0
E311 f15.0
E312 f15.0
EIN a9
NAME a70
NTEE1 a1
NTEEconf a1
WEIGHT f15.0
zipnew a5
ZIP5 a5
NteeOldA a4
Confidence a1
MajGrpB a2
NtMaj10 a2
NteeSrc a4
OutNCCS a3
OutReas a1
Level1 a2
Level2 a1
Level3 a2
Level4 a1
NtMaj5 a2
NtMaj12 a2
RandNum f15.0
NteeOldB a5