* SOI 2008 990 Other.

EIN "Employer identification number (Page 1, Line D)"
NAME "Organization name (Page 1, Line C)"
dba_name "Doing business as (Page 1, Line C(2))"
STATE "Two-letter state abbreviation (Page 1, Line C(3))"
zip5 "First 5 digits of zip code (Page 1, Line C(4))"
FIPS "2-digit State + 3-digit County FIPS code (Federal Information Processing Standard). See also U.S. Census Bureau State & County QuickFacts."
MSA_NECH "Metropolitan Statistical Area (NCCS file)"
outnccs "Out-of-scope (IN/OUT) (see OUTREAS doc. for details)"
OUTREAS "Reason why out of scope"
taxpd "Ending year and month of accounting period reported: yymm (Page 1, Line A)"
COND "Filing Condition Code (Page 1, Line B checkboxes)"
grp_ret_for_afflts "Group return for affiliates? (Page 1, Line H(a))"
all_afflts_incld "All affiliates included? (Page 1, Line H(b))"
grp_exmpt_num "Group exemption number (Page 1, Line H(c))"
SUBSECCD "IRS subsection code, e.g. 03=501(c)(3), etc. (Page 1, Line I)"
web_site "Website (Page 1, Line J)"
TYPE "Type of organization: Corporation/Trust/Association/Other (Page 1, Line K)"
yr_frmtn "Year of formation (Page 1, Line L)"
st_leg_domcl "State of legal domicile (Page 1, Line M)"
term_or_cntrct "Termination or contraction (PART I, Line 2)"
pt1_num_vtng_gvrn_bdy_mems "Number voting members governing body (PART I, Line 3)"
pt1_num_ind_vtng_mems "Number independent voting members (PART I, Line 4)"
tot_num_empls "total Number employees (PART I, Line 5)"
tot_num_vlntrs "Total number volunteers (PART I, Line 6)"
tot_gro_ubi "Total gross UBI (PART I, Line 7a)"
net_unrltd_bus_txbl_incm "Net unrelated business taxable income (PART I, Line 7b)"
contri_grnts_py "Contributions and grants - prior year (PART I, Line 8(PY))"
prog_srvc_rev_py "Program service revenue - prior year (PART I, Line 9(PY))"
invst_incm_py "Investment income - prior year (PART I, Line 10(PY))"
oth_rev_py "Other revenue - prior year (PART I, Line 11(PY))"
tot_rev_py "Total revenue - prior year (PART I, Line 12(PY))"
grnts_and_smlr_amts_py "Grants and similar amounts - prior year (PART I, Line 13(PY))"
bnfts_pd_to_mems_py "Benefits paid to members - prior year (PART I, Line 14(PY))"
slrs_etc_py "Salaries, etc - prior year (PART I, Line 15(PY))"
tot_prof_fndrsng_exp_py "Total professional fundraising expense - prior year (PART I, Line 16a(PY))"
oth_expns_py "Other expenses - prior year (PART I, Line 17(PY))"
tot_expns_py "Total Expenses - prior year (PART I, Line 18(PY))"
rev_less_expns_py "Revenues less expenses - prior year (PART I, Line 19(PY))"
pt1_tot_asts_boy "Total Assets, BOY (PART I, Line 20(BOY))"
pt1_tot_liab_boy "Total Liabilities, BOY (PART I, Line 21(BOY))"
net_asts_or_fund_bals_boy "Net Assets or Fund Balances, BOY (PART I, Line 22(BOY))"
contri_grnts_cy "Contributions and grants - current year (PART I, Line 8(CY))"
prog_srvc_rev_cy "Program service revenue - current year (PART I, Line 9(CY))"
invst_incm_cy "Investment income - current year (PART I, Line 10(CY))"
oth_rev_cy "Other revenue - current year (PART I, Line 11(CY))"
tot_rev_cy "Total revenue - current year (PART I, Line 12(CY))"
grnts_and_smlr_amts_cy "Grants and similar amounts - current year (PART I, Line 13(CY))"
bnfts_pd_to_mems_cy "Benefits paid to members - current year (PART I, Line 14(CY))"
slrs_etc_cy "Salaries, etc - current year (PART I, Line 15(CY))"
tot_prof_fndrsng_exp_cy "Total professional fundraising expense - current year (PART I, Line 16a(CY))"
tot_fndrsng_exp_cy "Total fundraising expense - current year (PART I, Line 16b(CY))"
oth_expns_cy "Other expenses - current year (PART I, Line 17(CY))"
tot_expns_cy "Total Expenses - current year (PART I, Line 18(CY))"
rev_less_expns_cy "Revenues less expenses - current year (PART I, Line 19(CY))"
pt1_tot_asts_eoy "Total Assets, EOY (PART I, Line 20(EOY))"
pt1_tot_liab_eoy "Total Liabilities, EOY (PART I, Line 21(EOY))"
net_asts_or_fund_bals_eoy "Net Assets or Fund Balances, EOY (PART I, Line 22(EOY))"
desc_ln_5021c3 "Described in 501(c)(3)? (PART IV, Line 1)"
sch_b_rqrd "Schedule B required? (PART IV, Line 2)"
pltcl_actvs "Political activities? (PART IV, Line 3)"
lbbyng_actvs "Lobbying activities? (PART IV, Line 4)"
subj_to_prxy_tx "Subject to proxy tax? (PART IV, Line 5)"
donr_advsd_fnd "Donor advised funds? (PART IV, Line 6)"
cnsrv_easemnt "Conservation easements? (PART IV, Line 7)"
colls_of_art "Collections of art? (PART IV, Line 8)"
crdt_cnslng "Credit counseling? (PART IV, Line 9)"
term_of_perm_endwmts "Term or permanent endowments? (PART IV, Line 10)"
bal_sht_amts_reptd "Balance sheet amounts reported? (PART IV, Line 11)"
aud_fincl_stmts "Audited financial statements? (PART IV, Line 12)"
school "School? (PART IV, Line 13)"
frgn_offc "Foreign office? (PART IV, Line 14a)"
frgn_actvs "Foreign activities, etc? (PART IV, Line 14b)"
more_than_5000k_to_orgs "More than $5000 to organizations Part IX, line 3? (PART IV, Line 15)"
more_than_5000k_to_inds "More than $5000 to individuals Part IX, line 3? (PART IV, Line 16)"
prof_fndrsng "Professional fundraising? (PART IV, Line 17)"
fndrsng_actvs "Fundraising activities? (PART IV, Line 18)"
gaming "Gaming? (PART IV, Line 19)"
hospital "Hospital? (PART IV, Line 20)"
grnts_to_orgs "Grants to organizations? (PART IV, Line 21)"
grnts_to_inds "Grants to individuals? (PART IV, Line 22)"
sch_j_rqrd "Schedule J required? (PART IV, Line 23)"
tx_exmpt_bnds "Tax exempt bonds? (PART IV, Line 24a)"
invst_tx_exmpt_bnds "Investment income? (PART IV, Line 24b)"
escrw_acct "Escrow account? (PART IV, Line 24c)"
on_behalf_of_issr "On behalf of issuer? (PART IV, Line 24d)"
excss_bnft_trans "Excess benefit transaction? (PART IV, Line 25a)"
pr_excss_bnft_trans "Prior excess benefit transaction? (PART IV, Line 25b)"
ln_to_ofcr_or_dqp "Loan to officer or DQP? (PART IV, Line 26)"
grnt_to_rltd_prsn "Grant to related person? (PART IV, Line 27)"
bus_rltnshp_with_org "Business relationship with organization? (PART IV, Line 28a)"
bus_rltnshp_thru_fam "Business relationship thru family member? (PART IV, Line 28b)"
ofcr_ent_with_bus_rltnshp "Officer, etc. of entity with business relationship? (PART IV, Line 28c)"
ded_non_csh_contri "Deductible non-cash contributions? (PART IV, Line 29)"
ded_contris_of_art "Deductible contributions of art, etc? (PART IV, Line 30)"
terminated_ops "Did the organization liquidate, terminate, or dissolve and cease operations? (PART IV, Line 31 - identified as 'terminated' in original SOI documentation)"
partl_liqdtn "Partial liquidation? (PART IV, Line 32)"
disrgd_entity "Disregarded entity? (PART IV, Line 33)"
rltd_entity "Related entity? (PART IV, Line 34)"
rltd_org_cntrld_entity "Related organization a controlled entity? (PART IV, Line 35)"
trnsfr_to_non_chrtbl_org "Any transfers to exempt non-charitable org? (PART IV, Line 36)"
actvs_cndctd_prtshp "Activities conducted thru partnership? (PART IV, Line 37)"
num_with_1096 "Number forms transmitted with 1096 (PART V, Line 1a)"
num_w2g_incld "Number W-2Gs included in 1a (PART V, Line 1b)"
cmplnc_with_bkup_wthldng "Compliance with backup witholding? (PART V, Line 1c)"
num_of_empls "Number of employees (PART V, Line 2a)"
emplmn_tx_rets_fld "Employment tax returns filed? (PART V, Line 2b)"
unrltd_bus_incm "Unrelated business income? (PART V, Line 3a)"
frm990t_fld "Form 990-T filed? (PART V, Line 3b)"
frgn_fincl_acct "Foreign financial account? (PART V, Line 4a)"
prohib_tx_shltr_trans "Prohibited tax shelter transaction? (PART V, Line 5a)"
txbl_prty_notif "Taxable party notification? (PART V, Line 5b)"
frm8886t_fld "Form 8886-T filed? (PART V, Line 5c)"
nonded_contri "Non-deductible contributions? (PART V, Line 6a)"
nonded_discl "Non-deduct. disclosure? (PART V, Line 6b)"
quid_pro_quo_contri "Quid pro quo contributions? (PART V, Line 7a)"
quid_pro_quo_discl "Quid pro quo disclosure? (PART V, Line 7b)"
frm8282_prop_dispos "Form 8282 property disposed of? (PART V, Line 7c)"
num_of_8282_fld "Number of 8282s filed (PART V, Line 7d)"
fnds_to_pay_prems "Funds to pay premiums? (PART V, Line 7e)"
prems_pd "Premiums paid? (PART V, Line 7f)"
frm8899_fld "Form 8899 filed? (PART V, Line 7g)"
frm1098c_fld "Form 1098-C filed? (PART V, Line 7h)"
excss_bus_hldngs "Excess business holdings? (PART V, Line 8)"
txbl_distri "Taxable distributions? (PART V, Line 9a)"
distri_to_dnr "Distribution to donor? (PART V, Line 9b)"
init_fees_amt "Initiation fees amount (PART V, Line 10a)"
gro_rcpts_amt "Gross receipts amount (PART V, Line 10b)"
num_vtng_gvrn_bdy_mems "Number of voting governing body members (PART VI, Line 1a)"
num_ind_vtng_mems "Number of independent voting members (PART VI, Line 1b)"
fam_or_bus_rlnshp "Family or business relationship? (PART VI, Line 2)"
del_of_mgmt_dty "Delegation of management duties? (PART VI, Line 3)"
chg_to_org_docs "Changes to organizing docs? (PART VI, Line 4)"
mtrl_divrsn_or_misuse "Material diversion or misuse? (PART VI, Line 5)"
mems_or_stkhldrs "Members or stockholders? (PART VI, Line 6)"
elec_brd_mems "election of board members? (PART VI, Line 7a)"
dcsns_subj_to_apprvl "decisions subject to approval? (PART VI, Line 7b)"
mins_of_gvrn_bdy "Minutes of governing body? (PART VI, Line 8a)"
mins_of_commtts "Minutes of committees? (PART VI, Line 8b)"
lcl_chapters "Local chapters? (PART VI, Line 9a)"
policies_ref_chapters "Policies reference chapters? (PART VI, Line 9b)"
frm990_prov_to_gvrn_bdy "Form 990 provided to governing body? (PART VI, Line 10)"
ofcr_mailing_addr "Officer mailing address? (PART VI, Line 11)"
cnflct_int_plcy "Conflict of interest policy? (PART VI, Line 12a)"
annual_discl_covrd_prsn "Annual disclosure by covered persons? (PART VI, Line 12b)"
reg_mntrng_enfrc "Regular monitoring and enforcement? (PART VI, Line 12c)"
whistleblower_plcy "Whistleblower policy? (PART VI, Line 13)"
doc_retention_plcy "Document retention policy? (PART VI, Line 14)"
comp_process_ceo "Compensation process CEO? (PART VI, Line 15a)"
comp_process_oth "Compensation process other? (PART VI, Line 15b)"
invst_joint_venture "Investment in joint venture? (PART VI, Line 16a)"
wrttn_plcy_or_proc "Written policy or procedure? (PART VI, Line 16b)"
public_inspctn "Method of public inspection: Because an organization may use multiple forms of public inspection, this field may be a single digit or some combination of digits (e.g. '13' = Own website and upon request). (PART VI, Line 18):
1 - Own website
2 - Another's website
3 - Upon request"
no_listed_prsns_comp "No listed persons compensated (PART VII, Line A(1a))"
COMP_CNT "Number of Compensated Officers, Directors, Trustees, Key Employees, etc. reported (number of rows on related 990 Part VII-A compensation sub-table)"
tot_rpt_comp_from_org "Reportable compensation from organization (PART VII, Line A(1b)(D))"
tot_rpt_comp_from_rltd_orgs "Reportable compensation from related orgs (PART VII, Line A(1b)(E))"
tot_oth_comp "Other compensation (PART VII, Line A(1b)(F))"
num_indivs_gt_100k "Number individuals greater than $100K (PART VII, Line A(2))"
formers_listed "Formers listed? (PART VII, Line A(3))"
tot_comp_from_oth_srcs "Greater than $150,000? (PART VII, Line A(4))"
comp_from_oth_srcs "Compensation from other sources? (PART VII, Line A(5))"
num_of_cntrctrs_gt_100k "Number of contractors greater than $100K (PART VII, Line B(2))"
federated_campaigns "Federated campaigns (PART VIII, Line 1a)"
memshp_dues "Membership dues (PART VIII, Line 1b)"
fndrsng_events "Fundraising events (PART VIII, Line 1c)"
rltd_orgs "Related organizations (PART VIII, Line 1d)"
govt_grnts "Government grants (contributions) (PART VIII, Line 1e)"
all_oth_contri "All other contributions, gifts, etc. (PART VIII, Line 1f)"
nncsh_contri "Noncash contributions (PART VIII, Line 1g)"
tot_contri "Total contributions (PART VIII, Line 1h(A))"
psr_tot "Program service revenue -- Total (PART VIII, Line 2g(A))"
inv_incm_tot_rev "Investment income -- Total (PART VIII, Line 3(A))"
bonds_tot_rev "Tax-exempt bond proceeds -- Total (PART VIII, Line 4(A))"
roylrev_tot_rev "Royalties -- Total (PART VIII, Line 5(A))"
gro_rents_real "Gross rents -- Real estate (PART VIII, Line 6a(i))"
less_rent_expnss_real "Rental expense -- Real estate (PART VIII, Line 6b(i))"
rental_incm_or_loss_real "Net rent -- Real estate (PART VIII, Line 6c(i))"
gro_rents_prsn "Gross rents -- Personal property (PART VIII, Line 6a(ii))"
less_rent_expnss_prsn "Rental expense -- Personal property (PART VIII, Line 6b(ii))"
rental_incm_or_loss_prsnl "Net rent -- Personal property (PART VIII, Line 6c(ii))"
net_rent_tot_rev "Net rental income -- Total (PART VIII, Line 6d(A))"
gro_amt_sls_asts_sec "Gross sales -- Securities (PART VIII, Line 7a(i))"
less_cst_sls_exp_sec "Sales expense -- Securities (PART VIII, Line 7b(i))"
gain_or_loss_sec "Net gain from sales -- Securities (PART VIII, Line 7c(i))"
gro_amt_sls_asts_oth "Gross sales -- Other assets (PART VIII, Line 7a(ii))"
less_cst_sls_exp_oth "Sales expense -- Other assets (PART VIII, Line 7b(ii))"
gain_or_loss_oth "Net gain from sales -- Other assets (PART VIII, Line 7c(ii))"
sale_asts_tot_rev "Sales of assets -- Total (PART VIII, Line 7d(A))"
gro_inc_fndrsng_evnts "Gross fundraising (PART VIII, Line 8a)"
fndrsng_drct_expns "Fundraising expenses (PART VIII, Line 8b)"
fndrsng_tot_rev "Fundraising income -- Total (PART VIII, Line 8c(A))"
gro_inc_gaming "Gross income from gaming (PART VIII, Line 9a)"
gaming_drct_expns "Gaming expenses (PART VIII, Line 9b)"
gaming_tot_rev "Gaming income -- Total (PART VIII, Line 9c(A))"
gro_sls_of_invntry "Gross sales of inventory (PART VIII, Line 10a)"
cost_of_gds_sold "Cost of goods sold (inventory) (PART VIII, Line 10b)"
invntry_tot_rev "Income from sales of inventory -- Total (PART VIII, Line 10c(A))"
oth_rev_tot "Other revenue -- Total (PART VIII, Line 11e(A))"
tot_rev "Total revenue (PART VIII, Line 12(A))"
psr_rltd_amt "Program service revenue -- Related or exempt (PART VIII, Line 2g(B))"
inv_incm_rltd_amt "Investment income -- Related or exempt (PART VIII, Line 3(B))"
bonds_rltd_amt "Tax-exempt bond proceeds -- Related or exempt (PART VIII, Line 4(B))"
roylrev_rltd_amt "Royalties -- Related or exempt (PART VIII, Line 5(B))"
net_rent_rltd_amt "Net rental income -- Related or exempt (PART VIII, Line 6d(B))"
sale_asts_rltd_amt "Sales of assets -- Related or exempt (PART VIII, Line 7d(B))"
fndrsng_rltd_amt "Fundraising income -- Related or exempt (PART VIII, Line 8c(B))"
gaming_rltd_amt "Gaming income -- Related or exempt (PART VIII, Line 9c(B))"
invntry_rltd_amt "Income from sales of inventory -- Related/exempt (PART VIII, Line 10c(B))"
oth_rev_rltd_amt "Other revenue -- Related or exempt (PART VIII, Line 11e(B))"
tot_rev_rltd_amt "Total revenue -- Related or exempt (PART VIII, Line 12(B))"
psr_unrltd_bus_rev "Program service revenue -- Unrelated (PART VIII, Line 2g(C))"
inv_incm_unrltd_bus "Investment income -- Unrelated (PART VIII, Line 3(C))"
bonds_unrltd_bus_rev "Tax-exempt bond proceeds -- Unrelated (PART VIII, Line 4(C))"
roylrev_unrltd_bus_rev "Royalties -- Unrelated (PART VIII, Line 5(C))"
net_rent_unrltd_bus_rev "Net rental income -- Unrelated (PART VIII, Line 6d(C))"
sale_asts_unrltd_bus "Sales of assets -- Unrelated (PART VIII, Line 7d(C))"
fndrsng_unrltd_bus_rev "Fundraising income -- Unrelated (PART VIII, Line 8c(C))"
gaming_unrltd_bus_rev "Gaming income -- Unrelated (PART VIII, Line 9c(C))"
invntry_unrltd_bus_rev "Income from sales of inventory -- Unrelated (PART VIII, Line 10c(C))"
oth_rev_unrltd_bus_rev "Other revenue -- Unrelated (PART VIII, Line 11e(C))"
tot_rev_unrltd_bus_rev "Total revenue -- Unrelated (PART VIII, Line 12(C))"
psr_excl_amt "Program service revenue -- Excluded (PART VIII, Line 2g(D))"
inv_incm_excl_amt "Investment income -- Excluded (PART VIII, Line 3(D))"
bonds_excl_amt "Tax-exempt bond proceeds -- Excluded (PART VIII, Line 4(D))"
roylrev_excl_amt "Royalties -- Excluded (PART VIII, Line 5(D))"
net_rent_excl_amt "Net rental income -- Excluded (PART VIII, Line 6d(D))"
sale_asts_excl_amt "Sales of assets -- Excluded (PART VIII, Line 7d(D))"
fndrsng_excl_amt "Fundraising income -- Excluded (PART VIII, Line 8c(D))"
gaming_excl_amt "Gaming income -- Excluded (PART VIII, Line 9c(D))"
invntry_excl_amt "Income from sales of inventory -- Excluded (PART VIII, Line 10c(D))"
oth_rev_excl_amt "Other revenue -- Excluded (PART VIII, Line 11e(D))"
tot_rev_excl_amt "Total revenue -- Excluded (PART VIII, Line 12(D))"
grnts_to_dom_org_tot "Grants to governments and organizations in the US (PART IX, Line 1(A))"
grnts_to_dom_ind_tot "Grants to individuals in the US (PART IX, Line 2(A))"
frgn_grnts_tot "Grants to orgs and individuals outside the US (PART IX, Line 3(A))"
bnfts_to_mems_tot "Benefits paid to or for members (PART IX, Line 4(A))"
comp_curr_ofcr_tot "Compensation of current officers, directors, etc -- Total (PART IX, Line 5(A))"
comp_disqlfd_prsns_tot "Compensation of disqualified persons -- Total (PART IX, Line 6(A))"
oth_sal_wg_tot "Other salaries and wages -- Total (PART IX, Line 7(A))"
pnsn_plan_contris_tot "Pension plan contributions -- Total (PART IX, Line 8(A))"
oth_empl_bnfts_tot "Other employee benefits -- Total (PART IX, Line 9(A))"
pyrll_txs_tot "Payroll taxes -- Total (PART IX, Line 10(A))"
mgmt_srvc_fee_tot "Management fees -- Total (PART IX, Line 11a(A))"
fee_for_srvc_leg_tot "Legal fees -- Total (PART IX, Line 11b(A))"
fee_for_srvc_acct_tot "Accounting fees -- Total (PART IX, Line 11c(A))"
fee_for_srvc_lbby_tot "Lobbying fees -- Total (PART IX, Line 11d(A))"
fee_for_srvc_prof_tot "Professional fundraising fees -- Total (PART IX, Line 11e(A))"
fee_for_srvc_invst_tot "Investment management feed -- Total (PART IX, Line 11f(A))"
fee_for_srvc_oth_tot "Other fees -- Total (PART IX, Line 11g(A))"
advtg_tot "Advertising and promotion -- Total (PART IX, Line 12(A))"
ofc_expns_tot "Office expenses -- Total (PART IX, Line 13(A))"
info_tech_tot "Information technology -- Total (PART IX, Line 14(A))"
rylts_tot "Royalties -- Total (PART IX, Line 15(A))"
occupancy_tot "Occupancy -- Total (PART IX, Line 16(A))"
trav_tot "Travel -- Total (PART IX, Line 17(A))"
trav_entrmt_tot "Travel/entertainment expenses to public officials -- Total (PART IX, Line 18(A))"
conf_mtngs_tot "Conferences, conventions, meetings -- Total (PART IX, Line 19(A))"
int_total "Interest expense -- Total (PART IX, Line 20(A))"
pymt_to_afflt_tot "Payments to affiliates -- Total (PART IX, Line 21(A))"
deprec_dpltn_tot "Depreciation, depletion, amortization -- Total (PART IX, Line 22(A))"
insurance_tot "Insurance -- Total (PART IX, Line 23(A))"
oth_expns_tot "Other expenses -- Total (PART IX, Line 24f(A))"
tot_func_expns_tot "Total functional expenses -- Total (PART IX, Line 25(A))"
comp_curr_ofcr_prg_srvcs "Compensation of current officers, directors, etc -- Program services (PART IX, Line 5(B))"
comp_disqlfd_prsns_prog_srvcs "Compensation of disqualified persons -- Program services (PART IX, Line 6(B))"
oth_sal_wg_prg_srvcs "Other salaries and wages -- Program services (PART IX, Line 7(B))"
pnsn_plan_contris_prog_srvcs "Pension plan contributions -- Program services (PART IX, Line 8(B))"
oth_empl_bnfts_prg_srvcs "Other employee benefits -- Program services (PART IX, Line 9(B))"
pyrll_txs_prog_srvcs "Payroll taxes -- Program services (PART IX, Line 10(B))"
mgmt_srvc_fee_prgm_srvcs "Management fees -- Program services (PART IX, Line 11a(B))"
fee_for_srvc_leg_prg_srvcs "Legal fees -- Program services (PART IX, Line 11b(B))"
fee_for_srvc_acct_prg_srvcs "Accounting fees -- Program services (PART IX, Line 11c(B))"
fee_for_srvc_lbby_prg_srvcs "Lobbying fees -- Program services (PART IX, Line 11d(B))"
fee_for_srvc_invst_prg_srvcs "Investment management feed -- Program services (PART IX, Line 11f(B))"
fee_for_srvc_oth_prg_srvcs "Other fees -- Program services (PART IX, Line 11g(B))"
advtg_prg_srvcs "Advertising and promotion -- Program services (PART IX, Line 12(B))"
ofc_expns_prg_srvcs "Office expenses -- Program services (PART IX, Line 13(B))"
info_tech_prg_srvcs "Information technology -- Program services (PART IX, Line 14(B))"
rylts_prg_srvcs "Royalties -- Program services (PART IX, Line 15(B))"
occupancy_prog_srvc "Occupancy -- Program services (PART IX, Line 16(B))"
trav_prg_srvcs "Travel -- Program services (PART IX, Line 17(B))"
trav_entrmt_prg_srvcs "Travel/entertainment expenses to public officials -- Program services (PART IX, Line 18(B))"
conf_mtngs_prg_srvcs "Conferences, conventions, meetings -- Program services (PART IX, Line 19(B))"
int_prg_srvcs "Interest expense -- Program services (PART IX, Line 20(B))"
pymt_to_afflt_prg_srvcs "Payments to affiliates -- Program services (PART IX, Line 21(B))"
deprec_dpltn_prg_srvcs "Depreciation, depletion, amortization -- Program services (PART IX, Line 22(B))"
insurance_prg_srvcs "Insurance -- Program services (PART IX, Line 23(B))"
oth_expns_prg_srvcs "Other expenses -- Program services (PART IX, Line 24f(B))"
tot_func_expns_prg_srvcs "Total functional expenses -- Program services (PART IX, Line 25(B))"
comp_curr_ofcr_mgmt_gen "Compensation of current officers, etc -- Management & general (PART IX, Line 5(C))"
comp_disqlfd_prsns_mgmt_gen "Compensation of disqualified persons -- Management & general (PART IX, Line 6(C))"
oth_sal_wg_prg_mgmt_gen "Other salaries and wages -- Management & general (PART IX, Line 7(C))"
pnsn_plan_contris_mgmt_gen "Pension plan contributions -- Management & general (PART IX, Line 8(C))"
oth_empl_bnfts_mgmt_gen "Other employee benefits -- Management & general (PART IX, Line 9(C))"
pyrll_txs_mgmt_gen "Payroll taxes -- Management & general (PART IX, Line 10(C))"
mgmt_srvc_fee_mgmt_gen "Management fees -- Management & general (PART IX, Line 11a(C))"
fee_for_srvc_leg_mgmt_gen "Legal fees -- Management & general (PART IX, Line 11b(C))"
fee_for_srvc_acct_mgmt_gen "Accounting fees -- Management & general (PART IX, Line 11c(C))"
fee_for_srvc_lbby_mgmt_gen "Lobbying fees -- Management & general (PART IX, Line 11d(C))"
fee_for_srvc_invst_mgmt_gen "Investment management feed -- Management & general (PART IX, Line 11f(C))"
fee_for_srvc_oth_mgmt_gen "Other fees -- Management & general (PART IX, Line 11g(C))"
advtg_prg_mgmt_gen "Advertising and promotion -- Management & general (PART IX, Line 12(C))"
ofc_expns_mgmt_gen "Office expenses -- Management & general (PART IX, Line 13(C))"
info_tech_mgmt_gen "Information technology -- Management & general (PART IX, Line 14(C))"
rylts_mgmt_gen "Royalties -- Management & general (PART IX, Line 15(C))"
occupancy_mgmt_gen "Occupancy -- Management & general (PART IX, Line 16(C))"
trav_mgmt_gen "Travel -- Management & general (PART IX, Line 17(C))"
trav_entrmt_mgmt_gen "Travel/ent expenses to public officials -- Management & general (PART IX, Line 18(C))"
conf_mtngs_mgmt_gen "Conferences, conventions, meetings -- Management & general (PART IX, Line 19(C))"
int_mgmt_gen "Interest expense -- Management & general (PART IX, Line 20(C))"
pymt_to_afflt_mgmt_gen "Payments to affiliates -- Management & general (PART IX, Line 21(C))"
deprec_dpltn_mgmt_gen "Depreciation, depletion, etc -- Management & general (PART IX, Line 22(C))"
insurance_mgmt_gen "Insurance -- Management & general (PART IX, Line 23(C))"
oth_expns_mgmt_gen "Other expenses -- Management & general (PART IX, Line 24f(C))"
tot_func_expns_mgmt_gen "Total functional expenses -- Management & general (PART IX, Line 25(C))"
comp_curr_ofcr_fndrsng "Compensation of current officers, etc -- Fundraising (PART IX, Line 5(D))"
comp_disqlfd_prsns_fndrsng "Compensation of disqualified persons -- Fundraising (PART IX, Line 6(D))"
oth_sal_wg_fndrsng "Other salaries and wages -- Fundraising (PART IX, Line 7(D))"
pnsn_plan_contris_fndrsng "Pension plan contributions -- Fundraising (PART IX, Line 8(D))"
oth_empl_bnfts_fndrsng "Other employee benefits -- Fundraising (PART IX, Line 9(D))"
pyrll_txs_fndrsng "Payroll taxes -- Fundraising (PART IX, Line 10(D))"
mgmt_srvc_fee_fndrsng "Management fees -- Fundraising (PART IX, Line 11a(D))"
fee_for_srvc_leg_fndrsng "Legal fees -- Fundraising (PART IX, Line 11b(D))"
fee_for_srvc_acct_fndrsng "Accounting fees -- Fundraising (PART IX, Line 11c(D))"
fee_for_srvc_lbby_fndrsng "Lobbying fees -- Fundraising (PART IX, Line 11d(D))"
fee_for_srvc_prof_fndrsng "Professional fundraising fees -- Fundraising (PART IX, Line 11e(D))"
fee_for_srvc_invst_fndrsng "Investment management feed -- Fundraising (PART IX, Line 11f(D))"
fee_for_srvc_oth_fndrsng "Other fees -- Fundraising (PART IX, Line 11g(D))"
advtg_prg_fndrsng "Advertising and promotion -- Fundraising (PART IX, Line 12(D))"
ofc_expns_fndrsng "Office expenses -- Fundraising (PART IX, Line 13(D))"
info_tech_fndrsng "Information technology -- Fundraising (PART IX, Line 14(D))"
rylts_fndrsng "Royalties -- Fundraising (PART IX, Line 15(D))"
occupancy_fndrsng "Occupancy -- Fundraising (PART IX, Line 16(D))"
trav_fndrsng "Travel -- Fundraising (PART IX, Line 17(D))"
trav_entrmt_fndrsng "Travel/ent expenses to public officials -- Fundraising (PART IX, Line 18(D))"
conf_mtngs_fndrsng "Conferences, conventions, meetings -- Fundraising (PART IX, Line 19(D))"
int_fndrsng "Interest expense -- Fundraising (PART IX, Line 20(D))"
pymt_to_afflt_fndrsng "Payments to affiliates -- Fundraising (PART IX, Line 21(D))"
deprec_dpltn_fndrsng "Depreciation, depletion, amortization -- Fundraising (PART IX, Line 22(D))"
insurance_fndrsng "Insurance -- Fundraising (PART IX, Line 23(D))"
oth_expns_fndrsng "Other expenses -- Fundraising (PART IX, Line 24f(D))"
tot_func_expns_fndrsng "Total functional expenses -- Fundraising (PART IX, Line 25(D))"
csh_nnint_bearng_boy "Cash -- non-interest bearing -- boy (PART X, Line 1((A) BOY))"
savngs_temp_csh_invst_boy "Savings and temporary cash investments -- boy (PART X, Line 2((A) BOY))"
pledge_grnts_rcvbl_boy "Pledges and grants receivable -- boy (PART X, Line 3((A) BOY))"
accts_rcvbl_boy "Accounts receivable -- boy (PART X, Line 4((A) BOY))"
rcvbl_from_ofcrs_etc_boy "Receivables from officers, directors, etc. -- boy (PART X, Line 5((A) BOY))"
rcvbl_from_dsqlfy_prsns_boy "Receivables from disqualified persons -- boy (PART X, Line 6((A) BOY))"
oth_nts_lns_rcvbl_net_boy "Notes and loans receivables -- boy (PART X, Line 7((A) BOY))"
invntry_for_sl_or_use_boy "Inventories for sale or use -- boy (PART X, Line 8((A) BOY))"
prepaid_exp_defrd_chrgs_boy "Prepaid expenses or deferred charges -- boy (PART X, Line 9((A) BOY))"
land_bldgs_equip_bss_net_boy "Land, buildings, & equipment (net) -- boy (PART X, Line 10c((A) BOY))"
invst_pub_trd_sec_boy "Investments in publicly traded securities -- boy (PART X, Line 11((A) BOY))"
invst_oth_sec_boy "Investements in other securities -- boy (PART X, Line 12((A) BOY))"
invst_prg_rltd_boy "Program-related investments -- boy (PART X, Line 13((A) BOY))"
intangible_assts_boy "Intangible assets -- boy (PART X, Line 14((A) BOY))"
oth_asts_tot_boy "Other assets -- boy (PART X, Line 15((A) BOY))"
tot_asts_boy "Total assets -- boy (PART X, Line 16((A) BOY))"
accts_pybl_accr_exp_boy "Accounts payable and accrued expenses -- boy (PART X, Line 17((A) BOY))"
grnts_pybl_boy "Grants payable -- boy (PART X, Line 18((A) BOY))"
defrd_rev_boy "Deferred revenue -- boy (PART X, Line 19((A) BOY))"
tx_exmpt_bnds_liab_boy "Tax-exempt bond liabilities -- boy (PART X, Line 20((A) BOY))"
escrow_acct_liab_boy "Escrow account liability -- boy (PART X, Line 21((A) BOY))"
lns_from_ofcr_dir_boy "Payables to officers, directors, etc. -- boy (PART X, Line 22((A) BOY))"
sec_mrtg_nts_pybl_boy "Secured mortgages and notes payable -- boy (PART X, Line 23((A) BOY))"
unsec_nts_lns_pybl_boy "Unsecured mortgages and notes payable -- boy (PART X, Line 24((A) BOY))"
oth_liab_boy "Other liabilities -- boy (PART X, Line 25((A) BOY))"
tot_liab_boy "Total liabilities -- boy (PART X, Line 26((A) BOY))"
unrstrd_net_asts_boy "Unrestricted net assets -- boy (PART X, Line 27((A) BOY))"
temp_rstrd_net_asts_boy "Temporarily restricted net assets -- boy (PART X, Line 28((A) BOY))"
perm_rstrd_net_asts_boy "Permanently restricted net assets -- boy (PART X, Line 29((A) BOY))"
cap_stck_trst_pr_curr_fnd_boy "Cap Stck Trst Prin Current Funds -- boy (PART X, Line 30((A) BOY))"
pd_cap_srpls_lnd_bldg_fnd_boy "Paid In Cap Srpls Land Bldg Eqp Fund -- boy (PART X, Line 31((A) BOY))"
rtn_earn_endow_etc_boy "Retained Earnings Endowment Etc -- boy (PART X, Line 32((A) BOY))"
tot_net_asts_fnd_bal_boy "Total NetAssets Fund Balances -- boy (PART X, Line 33((A) BOY))"
tot_liab_net_asts_fnd_bal_boy "Total Liabilities + Net Assets -- boy (PART X, Line 34((A) BOY))"
csh_nnint_bearng_eoy "Cash -- non-interest bearing -- eoy (PART X, Line 1((B)EOY))"
savngs_temp_csh_invst_eoy "Savings and temporary cash investments -- eoy (PART X, Line 2((B)EOY))"
pledge_grnts_rcvbl_eoy "Pledges and grants receivable -- eoy (PART X, Line 3((B)EOY))"
accts_rcvbl_eoy "Accounts receivable -- eoy (PART X, Line 4((B)EOY))"
rcvbl_from_ofcrs_etc_eoy "Receivables from officers, directors, etc. -- eoy (PART X, Line 5((B)EOY))"
rcvbl_from_dsqlfy_prsns_eoy "Receivables from disqualified persons -- eoy (PART X, Line 6((B)EOY))"
oth_nts_lns_rcvbl_net_eoy "Notes and loans receivables -- eoy (PART X, Line 7((B)EOY))"
invntry_for_sl_or_use_eoy "Inventories for sale or use -- eoy (PART X, Line 8((B)EOY))"
prepaid_exp_defrd_chrgs_eoy "Prepaid expenses or deferred charges -- eoy (PART X, Line 9((B)EOY))"
land_bldgs_equip_bss_net_eoy "Land, buildings, & equipment (net) -- eoy (PART X, Line 10c((B)EOY))"
invst_pub_trd_sec_eoy "Investments in publicly traded securities -- eoy (PART X, Line 11((B)EOY))"
invst_oth_sec_eoy "Investements in other securities -- eoy (PART X, Line 12((B)EOY))"
invst_prg_rltd_eoy "Program-related investments -- eoy (PART X, Line 13((B)EOY))"
intangible_assts_eoy "Intangible assets -- eoy (PART X, Line 14((B)EOY))"
oth_asts_tot_eoy "Other assets -- eoy (PART X, Line 15((B)EOY))"
tot_asts_eoy "Total assets -- eoy (PART X, Line 16((B)EOY))"
accts_pybl_accr_exp_eoy "Accounts payable and accrued expenses -- eoy (PART X, Line 17((B)EOY))"
grnts_pybl_eoy "Grants payable -- eoy (PART X, Line 18((B)EOY))"
defrd_rev_eoy "Deferred revenue -- eoy (PART X, Line 19((B)EOY))"
tx_exmpt_bnds_liab_eoy "Tax-exempt bond liabilities -- eoy (PART X, Line 20((B)EOY))"
escrow_acct_liab_eoy "Escrow account liability -- eoy (PART X, Line 21((B)EOY))"
lns_from_ofcr_dir_eoy "Payables to officers, directors, etc. -- eoy (PART X, Line 22((B)EOY))"
sec_mrtg_nts_pybl_eoy "Secured mortgages and notes payable -- eoy (PART X, Line 23((B)EOY))"
unsec_nts_lns_pybl_eoy "Unsecured mortgages and notes payable -- eoy (PART X, Line 24((B)EOY))"
oth_liab_eoy "Other liabilities -- eoy (PART X, Line 25((B)EOY))"
tot_liab_eoy "Total liabilities -- eoy (PART X, Line 26((B)EOY))"
unrstrd_net_asts_eoy "Unrestricted net assets -- eoy (PART X, Line 27((B)EOY))"
temp_rstrd_net_asts_eoy "Temporarily restricted net assets -- eoy (PART X, Line 28((B)EOY))"
perm_rstrd_net_asts_eoy "Permanently restricted net assets -- eoy (PART X, Line 29((B)EOY))"
cap_stck_trst_pr_curr_fnd_eoy "Retained earnings -- eoy (PART X, Line 30((B)EOY))"
pd_cap_srpls_lnd_bldg_fnd_eoy "Permanently restricted net assets -- eoy (PART X, Line 31((B)EOY))"
rtn_earn_endow_etc_eoy "Paid-in or capital surplus -- eoy (PART X, Line 32((B)EOY))"
tot_net_asts_fnd_bal_eoy "Total Net Assets -- eoy (PART X, Line 33((B)EOY))"
tot_liab_net_asts_fnd_bal_eoy "Total Liabilities + Net Assets -- eoy (PART X, Line 34((B)EOY))"
method_of_acctng "Method of accounting (PART XI, Line 1)"
acct_compile_or_review "Accountant provide compilation or review? (PART XI, Line 2a)"
fs_audited "Financial sheets audited? (PART XI, Line 2b)"
audit_committee "Does the organization have an audit committee? (PART XI, Line 2c)"
fed_grnt_audit_reqrd "Federal grant audit required? (PART XI, Line 3a)"
fed_grnt_audit_performed "Federal grant audit performed? (PART XI, Line 3b)"
non_pf_status_cd "Reason for non-private foundation status code (Sch A - PART I, Lines 1-11)"
type_suprtng_org "Type of supporting organization (Sch A - PART I, Line 11)"
cert_chkbx "Organization not controlled by disqualified persons... (Sch A - PART I, Line 11e)"
wrttn_IRS_determ "Written determination (Type I, Type II or Type III)? (Sch A - PART I, Line 11f)"
contri_by_cntrl_indiv "Controls governing body of the supported organization? (Sch A - PART I, Line 11g(i))"
contri_by_rltd_prty "A family member of a party described above? (Sch A - PART I, Line 11g(ii))"
contri_by_35_cntrl_ent "A 35% controlled entity of a person above? (Sch A - PART I, Line 11g(iii))"
suporg_cnt "Number of Supported Organizations Reported (number of rows on related 990, Sch A - PART I, Line 11h supported organization sub-table)"
sum_of_suprtd_amts "Sum of amounts of support (Sch A - PART I, Line 11h(vii))"
pltcl_expend "Political expenditures (Sch C - PART I-A, Line 1)"
vlntr_hrs "Volunteer hours (Sch C - PART I-A, Line 2)"
amt_4955_tx "Enter the amount of any excise tax incurred under section 4955 (Sch C - PART I-B, Line 1)"
amt_4955_tx_on_mgrs "Amount of excise tax incurred by managers under section 4955 (Sch C - PART I-B, Line 2)"
frm_4720_filed_4955_tx "File Form 4720 for 4955 tax this year? (Sch C - PART I-B, Line 3)"
corr_made "Was a correction made to Form 4720? (Sch C - PART I-B, Line 4a)"
amt_expend_for_527_actvs "Amount expended for section 527 exempt function activities (Sch C - PART I-C, Line 1)"
amt_intrnl_fnds_contri "Amount contributed to other organizations for 527 activities (Sch C - PART I-C, Line 2)"
tot_exmpt_func_expend "Direct and indirect exempt function expenditures. (Sch C - PART I-C, Line 3)"
frm_1120_pol_filed "Did the filing organization file Form 1120-POL for this year? (Sch C - PART I-C, Line 4)"
org_belongs_affltd_grp "Does the organization belong to an affiliated group? (Sch C - PART II-A, Line A)"
ltd_cntrl_prvsns_apply "Do limited control provisions apply? (Sch C - PART II-A, Line B)"
grssrts_lbbyng_filg_org_tot "Grassroots lobbying -- Filing organization (Sch C - PART II-A, Line 1a(a))"
drct_lbbyng_filg_org_tot "Direct lobbying -- Filing organization (Sch C - PART II-A, Line 1b(a))"
tot_lbby_expend_filg_org_tot "Total lobbying -- Filing organization (Sch C - PART II-A, Line 1c(a))"
oth_exmpt_prps_filg_org_tot "Other exempt expenditures -- Filing organization (Sch C - PART II-A, Line 1d(a))"
tot_exmpt_prps_filg_org_tot "Total exempt purpose -- Filing organization (Sch C - PART II-A, Line 1e(a))"
lbby_ntx_amt_filg_org_tot "Lobbying nontaxable amount -- Filing organization (Sch C - PART II-A, Line 1f(a))"
grssrts_ntx_amt_filg_org_tot "Grassroots nontaxable amount -- Filing org (Sch C - PART II-A, Line 1g(a))"
lbby_gr_mns_ntx_filg_org_tot "Grassroots subtotal -- Filing organization (Sch C - PART II-A, Line 1h(a))"
ex_mns_lbby_ntx_filg_org_tot "Lobbying subtotal -- Filing organization (Sch C - PART II-A, Line 1i(a))"
grssrts_lbbyng_affltd_grp_tot "Grassroots lobbying -- Affiliated group (Sch C - PART II-A, Line 1a(b))"
drct_lbbyng_affltd_grp_tot "Direct lobbying -- Affiliated group (Sch C - PART II-A, Line 1b(b))"
tot_lbby_expend_affltd_grp_tot "Total lobbying -- Affiliated group (Sch C - PART II-A, Line 1c(b))"
oth_exmpt_prps_affltd_grp_tot "Other exempt expenditures -- Affiliated group (Sch C - PART II-A, Line 1d(b))"
tot_exmpt_prps_affltd_grp_tot "Total exempt purpose -- Affiliated group (Sch C - PART II-A, Line 1e(b))"
lbby_ntx_amt_affltd_grp_tot "Lobbying nontaxable amount -- Affiliated group (Sch C - PART II-A, Line 1f(b))"
grssrts_ntx_amt_affltd_grp_tot "Grassroots nontaxable amount -- Affiliated group (Sch C - PART II-A, Line 1g(b))"
lbby_gr_mns_ntx_affltd_grp_tot "Grassroots subtotal -- Affiliated group (Sch C - PART II-A, Line 1h(b))"
ex_mns_lbby_ntx_affltd_grp_tot "Lobbying subtotal -- Affiliated group (Sch C - PART II-A, Line 1i(b))"
frm_4720_filed "Did the organization file Form 4720 (4911 tax) for this year? (Sch C - PART II-A, Line i)"
c_vlntrs "Volunteers? (Sch C - PART II-B, Line 1a(a))"
pd_staff_or_mgmt "Paid staff or management? (Sch C - PART II-B, Line 1b(a))"
media_ads_amt "Media advertisements amount (Sch C - PART II-B, Line 1c(b))"
mailing_mems_amt "Media to members amount (Sch C - PART II-B, Line 1d(b))"
pub_or_broadcst_amt "Publications, or published or broadcast statements (Sch C - PART II-B, Line 1e(b))"
grnts_oth_orgs_amt "Grants to other organizations for lobbying (Sch C - PART II-B, Line 1f(b))"
drct_cntct_legis_amt "Direct contact with legislators, etc (Sch C - PART II-B, Line 1g(b))"
rallies_demos_amt "Rallies, demonstrations, seminars, conventions, etc (Sch C - PART II-B, Line 1h(b))"
c_oth_actvs_amt "Other lobbying activities (Sch C - PART II-B, Line 1i(b))"
tot_lbby_expend_ii_b "Total lobbying expenditures (Sch C - PART II-B, Line 1j(b))"
not_descrbd_in_501c3 "Activities not described in 501(c)(3) (Sch C - PART II-B, Line 2a(a))"
amt_of_4912_tx "Amount of 4912 tax (Sch C - PART II-B, Line 2b(b))"
amt_of_mgrs_4912_tx "Amount of 4912 tax by managers (Sch C - PART II-B, Line 2c(b))"
frm_4720_filed_4912_tx "File Form 4720 for section 4912 tax? (Sch C - PART II-B, Line 2d(a))"
subst_all_dues_nonded "Were dues received nondeductible by members? (Sch C - PART III-A, Line 1)"
only_in_hse_lbbyng "Make only in-house lobbying expenditures of $2,000 or less? (Sch C - PART III-A, Line 2)"
agree_to_cyov_py "Carryover lobbying/political expenditures from prior year? (Sch C - PART III-A, Line 3)"
c_dues_assmnts "Dues, assessments and similar amounts from members (Sch C - PART III-B, Line 1)"
nonded_lbby_pltcl_curr "Current year 162(e) expenditures (Sch C - PART III-B, Line 2a)"
nonded_lbby_pltcl_cyov "Carryover of 162(e) expenditures from last year (Sch C - PART III-B, Line 2b)"
nonded_lbby_pltcl_tot "Total 162(e) expenditures (Sch C - PART III-B, Line 2c)"
aggr_amt_rptd_dues_ntc "Amount of nondeductible section 162(e) dues (Sch C - PART III-B, Line 3)"
amt_to_be_cyov "Amount of carryover of nonddctbl lobbying/political expenditure (Sch C - PART III-B, Line 4)"
c_txbl_amt "Taxable lobbying/political expenditures (Sch C - PART III-B, Line 5)"
num_dafs_held "Number of donor advised funds (Sch D - PART I, Line 1(a))"
dnr_advsd_contri "Contributions, etc. received: donor advised funds (Sch D - PART I, Line 2(a))"
grnts_pd_from_dnr_fnds "Grants and allocations from donor advised funds (Sch D - PART I, Line 3(a))"
aggrgt_daf_vl "Aggregate value of assets held in donor advised funds (Sch D - PART I, Line 4(a))"
num_fnds_held "Number of separate accounts for participating donors (Sch D - PART I, Line 1(b))"
contri_fnds_oth_accts "Contributions, etc. received: funds and other accounts (Sch D - PART I, Line 2(b))"
grnts_fnds_oth_accts "Grants from funds and other accounts (Sch D - PART I, Line 3(b))"
aggrgt_fnd_vl "Aggregate value of assets held in all funds and other accounts (Sch D - PART I, Line 4(b))"
discl_orgs_lgl_cntrl "Inform donors that DAF assets are the organization property? (Sch D - PART I, Line 5)"
discl_for_chrtbl_prps "Inform all donors that funds are only for charitable purposes (Sch D - PART I, Line 6)"
purpose_of_esmnt "Purpose(s) of conservation easements held by the organization (check all that apply). Because an organization may hold multiple types of easements, this field may be a single digit or some combination of digits (e.g. '12' = Preservation of land and Protection of natural habitat). (Sch D - PART II, Line 1):
1 - Preservation of land
2 - Protection of natural habitat
3 - Preservation of open space
4 - Preservation of a historically important land area
5 - Preservation of a certified historic structure"
tot_num_of_esmnts "Total number of easements (Sch D - PART II, Line 2a)"
tot_acreage "Total acreage subject to easements (Sch D - PART II, Line 2b)"
num_hist_strctr_esmnts "Number of easements on a certified historic structure (Sch D - PART II, Line 2c)"
num_hist_strctr_esmnts_after "Number of historic structure easements acquired after 8-17-2006 (Sch D - PART II, Line 2d)"
num_esmnts_modif "Number of easements modified, released, or terminated (Sch D - PART II, Line 3)"
num_st_esmnts_held "Number of states in which the organization held an easement (Sch D - PART II, Line 4)"
wrttn_plcy_mntr "Written policy on monitoring/enforcement of easements? (Sch D - PART II, Line 5)"
staff_hrs_spnt_on_enfrc "Hours devoted to monitoring or enforcing easements (Sch D - PART II, Line 6)"
expns_incurd_for_enfrc "Expenses incurred in enforcing easements (Sch D - PART II, Line 7)"
sect170h_rqrd_stsfd "Conservation easement satisfy sections 170(h)(4)(B)(i) and (ii)? (Sch D - PART II, Line 8)"
art_exhib_amts_revs_incld "Revenues on Form 990, Part VIII, line 1 (Sch D - PART III, Line 1b(i))"
art_exhib_amts_asts_ptx "Assets in Form 990, Part X (Sch D - PART III, Line 1b(ii))"
hld_art_amts_revs_incld "Revenues on Form 990, Part VIII, line 1 (Sch D - PART III, Line 2a)"
hld_art_amts_asts_ptx "Assets in Form 990, Part X (Sch D - PART III, Line 2b)"
use_of_collection "Using the organization's accession and other records, check any of the following that are a significant use of its collection items (check all that apply). Because an organization may use its collection for multiple purposes, this field may be a single digit or some combination of digits (e.g. '12' = Public exhibition and scholarly research). (Sch D - PART III, Line 3):
1 - Public exhibition
2 - Scholarly research
3 - Preservation for future generations
4 - Loan or exchange programs
5 - Other"
slct_asts_for_sale "Solicit/receive donations of art, etc to be sold to raise funds? (Sch D - PART III, Line 5)"
agent_trst_etc "Agent, trustee, etc for contributions not included in Part X? (Sch D - PART IV, Line 1a)"
begng_bal "Beginning of year escrow balance (Sch D - PART IV, Line 1c)"
addn_during_yr "Additions during the year (escrow) (Sch D - PART IV, Line 1d)"
distri_during_yr "Distributions during the year (escrow) (Sch D - PART IV, Line 1e)"
endng_bal "Ending balance (escrow) (Sch D - PART IV, Line 1f)"
incld_on_fs "Include an amount on Form 990, Part X, line 21? (Sch D - PART IV, Line 2a)"
cy_begng_yr_bal "Beginning of year balance (Sch D - PART V, Line 1a(a))"
cy_contri "Contributions (Sch D - PART V, Line 1b(a))"
cy_invst_earn_or_loss "Investment earnings or losses (Sch D - PART V, Line 1c(a))"
cy_grnt_or_schlr "Grants or scholarships (Sch D - PART V, Line 1d(a))"
cy_oth_expend "Other expenditures (Sch D - PART V, Line 1e(a))"
cy_admin_expns "Administrative expenses (Sch D - PART V, Line 1f(a))"
cy_end_yr_bal "End of year balance (Sch D - PART V, Line 1g(a))"
brd_desg_eoy_bal "Board designated EOY balance (Sch D - PART V, Line 2a)"
perm_endwmt_eoy_bal "Permanent endowment EOY balance (Sch D - PART V, Line 2b)"
term_endwmt_eoy_bal "Term endowment EOY balance (Sch D - PART V, Line 2c)"
endwmt_held_by_unrltd_orgs "Endowments held by unrelated organizations? (Sch D - PART V, Line 3a(i))"
endwmt_held_by_rltd_orgs "Endowments held by related organizations? (Sch D - PART V, Line 3a(ii))"
are_rltd_orgs_list_sch_r "Are related orgs listed on Schedule R? (Sch D - PART V, Line 3b)"
land_bk_vl "Investments -- Land (Sch D - PART VI, Line 1a(d))"
bldg_bk_vl "Investments -- Buildings (Sch D - PART VI, Line 1b(d))"
lshld_imprv_bk_vl "Investments -- Leasehold improvements (Sch D - PART VI, Line 1c(d))"
equip_bk_vl "Investnents -- Equipment (Sch D - PART VI, Line 1d(d))"
oth_lnd_bldg_bk_vl "Investments -- Other (Sch D - PART VI, Line 1e(d))"
d_tot_bk_vl_land_bldg "Total book value of investments (Sch D - PART VI, Line 1f(d))"
d_tot_rev "Total revenue - Schedule D reconciliation (Sch D - PART XI, Line 1)"
d_tot_expns "Total expenses - Schedule D reconciliation (Sch D - PART XI, Line 2)"
d_excss_or_dfct "Excess or deficit - Schedule D reconciliation (Sch D - PART XI, Line 3)"
net_unrlzd_gl_invst "Net Unrealized gains (losses) on investments (Sch D - PART XI, Line 4)"
dnt_srvc_and_fclts "Donated services and use of facilities (Sch D - PART XI, Line 5)"
invst_expns "Investment expenses (Sch D - PART XI, Line 6)"
pr_pd_adj "Prior period adjustments (Sch D - PART XI, Line 7)"
d_oth_amt "Other changes amount (Sch D - PART XI, Line 8)"
d_tot_adj "Total adjustments (net) (add lines 4-8) (Sch D - PART XI, Line 9)"
excss_or_dfct_per_fs "Excess for the year per financial statements (Sch D - PART XI, Line 10)"
tot_rev_etc_aud_fincl_stmt "Total revenue per audited financial statments (Sch D - PART XII, Line 1)"
net_unrlzd_gns_invst "Net unrealized gains on investments (Sch D - PART XII, Line 2a)"
dnt_srvc_and_use_of_fclts "Donated services and use of facilities (Sch D - PART XII, Line 2b)"
rcvry_of_py_grnts "Recoveries of prior year grants (Sch D - PART XII, Line 2c)"
d_oth_revs "Other revenues - Schedule D reconciliation (Sch D - PART XII, Line 2d)"
rev_not_rptd_f990 "Total amounts - Schedule D reconciliation (Sch D - PART XII, Line 2e)"
rev_subtotal "Revenue subtotal - Schedule D reconciliation (Sch D - PART XII, Line 3)"
invst_expns_not_incld "Investment expenses not included on Form 990 (Sch D - PART XII, Line 4a)"
oth_rev_not_incld "Other revenue not included - Sch D reconciliation (Sch D - PART XII, Line 4b)"
rev_not_rptd_on_fincl_stmt "Total revenue not included - Sch D reconciliation (Sch D - PART XII, Line 4c)"
tot_rev_per_f990 "Total revenue - Sch D reconciliation (Sch D - PART XII, Line 5)"
tot_expns_etc_aud_fincl_stmt "Total Expenses, and Losses per financial stmts (Sch D - PART XIII, Line 1)"
dnt_srvc_use_of_fclts "Donated Services and Use of Facilities (Sch D - PART XIII, Line 2a)"
py_adj "Prior year adjustments - Sch D reconciliation (Sch D - PART XIII, Line 2b)"
loss_rptd "Losses reported - Sch D reconciliation (Sch D - PART XIII, Line 2c)"
oth_expns_incld "Other expenses included - Sch D reconciliation (Sch D - PART XIII, Line 2d)"
expns_not_rptd_f990 "Expenses not reported on Form 990 (Sch D - PART XIII, Line 2e)"
expns_subtotal "Expenses subtotal - Sch D reconciliation (Sch D - PART XIII, Line 3)"
invst_expns_not_incld2 "Investment expenses not included on Form 990 (Sch D - PART XIII, Line 4a)"
oth_expns_not_incld "Other expenses - Sch D reconciliation (Sch D - PART XIII, Line 4b)"
expns_not_rptd_on_fincl_stmt "Expenses not reported on financial statements (Sch D - PART XIII, Line 4c)"
tot_expns_per_f990 "Total expenses per Form 990 - Sch D reconciliation (Sch D - PART XIII, Line 5)"
g_fndrsng_actvs "Fundraising activities - Indicate whether the organization raised funds through any of the following activities. Check all that apply. Because an organization may use multiple fundraising methods, this field may be a single digit or some combination of digits (e.g. '12' = Mail and email solicitations). (Sch G - PART I, Line 1):
1 - Mail solicitations
2 - Email solicitations
3 - Phone solicitations
4 - In-person solicitations
5 - Solicitations of non-government grants
6 - Solicitations of government grants
7 - Special fundraising events"
agr_ref_fndrsng "Agreement with any individual/entity for fundraising activities? (Sch G - PART I, Line 2a)"
rows_hghst_pd_fndrsrs "Number of highly-paid fundraisers reported (Sch G - PART I, Line 2b)"
evnts_info_gro_rcpt_tot "Gross receipts, total - Schedule G (Sch G - PART II, Line 1(d))"
evnts_info_chrtbl_contri_tot "Charitable contributions, total - Schedule G (Sch G - PART II, Line 2(d))"
evnts_info_gro_rev_tot "Gross revenue, total (Sch G - PART II, Line 3(d))"
evnts_info_csh_prz_tot "Cash prizes, total (Sch G - PART II, Line 4(d))"
evnts_info_ncsh_prz_tot "Non-cash prizes, total (Sch G - PART II, Line 5(d))"
evnts_info_rnt_fclty_cst_tot "Rent or facility costs, total (Sch G - PART II, Line 6(d))"
evnts_info_oth_drct_exp_tot "Other direct expenses, total (Sch G - PART II, Line 7(d))"
evnts_info_drct_exp_sum "Direct expense summary (Sch G - PART II, Line 8(d))"
evnts_info_net_incm_sum "Net income summary (Sch G - PART II, Line 9(d))"
gam_info_gro_rev_tot "Gross revenue, total (Sch G - PART III, Line 1(d))"
gam_info_csh_prz_tot "Cash prizes, total (Sch G - PART III, Line 2(d))"
gam_info_ncsh_prz_tot "Non-cash prizes, total (Sch G - PART III, Line 3(d))"
gam_info_rnt_fclt_cst_tot "Rent or facility costs, total (Sch G - PART III, Line 4(d))"
gam_info_oth_drct_exp_tot "Other direct expenses, total (Sch G - PART III, Line 5(d))"
gam_info_drct_exp_sum "Direct expense summary (Sch G - PART III, Line 7(d))"
gam_info_net_gam_incm_sum "Net gaming income summary (Sch G - PART III, Line 8(d))"
fringe_bnfts "Check the appropriate box(es) if the organization provided any of the following to or for a person listed in Form 990, Part VII, Section A, line 1a. Because an organization may offer multiple fringe benefits, this field may be a single digit or some combination of digits (e.g. '48' = Discretionary spending account and personal services). (Sch J - PART I, Line 1a):
1 - First-class or charter travel
2 - Travel for companions
3 - Tax indemnification and gross-up payments
4 - Discretionary spending account
5 - Housing allowance or residence for personal use
6 - Payments for business use of personal residence
7 - Health or social club dues or initiation fees
8 - Personal services"
wrttn_plcy_t_and_e_expns "Written policy reference T and E expenses? (Sch J - PART I, Line 1b)"
subst_rqrd "Substantiation required? (Sch J - PART I, Line 2)"
estab_comp_mthd "Indicate which, if any, of the following the organization uses to establish the compensation of the organization's CEO/Executive Director. Check all that apply. Because an organization may use multiple methods to establish compensation levels, this field may be a single digit or some combination of digits (e.g. '14' = Compensation committee and written employment contract). (Sch J - PART I, Line 3):
1 - Compensation committee
2 - Independent compensation consultant
3 - Form 990 of other organizations
4 - Written employment contract
5 - Compensation survey or study
6 - Approval by the board or compensation committee"
severance_pymt "Severance payment? (Sch J - PART I, Line 4a)"
supp_nqlfy_ret_pln "Supplemental nonqualified retirement plan? (Sch J - PART I, Line 4b)"
eqty_based_comp_arrngm "Equity based compensation arrangement? (Sch J - PART I, Line 4c)"
comp_bsd_rev_filng_org "Compensation based on revenue of filing org? (Sch J - PART I, Line 5a)"
comp_bsd_rev_rltd_org "Compensation based on revenue of related orgs? (Sch J - PART I, Line 5b)"
comp_bsd_net_earn_filng_org "Compensation based on net earnings of filing org? (Sch J - PART I, Line 6a)"
comp_bsd_net_earn_rel_org "Compensation based on net earnings of related orgs? (Sch J - PART I, Line 6b)"
any_nfixed_pymt "Any non-fixed payments? (Sch J - PART I, Line 7)"
init_cntrct_excpt "Initial contract exception? (Sch J - PART I, Line 8)"
works_num_of_contri "Works of art -- number (Sch M - PART I, Line 1(b))"
works_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 "Works of art -- revenues (Sch M - PART I, Line 1(c))"
arth_num_of_contri "Historical treasures -- number (Sch M - PART I, Line 2(b))"
arth_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 "Historical treasures -- revenues (Sch M - PART I, Line 2(c))"
artf_num_of_contri "Fractional interests -- number (Sch M - PART I, Line 3(b))"
artf_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 "Fractional interests -- revenues (Sch M - PART I, Line 3(c))"
books_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 "Books -- revenues (Sch M - PART I, Line 4(c))"
goods_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 "Clothing/Household goods -- revenues (Sch M - PART I, Line 5(c))"
cars_num_of_contri "Cars and vehicles -- number (Sch M - PART I, Line 6(b))"
cars_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 "Cars and vehicles -- revenues (Sch M - PART I, Line 6(c))"
boats_num_of_contri "Boats and planes -- number (Sch M - PART I, Line 7(b))"
boats_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 "Boats and planes -- revenues (Sch M - PART I, Line 7(c))"
iprop_num_of_contri "Intellectual property -- number (Sch M - PART I, Line 8(b))"
iprop_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 "Intellectual property -- revenues (Sch M - PART I, Line 8(c))"
spt_num_of_contri "Publicly-traded securities -- number (Sch M - PART I, Line 9(b))"
spt_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 "Publicly-traded securities -- revenues (Sch M - PART I, Line 9(c))"
schs_num_of_contri "Closely-held stock -- number (Sch M - PART I, Line 10(b))"
schs_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 "Closely-held stock -- revenues (Sch M - PART I, Line 10(c))"
spti_num_of_contri "Partnership/LLC/Trust -- number (Sch M - PART I, Line 11(b))"
spti_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 "Partnership/LLC/Trust -- revenues (Sch M - PART I, Line 11(c))"
smisc_num_of_contri "Miscellaneous securities -- number (Sch M - PART I, Line 12(b))"
smisc_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 "Miscellaneous securities -- revenues (Sch M - PART I, Line 12(c))"
qchs_num_of_contri "Conservation (Historic) -- number (Sch M - PART I, Line 13(b))"
qchs_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 "Conservation (historic) -- revenues (Sch M - PART I, Line 13(c))"
qco_num_of_contri "Conservation (other) -- number (Sch M - PART I, Line 14(b))"
qco_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 "Conservation (other) -- revenues (Sch M - PART I, Line 14(c))"
rer_num_of_contri "Real estate (residential) -- number (Sch M - PART I, Line 15(b))"
rer_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 "Real estate (residential) -- revenues (Sch M - PART I, Line 15(c))"
rec_num_of_contri "Real estate (commercial) -- number (Sch M - PART I, Line 16(b))"
rec_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 "Real estate (commercial) -- revenues (Sch M - PART I, Line 16(c))"
reo_num_of_contri "Real estate (other) -- number (Sch M - PART I, Line 17(b))"
reo_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 "Real estate (other) -- revenues (Sch M - PART I, Line 17(c))"
coll_num_of_contri "Collectibles -- number (Sch M - PART I, Line 18(b))"
coll_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 "Collectibles -- revenues (Sch M - PART I, Line 18(c))"
food_num_of_contri "Food inventory -- number (Sch M - PART I, Line 19(b))"
food_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 "Food inventory -- revenues (Sch M - PART I, Line 19(c))"
drugs_num_of_contri "Drugs and medical supplies -- number (Sch M - PART I, Line 20(b))"
drugs_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 "Drugs and medical supplies -- revenues (Sch M - PART I, Line 20(c))"
txdrmy_num_of_contri "Taxidermy -- number (Sch M - PART I, Line 21(b))"
txdrmy_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 "Taxidermy -- revenues (Sch M - PART I, Line 21(c))"
histart_num_of_contri "Historical artifacts -- number (Sch M - PART I, Line 22(b))"
histart_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 "Historical artifacts -- revenues (Sch M - PART I, Line 22(c))"
spcmn_num_of_contri "Scientific Specimens -- number (Sch M - PART I, Line 23(b))"
spcmn_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 "Scientific Specimens -- revenues (Sch M - PART I, Line 23(c))"
archart_num_of_contri "Archeological artifacts -- number (Sch M - PART I, Line 24(b))"
archart_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 "Archeological artifacts -- revenues (Sch M - PART I, Line 24(c))"
oth_prprty_num_of_contri "Sum of other contributed property -- number (Sch M - PART I, Line 28(b))"
oth_prprty_contri_rptd_f990 "Sum of other contributed property -- revenues (Sch M - PART I, Line 28(c))"
num_of_8283_rcvd "Number of 8283s received (Sch M - PART I, Line 29(d))"
any_prop_mst_be_held "Any property that must be held? (Sch M - PART I, Line 30a)"
rvw_proc_unsl_nc_gfts "Review process reference unusual noncash gifts? (Sch M - PART I, Line 31)"
third_prty_used "Third parties used? (Sch M - PART I, Line 32a)"
rows_lqdtn_trmntn_dsltn "Number of rows reported --liquidation, etc. (Sch N - PART I, Line 1)"
dir_of_sucsr "Become a director of successor/transferee organization? (Sch N - PART I, Line 2a)"
empl_of_sucsr "Become an employee of successor/transferee organization? (Sch N - PART I, Line 2b)"
ownr_of_sucsr "Become an owner of successor/transferee organization? (Sch N - PART I, Line 2c)"
rcv_comp "Receive compensation as a result of the organization liquidation? (Sch N - PART I, Line 2d)"
assts_distri "Distribute its assets in accordance with its governing instruments? (Sch N - PART I, Line 3)"
determ_ltr "Request or receive letter that exempt status was terminated? (Sch N - PART I, Line 4a)"
rqrd_to_ntfy_ag "Required to notify the attorney general of its intent to dissolve? (Sch N - PART I, Line 5a)"
ag_notif "Notify the attorney general of its intent to dissolve? (Sch N - PART I, Line 5b)"
liab_pd "Discharge or pay all liabilities in accordance with state laws? (Sch N - PART I, Line 6)"
bnds_outstd "Have any tax-exempt bonds outstanding? (Sch N - PART I, Line 7a)"
bnd_liab_dischrgd "Did the organization discharge tax-exempt bond liabilities? (Sch N - PART I, Line 7b)"
rows_sale_xchg_dspstn "Number of rows reported -- sale, exchange, etc. (Sch N - PART II, Line 1)"
dir_sucsr2 "Become a director of successor/ transferee organization? (Sch N - PART II, Line 2a)"
empl_of_sucsr2 "Become an employee of transferee organization? (Sch N - PART II, Line 2b)"
ownr_of_sucsr2 "Become owner of a successor/transferee organization? (Sch N - PART II, Line 2c)"
rcv_comp2 "Receivecompensation as a result of a disposition of assets? (Sch N - PART II, Line 2d)"
rows_dsrgrdd_ents "Number of disregarded entities reported (Sch R - PART I)"
rows_rltd_tx_exmpt_orgs "Number of related tax-exempt organizations reported (Sch R - PART II)"
rows_rltd_txbl_prtnrshps "Number of related organizations taxable as partnerships reported (Sch R - PART III)"
rows_rltd_txble_corp_trst "Number of related organizations taxable as corp or trust (Sch R - PART IV)"
rcpt_intl_ann_rnts_rylts "Receipt of interest, annuities, rents, royalties? (Sch R - PART V, Line 1a)"
gft_grnt_contri_from_oth_org "Gift, grant, or capital contribution to other organization? (Sch R - PART V, Line 1b)"
gft_grnt_contri_to_oth_org "Gift, grant, or capital contribution from other organization? (Sch R - PART V, Line 1c)"
lns_gurnt_from_oth_org "Loans or loan guarantees to or for other organization? (Sch R - PART V, Line 1d)"
lns_gurnt_to_oth_org "Loans or loan guarantees by other organization? (Sch R - PART V, Line 1e)"
sl_of_assts_from_oth_org "Sale of assets to other organization? (Sch R - PART V, Line 1f)"
sl_of_assts_to_oth_org "Purchase of assets from other organization? (Sch R - PART V, Line 1g)"
exch_of_assts "Exchange of assets? (Sch R - PART V, Line 1h)"
rntl_of_fclts_to_oth_org "Lease of facilities, etc to other organizations? (Sch R - PART V, Line 1i)"
rntl_of_fclts_from_oth_org "Lease of facilities, etc from other organizations? (Sch R - PART V, Line 1j)"
perf_of_srvcs_for_oth_org "Performance of services etc for other organizations? (Sch R - PART V, Line 1k)"
perf_of_srvcs_by_oth_org "Performance of services etc by other organizations? (Sch R - PART V, Line 1l)"
shr_of_fclts "Sharing of facilities, equipment, etc. ? (Sch R - PART V, Line 1m)"
shr_of_pd_empls "Sharing of paid employees? (Sch R - PART V, Line 1n)"
reimb_pd_to_oth_org "Reimbursement paid to other organization for expenses? (Sch R - PART V, Line 1o)"
reimb_pd_by_oth_org "Reimbursement paid by other organization for expenses? (Sch R - PART V, Line 1p)"
oth_trnsfr_from_oth_org "Other transfer of cash or property to other organization? (Sch R - PART V, Line 1q)"
oth_trnsfr_to_oth_org "Other transfer of cash or property from other organization? (Sch R - PART V, Line 1r)"
rows_trnsctns_w_rltd_orgs "Number of rows -- transactions with related organizations (Sch R - PART V, Line 2(A))"
rows_unrltd_txbl_prtnrshps "Number of rows -- unrelated organizations taxable as partnerships (Sch R - PART VI)"
POP_CNT "Population Count"
SAM_CNT "Sample count"
SAMP_CD "Selection Sheet Sample Code"
WEIGHT "Weight"
NTEE1 "NTEE major group (A-Z)"
NTEECC "NTEECC classification"
ntmaj5 "Major subsector (5)"
ntmaj10 "10 NTEE major groups"
ntmaj12 "12 NTEE major groups: ntmaj10 plus higher education (BH) and hospitals (EH)"
MAJGRPB "Major NTEE group plus hospitals and higher education"
NAICS "North American Industrial Classification System"
LEVEL1 "Public charity or private foundation?"
LEVEL2 "Reporting public charity groups."
level3 "Major NTEE category"
level4 "NTEE-CC Major Group"
NTEESOI "NTEE code assigned by IRS SOI Division (identified as 'ntee' in original SOI documentation)"
SCPL "Service Center Cycle Page Line (unique identifier assigned by the IRS - used to match primary SOI record with related sub-table records)"
DLN "Document Locator Number used by the IRS"
randnum "Random number between 0 and 1 used for creating samples"

VALUE LABELS acct_compile_or_review
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS actvs_cndctd_prtshp
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS agent_trst_etc
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS agree_to_cyov_py
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS agr_ref_fndrsng
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS all_afflts_incld
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS annual_discl_covrd_prsn
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS any_nfixed_pymt
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS any_prop_mst_be_held
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS are_rltd_orgs_list_sch_r
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS assts_distri
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS audit_committee
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS aud_fincl_stmts
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS bal_sht_amts_reptd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS bnds_outstd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS bnd_liab_dischrgd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS bus_rltnshp_thru_fam
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS bus_rltnshp_with_org
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS cert_chkbx
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS chg_to_org_docs
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS cmplnc_with_bkup_wthldng
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS cnflct_int_plcy
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS cnsrv_easemnt
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS colls_of_art
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS comp_bsd_net_earn_filng_org
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS comp_bsd_net_earn_rel_org
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS comp_bsd_rev_filng_org
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS comp_bsd_rev_rltd_org
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS comp_from_oth_srcs
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS comp_process_ceo
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS comp_process_oth
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"A" "Amended return"
"T" "Termination (Final Return)"
"P" "Application pending"
"S" "Group return (Form 990-EZ only)"
"X" "Substitute return"
VALUE LABELS contri_by_35_cntrl_ent
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS contri_by_cntrl_indiv
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS contri_by_rltd_prty
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS corr_made
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS crdt_cnslng
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS dcsns_subj_to_apprvl
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS ded_contris_of_art
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS ded_non_csh_contri
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS del_of_mgmt_dty
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS desc_ln_5021c3
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS determ_ltr
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS dir_of_sucsr
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS dir_sucsr2
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS discl_for_chrtbl_prps
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS discl_orgs_lgl_cntrl
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS disrgd_entity
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS distri_to_dnr
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS doc_retention_plcy
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS donr_advsd_fnd
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS elec_brd_mems
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS emplmn_tx_rets_fld
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS empl_of_sucsr
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS empl_of_sucsr2
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS endwmt_held_by_rltd_orgs
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS endwmt_held_by_unrltd_orgs
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS eqty_based_comp_arrngm
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS escrw_acct
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS exch_of_assts
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS excss_bnft_trans
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS excss_bus_hldngs
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS fam_or_bus_rlnshp
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS fed_grnt_audit_performed
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS fed_grnt_audit_reqrd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS fndrsng_actvs
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS fnds_to_pay_prems
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS formers_listed
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS frgn_actvs
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS frgn_fincl_acct
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS frgn_offc
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS frm1098c_fld
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS frm8282_prop_dispos
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS frm8886t_fld
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS frm8899_fld
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS frm990t_fld
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS frm990_prov_to_gvrn_bdy
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS frm_1120_pol_filed
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS frm_4720_filed
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS frm_4720_filed_4912_tx
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS frm_4720_filed_4955_tx
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS fs_audited
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS gft_grnt_contri_from_oth_org
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS gft_grnt_contri_to_oth_org
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS grnts_to_inds
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS grnts_to_orgs
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS grnt_to_rltd_prsn
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS grp_ret_for_afflts
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS incld_on_fs
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS init_cntrct_excpt
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS invst_joint_venture
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS invst_tx_exmpt_bnds
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS lbbyng_actvs
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS lcl_chapters
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"U" "Unknown"
"PF" "Private Foundation"
"PC" "Public Charity"
"O" "Other Nonprofits"
"M" "Mutual Benefit Public Charity"
"S" "Supporting Public Charity"
"O" "Operating Public Charity"
"ZE" "General fundraising"
"ZD" "Public foundations"
"ZC" "Private grantmaking foundations"
"ED" "Education"
"ZB" "Fundraising within NTEE major group"
"AR" "Arts, culture and humanities"
"ZA" "Single organization support"
"MO" "Other mutual benefit"
"MR" "Pension and retirement funds"
"UN" "Unknown, unclassified"
"RE" "Religion related"
"PB" "Public, societal benefit"
"IN" "International, foreign affairs"
"HS" "Human Services"
"HE" "Health"
"EN" "Environment/animals"
"ZF" "Other Supporting Public Benefit"
"D" "Animal-Related"
"L" "Housing, Shelter"
"T" "Philanthropy, Voluntarism, and Grantmaking Foundations"
"E" "Health"
"M" "Public Safety"
"U" "Science and Technology Research Institutes, Services"
"" "Unknown"
"F" "Mental Health, Crisis Intervention"
"N" "Recreation, Sports, Leisure, Athletics"
"V" "Social Science Research Institutes, Services"
"G" "Diseases, Disorders, Medical Disciplines"
"O" "Youth Development"
"W" "Public, Society Benefit - Multipurpose and Other"
"H" "Medical Research"
"P" "Human Services - Multipurpose and Other"
"X" "Religion Related, Spiritual Development"
"A" "Arts, Culture, and Humanities"
"I" "Crime, Legal Related"
"Q" "International, Foreign Affairs, and National Security"
"Y" "Mutual/Membership Benefit Organizations, Other"
"B" "Education"
"J" "Employment, Job Related"
"R" "Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy"
"Z" "Unknown"
"C" "Environmental Quality, Protection, and Beautification"
"K" "Food, Agriculture, and Nutrition"
"S" "Community Improvement, Capacity Building"
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS lns_gurnt_from_oth_org
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS lns_gurnt_to_oth_org
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS ln_to_ofcr_or_dqp
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS ltd_cntrl_prvsns_apply
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"D" "D-Animal Related"
"S" "S-Community Improvement"
"E" "E-Health - General"
"T" "T-Philanthropy, Voluntarism"
"EH" "EH-Hospitals"
"U" "U-Science and Technology"
"F" "F-Mental Health"
"V" "V-Social Science"
"G" "G-Health - Disease Specific (general)"
"W" "W-Public, Society Benefit"
"H" "H-Health - Disease Specific (research)"
"X" "X-Religion Related"
"I" "I-Crime, Legal Related"
"Y" "Y-Mutual/Membership Benefit"
"J" "J-Employment, Job Related"
"Z" "Z-Unknown, Unclassified"
"K" "K-Food, Agriculture, Nutrition"
"L" "L-Housing, Shelter"
"M" "M-Public Safety, Disaster Preparedness"
"N" "N-Recreation and Sports"
"A" "A-Arts, Culture & Humanities"
"O" "O-Youth Development"
"B" "B-Education"
"P" "P-Human Services, Multipurpose and Other"
"BH" "BH-Higher educ."
"Q" "Q-International, Foreign Affairs"
"C" "C-Environment"
"R" "R-Civil Rights/Advocacy"
VALUE LABELS mems_or_stkhldrs
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS method_of_acctng
"1" "Cash"
"2" "Accrual"
"3" "Other"
VALUE LABELS mins_of_commtts
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS mins_of_gvrn_bdy
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS more_than_5000k_to_inds
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS more_than_5000k_to_orgs
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS mtrl_divrsn_or_misuse
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS nonded_contri
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS nonded_discl
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS non_pf_status_cd
"01" "Line 01, Church, or convention/association of churches"
"99" "blank or unable to be determined"
"02" "Line 02, School"
"03" "Line 03, Hospital or cooperative hospital service org."
"04" "Line 04, Medical research organization"
"05" "Line 05, Operated FBO public college or university"
"06" "Line 06, Government or governmental unit"
"07" "Line 07, Organization with substantial public or governmental support"
"08" "Line 08, Community trust"
"09" "Line 09, Organization income is > 1/3 charitable, and <= 1/3 investment/unrelated business"
"10" "Line 10, Organized and operated to test for public safety"
"11" "Line 11, Supporting organization"
"00" "No box checked"
"88" "blank or unable to be determined"
VALUE LABELS not_descrbd_in_501c3
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS no_listed_prsns_comp
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"C" "Environmental Quality, Protection, and Beautification"
"K" "Food, Agriculture, and Nutrition"
"S" "Community Improvement, Capacity Building"
"D" "Animal-Related"
"L" "Housing, Shelter"
"T" "Philanthropy, Voluntarism, and Grantmaking Foundations"
"E" "Health"
"M" "Public Safety"
"U" "Science and Technology Research Institutes, Services"
"" "Unknown"
"F" "Mental Health, Crisis Intervention"
"N" "Recreation, Sports, Leisure, Athletics"
"V" "Social Science Research Institutes, Services"
"G" "Diseases, Disorders, Medical Disciplines"
"O" "Youth Development"
"W" "Public, Society Benefit - Multipurpose and Other"
"H" "Medical Research"
"P" "Human Services - Multipurpose and Other"
"X" "Religion Related, Spiritual Development"
"A" "Arts, Culture, and Humanities"
"I" "Crime, Legal Related"
"Q" "International, Foreign Affairs, and National Security"
"Y" "Mutual/Membership Benefit Organizations, Other"
"B" "Education"
"J" "Employment, Job Related"
"R" "Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy"
"Z" "Unknown"
"NCCS200211-B" "NCCS verification 11/2002 (confidence=B)"
"NCCS200211-C" "NCCS autocodes, 11/2002"
"bahr1" "Matt Bahr (NCCS), carefully coded (10-2002)."
"FLR" "1992 classification of organizations using parts 3 and 8, stored in Filer92 (confidence=B)"
"ALM" "Almanac 2000 edits (confidence=A)"
"FC" "Foundation Center reclassification"
"IS" "Bank of classifications that were completed at Independent Sector (confidence=B)"
"ZD" "David Stevenson's reclass. of unclassified"
"MD" "Classifcation of Maryland State Attorney General's file"
"$src" "Dig.data auto-coded 3/2005"
"ZT" "Temp's review of unclassified, Feb. 97"
"N95" "Classifcation of RTF 1995 completed by Nick Stengel"
"$src" "Auto-generated codes (confidence=C)"
"T3" "Temps review and corrections to initial review of RTF95 file(T2)."
"NSS" "Classifcation of SOI completed by Nick Stengel (confidence=A)"
"" "Unknown source (confidence= ?)"
"DD200511" "Digitized data auto-codes"
"T2" "Temps classification of the unclassified orgs in RTF95 file (confidence=B)"
"KCS" "Classification done for Kansas City newspaper layout"
"bahr1" "NCCS thorough verification (Matt Bahr 2002) (confidence=A)"
"Core2004co" "2006 NTEE rules"
"T" "Temps review in Fall 1996 (confidence=B)"
"SM" "Classification done by ShoShauna Mccoy"
"IV" "Independent verifiers (1996) (confidence=A)"
"SOI" "Classification completed during reconciliation of SOI94"
"NCCS200211-B" "NCCS verified records (medium confidence)"
"3YR" "Classification review completed during the data development of the three-year financial project"
"NCCS200211-C" "NCCS autocoded records (low confidence)"
"SMP" "Classification review from sampling (confidence=B)"
"BMF" "Classification by I.R.S. EP/EO Division (confidence=C)"
"auto" "Automatically coded by NCCS (confidence=C)"
"ZZ" "NCCS expert verified records"
"DIT" "Digitized Data - Tom's Foxpro classification program (confidence=C)"
"RTF" "Classification of I.R.S. Return Transaction Files"
"DD200304-C" "Dig.data auto-coded 4/2003"
"DD200304-B" "Dig.data verified 4/2003"
"NSO" "Nick Stengel's clean up of the opera file (confidence=A)"
"ZA" "Review of organizations classified as Z in preparation for the 1997 ARNOVA conference (confidence=B)"
"JCC" "Jill Capitani's clean up of the nteelu file"
"CORE02" "Core 2002 codes (04/02/04)"
"RT" "Review of samples of organizations in construction of NTEE rating system (confidence=A)"
"bahrz1" "NCCS - No information found in web search"
"DS" "David Stevenson's rulings (confidence=A)"
"IN" "International"
"PU" "Public and societal benefit"
"UN" "Unknown"
"MU" "Mutual benefit"
"EN" "Environment"
"AR" "Arts, culture, and humanities"
"ED" "Education"
"HE" "Health"
"HU" "Human services"
"RE" "Religion"
"MU" "Mutual benefit"
"EN" "Environment"
"EH" "Hospitals"
"BH" "Education, higher"
"AR" "Arts, culture, and humanities"
"ED" "Education"
"HE" "Health"
"HU" "Human services"
"RE" "Religion"
"IN" "International"
"PU" "Public and societal benefit"
"UN" "Unknown"
"AR" "Arts, culture, and humanities"
"ED" "Education"
"HE" "Health"
"HU" "Human services"
"OT" "Other"
VALUE LABELS ofcr_ent_with_bus_rltnshp
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS ofcr_mailing_addr
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS only_in_hse_lbbyng
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS on_behalf_of_issr
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS org_belongs_affltd_grp
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS oth_trnsfr_from_oth_org
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS oth_trnsfr_to_oth_org
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"G" "G- Government Entity"
"F" "F- Foreign organization"
"N" "N- Coded out of scope by NCCS (e.g. foreign address on Form 990)"
"T" "T- U.S. Territory or armed forces overseas"
"" "No value"
"S" "S- Missing geographic information"
"I" "I- Coded out of scope by Independent Sector"
"4" "4- Not a 501(c)(3)"
VALUE LABELS ownr_of_sucsr
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS ownr_of_sucsr2
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS partl_liqdtn
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS pd_staff_or_mgmt
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS perf_of_srvcs_by_oth_org
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS perf_of_srvcs_for_oth_org
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS pltcl_actvs
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS policies_ref_chapters
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS prof_fndrsng
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS prohib_tx_shltr_trans
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS pr_excss_bnft_trans
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS quid_pro_quo_contri
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS quid_pro_quo_discl
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS rcpt_intl_ann_rnts_rylts
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS rcv_comp2
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS reg_mntrng_enfrc
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS reimb_pd_by_oth_org
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS reimb_pd_to_oth_org
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS rltd_entity
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS rltd_org_cntrld_entity
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS rntl_of_fclts_from_oth_org
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS rntl_of_fclts_to_oth_org
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS rqrd_to_ntfy_ag
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS rvw_proc_unsl_nc_gfts
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"41" "501(c)(4)-(9): Assets under $150,000"
"42" "501(c)(4)-(9): Assets $150,000 under $300,000"
"38" "501(c)(3) All E-Filed 990 hospital returns (SOI 2009 and later)"
"43" "501(c)(4)-(9): Assets $300,000 under $1,000,000"
"44" "501(c)(4)-(9): Assets $1,000,000 under $4,000,000"
"45" "501(c)(4)-(9): Assets $4,000,000 under $10,000,000"
"46" "501(c)(4)-(9): Assets $10,000,000 or more"
"21" "Charitable Trust: Assets under $100,000"
"22" "Charitable Trust: Assets $100,000 under $1,000,000"
"23" "Charitable Trust: Assets $1,000,000 or more"
"31" "501(c)(3) Public Charity: Assets under $500,000"
"11" "501(c)(3) Private Foundation: Assets under $125,000"
"32" "501(c)(3) Public Charity: Assets $500,000 under $1,000,000"
"12" "501(c)(3) Private Foundation: Assets $125,000 under $400,000"
"33" "501(c)(3) Public Charity: Assets $1,000,000 under $2,500,000"
"13" "501(c)(3) Private Foundation: Assets $400,000 under $1,000,000"
"34" "501(c)(3) Public Charity: Assets $2,500,000 under $5,000,000"
"14" "501(c)(3) Private Foundation: Assets $1,000,000 under $2,500,000"
"35" "501(c)(3) Public Charity: Assets $5,000,000 under $20,000,000"
"15" "501(c)(3) Private Foundation: Assets $2,500,000 under $10,000,000"
"36" "501(c)(3) Public Charity: Assets $20,000,000 under $50,000,000"
"16" "501(c)(3) Private Foundation: Assets $10,000,000 under $25,000,000"
"37" "501(c)(3) Public Charity: Assets $50,000,000 or more"
"17" "501(c)(3) Private Foundation: Assets $25,000,000 or more"
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS sch_b_rqrd
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS sch_j_rqrd
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS sect170h_rqrd_stsfd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS severance_pymt
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS shr_of_fclts
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS shr_of_pd_empls
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS slct_asts_for_sale
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS sl_of_assts_from_oth_org
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS sl_of_assts_to_oth_org
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS subj_to_prxy_tx
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"16" "16- Cooperative organizations to finance crop operations, in conjunction with activities ..."
"40" "40- Apostolic and religious orgs. - 501(d)"
"15" "15- Mutual insurance cos. ar associations, providing insurance to members substantially at cost..."
"50" "50- Cooperative Hospital Service Organization - 501(e)"
"04" "04- Civic leagues, social welfare organizations, and local associations of employees"
"22" "22- Multiemployer Pension Plan"
"14" "14- State-chartered credit unions, mutual reserve funds, offering loans to members..."
"60" "60- Cooperative Service Org. of Operating Educ. Org.- 501(f)"
"23" "23- Veterans association formed prior to 1880"
"13" "13- Cemetery companies, providing burial and incidental activities for members."
"70" "70- Child Care Organization - 501(k)"
"24" "24-Trust described in Section 4049 of ERISA"
"12" "12- Benevolent life insurance associations, mutual ditch or irrigation companies, mutual or coop..."
"71" "71- Charitable Risk Pool"
"25" "25- Title Holding Company for Pensions, etc"
"11" "11- Teachers retirement fund associations."
"81" "81- Qualified State-Sponsored Tuition Program"
"90" "90- 4947(a)(2) Split Interest Trust"
"10" "10- Domestic fraternal societies and assoc's-lodges devoting their net earnings to charitable..."
"80" "80- Farmers' Cooperatives"
"09" "09- Voluntary employees' beneficiary ass'ns (including fed. employees' voluntary beneficiary..."
"82" "82- 527 Political Organizations"
"91" "91- 4947(a)(1) Public Charity (Files 990/990-EZ)"
"08" "08- Fraternal beneficiary societies and associations, with lodges providing for payment of life..."
"CO" "CO- Unspecified 501(c) Organization Other Than 501(c)(3)"
"17" "17- Supplemental unemployment benefit trusts, providing payments of suppl. unemployment comp..."
"92" "92- 4947(a)(1) Private Foundations"
"07" "07- Social and recreational clubs which provide pleasure, recreation, and social activities."
"18" "18- Employee funded pension trusts, providing benefits under a pension plan funded by employees..."
"93" "93- 1381(a)(2) Taxable Farmers Cooperative"
"03" "03- Religious, educational, charitable, scientific, and literary organizations..."
"19" "19- Post or organization of war veterans."
"02" "02- Title holding corporation for a tax-exempt organization."
"20" "20- Trusts for prepaid group legal services, as part of a qual. group legal service plan or plans."
"06" "06- Business leagues, chambers of commerce, real estate boards, etc. formed to improve conditions..."
"01" "01- Corporations originated under Act of Congress, including Federal Credit Unions"
"21" "21- Black lung trusts, satisfying claims for compensation under Black Lung Acts."
"05" "05- Labor, agricultural, horticultural organizations. These are eduactional or instruct. grps..."
"26" "26- State-Sponsored High Risk Health Insurance Organizations"
"27" "27- State-Sponsored Workers Compensation Reinsurance"
VALUE LABELS subst_all_dues_nonded
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS subst_rqrd
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS supp_nqlfy_ret_pln
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS terminated_ops
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS term_of_perm_endwmts
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS term_or_cntrct
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS third_prty_used
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS tot_comp_from_oth_srcs
"Y" "Yes"
"N" "No"
VALUE LABELS trnsfr_to_non_chrtbl_org
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS txbl_distri
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS txbl_prty_notif
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS tx_exmpt_bnds
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
"C" "Corporation"
"T" "Trust"
"A" "Association"
"O" "Other"
VALUE LABELS type_suprtng_org
"1" "Type I"
"2" "Type II"
"3" "Type III Functionally Integrated"
"0" "No Box Checked"
"4" "Type III Other"
VALUE LABELS unrltd_bus_incm
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS whistleblower_plcy
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS wrttn_IRS_determ
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS wrttn_plcy_mntr
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS wrttn_plcy_or_proc
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"
VALUE LABELS wrttn_plcy_t_and_e_expns
"N" "No"
"Y" "Yes"

SPSS input statement lines

/FILE="c: emp.csv"
scpl a12
EIN a9
taxpd a4
cond a1
name a60
dba_name a60
state a2
zip5 a5
SubsecCd a2
grp_ret_for_afflts a1
all_afflts_incld a1
grp_exmpt_num a4
web_site a100
type a1
yr_frmtn a4
st_leg_domcl a2
term_or_cntrct a1
pt1_num_vtng_gvrn_bdy_mems f15.0
pt1_num_ind_vtng_mems f15.0
tot_num_empls f15.0
tot_num_vlntrs f15.0
tot_gro_ubi f15.0
net_unrltd_bus_txbl_incm f15.0
contri_grnts_py f15.0
prog_srvc_rev_py f15.0
invst_incm_py f15.0
oth_rev_py f15.0
tot_rev_py f15.0
grnts_and_smlr_amts_py f15.0
bnfts_pd_to_mems_py f15.0
slrs_etc_py f15.0
tot_prof_fndrsng_exp_py f15.0
oth_expns_py f15.0
tot_expns_py f15.0
rev_less_expns_py f15.0
pt1_tot_asts_boy f15.0
pt1_tot_liab_boy f15.0
net_asts_or_fund_bals_boy f15.0
contri_grnts_cy f15.0
prog_srvc_rev_cy f15.0
invst_incm_cy f15.0
oth_rev_cy f15.0
tot_rev_cy f15.0
grnts_and_smlr_amts_cy f15.0
bnfts_pd_to_mems_cy f15.0
slrs_etc_cy f15.0
tot_prof_fndrsng_exp_cy f15.0
tot_fndrsng_exp_cy f15.0
oth_expns_cy f15.0
tot_expns_cy f15.0
rev_less_expns_cy f15.0
pt1_tot_asts_eoy f15.0
pt1_tot_liab_eoy f15.0
net_asts_or_fund_bals_eoy f15.0
desc_ln_5021c3 a1
sch_b_rqrd a1
pltcl_actvs a1
lbbyng_actvs a1
subj_to_prxy_tx a1
donr_advsd_fnd a1
cnsrv_easemnt a1
colls_of_art a1
crdt_cnslng a1
term_of_perm_endwmts a1
bal_sht_amts_reptd a1
aud_fincl_stmts a1
school a1
frgn_offc a1
frgn_actvs a1
more_than_5000k_to_orgs a1
more_than_5000k_to_inds a1
prof_fndrsng a1
fndrsng_actvs a1
gaming a1
hospital a1
grnts_to_orgs a1
grnts_to_inds a1
sch_j_rqrd a1
tx_exmpt_bnds a1
invst_tx_exmpt_bnds a1
escrw_acct a1
on_behalf_of_issr a1
excss_bnft_trans a1
pr_excss_bnft_trans a1
ln_to_ofcr_or_dqp a1
grnt_to_rltd_prsn a1
bus_rltnshp_with_org a1
bus_rltnshp_thru_fam a1
ofcr_ent_with_bus_rltnshp a1
ded_non_csh_contri a1
ded_contris_of_art a1
terminated_ops a1
partl_liqdtn a1
disrgd_entity a1
rltd_entity a1
rltd_org_cntrld_entity a1
trnsfr_to_non_chrtbl_org a1
actvs_cndctd_prtshp a1
num_with_1096 f15.0
num_w2g_incld f15.0
cmplnc_with_bkup_wthldng a1
num_of_empls f15.0
emplmn_tx_rets_fld a1
unrltd_bus_incm a1
frm990t_fld a1
frgn_fincl_acct a1
prohib_tx_shltr_trans a1
txbl_prty_notif a1
frm8886t_fld a1
nonded_contri a1
nonded_discl a1
quid_pro_quo_contri a1
quid_pro_quo_discl a1
frm8282_prop_dispos a1
num_of_8282_fld f15.0
fnds_to_pay_prems a1
prems_pd a1
frm8899_fld a1
frm1098c_fld a1
excss_bus_hldngs a1
txbl_distri a1
distri_to_dnr a1
init_fees_amt f15.0
gro_rcpts_amt f15.0
num_vtng_gvrn_bdy_mems f15.0
num_ind_vtng_mems f15.0
fam_or_bus_rlnshp a1
del_of_mgmt_dty a1
chg_to_org_docs a1
mtrl_divrsn_or_misuse a1
mems_or_stkhldrs a1
elec_brd_mems a1
dcsns_subj_to_apprvl a1
mins_of_gvrn_bdy a1
mins_of_commtts a1
lcl_chapters a1
policies_ref_chapters a1
frm990_prov_to_gvrn_bdy a1
ofcr_mailing_addr a1
cnflct_int_plcy a1
annual_discl_covrd_prsn a1
reg_mntrng_enfrc a1
whistleblower_plcy a1
doc_retention_plcy a1
comp_process_ceo a1
comp_process_oth a1
invst_joint_venture a1
wrttn_plcy_or_proc a1
public_inspctn a3
no_listed_prsns_comp a1
tot_rpt_comp_from_org f15.0
tot_rpt_comp_from_rltd_orgs f15.0
tot_oth_comp f15.0
num_indivs_gt_100k f15.0
formers_listed a1
tot_comp_from_oth_srcs a1
comp_from_oth_srcs a1
num_of_cntrctrs_gt_100k f15.0
federated_campaigns f15.0
memshp_dues f15.0
fndrsng_events f15.0
rltd_orgs f15.0
govt_grnts f15.0
all_oth_contri f15.0
nncsh_contri f15.0
tot_contri f15.0
psr_tot f15.0
inv_incm_tot_rev f15.0
bonds_tot_rev f15.0
roylrev_tot_rev f15.0
gro_rents_real f15.0
less_rent_expnss_real f15.0
rental_incm_or_loss_real f15.0
gro_rents_prsn f15.0
less_rent_expnss_prsn f15.0
rental_incm_or_loss_prsnl f15.0
net_rent_tot_rev f15.0
gro_amt_sls_asts_sec f15.0
less_cst_sls_exp_sec f15.0
gain_or_loss_sec f15.0
gro_amt_sls_asts_oth f15.0
less_cst_sls_exp_oth f15.0
gain_or_loss_oth f15.0
sale_asts_tot_rev f15.0
gro_inc_fndrsng_evnts f15.0
fndrsng_drct_expns f15.0
fndrsng_tot_rev f15.0
gro_inc_gaming f15.0
gaming_drct_expns f15.0
gaming_tot_rev f15.0
gro_sls_of_invntry f15.0
cost_of_gds_sold f15.0
invntry_tot_rev f15.0
oth_rev_tot f15.0
tot_rev f15.0
psr_rltd_amt f15.0
inv_incm_rltd_amt f15.0
bonds_rltd_amt f15.0
roylrev_rltd_amt f15.0
net_rent_rltd_amt f15.0
sale_asts_rltd_amt f15.0
fndrsng_rltd_amt f15.0
gaming_rltd_amt f15.0
invntry_rltd_amt f15.0
oth_rev_rltd_amt f15.0
tot_rev_rltd_amt f15.0
psr_unrltd_bus_rev f15.0
inv_incm_unrltd_bus f15.0
bonds_unrltd_bus_rev f15.0
roylrev_unrltd_bus_rev f15.0
net_rent_unrltd_bus_rev f15.0
sale_asts_unrltd_bus f15.0
fndrsng_unrltd_bus_rev f15.0
gaming_unrltd_bus_rev f15.0
invntry_unrltd_bus_rev f15.0
oth_rev_unrltd_bus_rev f15.0
tot_rev_unrltd_bus_rev f15.0
psr_excl_amt f15.0
inv_incm_excl_amt f15.0
bonds_excl_amt f15.0
roylrev_excl_amt f15.0
net_rent_excl_amt f15.0
sale_asts_excl_amt f15.0
fndrsng_excl_amt f15.0
gaming_excl_amt f15.0
invntry_excl_amt f15.0
oth_rev_excl_amt f15.0
tot_rev_excl_amt f15.0
grnts_to_dom_org_tot f15.0
grnts_to_dom_ind_tot f15.0
frgn_grnts_tot f15.0
bnfts_to_mems_tot f15.0
comp_curr_ofcr_tot f15.0
comp_disqlfd_prsns_tot f15.0
oth_sal_wg_tot f15.0
pnsn_plan_contris_tot f15.0
oth_empl_bnfts_tot f15.0
pyrll_txs_tot f15.0
mgmt_srvc_fee_tot f15.0
fee_for_srvc_leg_tot f15.0
fee_for_srvc_acct_tot f15.0
fee_for_srvc_lbby_tot f15.0
fee_for_srvc_prof_tot f15.0
fee_for_srvc_invst_tot f15.0
fee_for_srvc_oth_tot f15.0
advtg_tot f15.0
ofc_expns_tot f15.0
info_tech_tot f15.0
rylts_tot f15.0
occupancy_tot f15.0
trav_tot f15.0
trav_entrmt_tot f15.0
conf_mtngs_tot f15.0
int_total f15.0
pymt_to_afflt_tot f15.0
deprec_dpltn_tot f15.0
insurance_tot f15.0
oth_expns_tot f15.0
tot_func_expns_tot f15.0
comp_curr_ofcr_prg_srvcs f15.0
comp_disqlfd_prsns_prog_srvcs f15.0
oth_sal_wg_prg_srvcs f15.0
pnsn_plan_contris_prog_srvcs f15.0
oth_empl_bnfts_prg_srvcs f15.0
pyrll_txs_prog_srvcs f15.0
mgmt_srvc_fee_prgm_srvcs f15.0
fee_for_srvc_leg_prg_srvcs f15.0
fee_for_srvc_acct_prg_srvcs f15.0
fee_for_srvc_lbby_prg_srvcs f15.0
fee_for_srvc_invst_prg_srvcs f15.0
fee_for_srvc_oth_prg_srvcs f15.0
advtg_prg_srvcs f15.0
ofc_expns_prg_srvcs f15.0
info_tech_prg_srvcs f15.0
rylts_prg_srvcs f15.0
occupancy_prog_srvc f15.0
trav_prg_srvcs f15.0
trav_entrmt_prg_srvcs f15.0
conf_mtngs_prg_srvcs f15.0
int_prg_srvcs f15.0
pymt_to_afflt_prg_srvcs f15.0
deprec_dpltn_prg_srvcs f15.0
insurance_prg_srvcs f15.0
oth_expns_prg_srvcs f15.0
tot_func_expns_prg_srvcs f15.0
comp_curr_ofcr_mgmt_gen f15.0
comp_disqlfd_prsns_mgmt_gen f15.0
oth_sal_wg_prg_mgmt_gen f15.0
pnsn_plan_contris_mgmt_gen f15.0
oth_empl_bnfts_mgmt_gen f15.0
pyrll_txs_mgmt_gen f15.0
mgmt_srvc_fee_mgmt_gen f15.0
fee_for_srvc_leg_mgmt_gen f15.0
fee_for_srvc_acct_mgmt_gen f15.0
fee_for_srvc_lbby_mgmt_gen f15.0
fee_for_srvc_invst_mgmt_gen f15.0
fee_for_srvc_oth_mgmt_gen f15.0
advtg_prg_mgmt_gen f15.0
ofc_expns_mgmt_gen f15.0
info_tech_mgmt_gen f15.0
rylts_mgmt_gen f15.0
occupancy_mgmt_gen f15.0
trav_mgmt_gen f15.0
trav_entrmt_mgmt_gen f15.0
conf_mtngs_mgmt_gen f15.0
int_mgmt_gen f15.0
pymt_to_afflt_mgmt_gen f15.0
deprec_dpltn_mgmt_gen f15.0
insurance_mgmt_gen f15.0
oth_expns_mgmt_gen f15.0
tot_func_expns_mgmt_gen f15.0
comp_curr_ofcr_fndrsng f15.0
comp_disqlfd_prsns_fndrsng f15.0
oth_sal_wg_fndrsng f15.0
pnsn_plan_contris_fndrsng f15.0
oth_empl_bnfts_fndrsng f15.0
pyrll_txs_fndrsng f15.0
mgmt_srvc_fee_fndrsng f15.0
fee_for_srvc_leg_fndrsng f15.0
fee_for_srvc_acct_fndrsng f15.0
fee_for_srvc_lbby_fndrsng f15.0
fee_for_srvc_prof_fndrsng f15.0
fee_for_srvc_invst_fndrsng f15.0
fee_for_srvc_oth_fndrsng f15.0
advtg_prg_fndrsng f15.0
ofc_expns_fndrsng f15.0
info_tech_fndrsng f15.0
rylts_fndrsng f15.0
occupancy_fndrsng f15.0
trav_fndrsng f15.0
trav_entrmt_fndrsng f15.0
conf_mtngs_fndrsng f15.0
int_fndrsng f15.0
pymt_to_afflt_fndrsng f15.0
deprec_dpltn_fndrsng f15.0
insurance_fndrsng f15.0
oth_expns_fndrsng f15.0
tot_func_expns_fndrsng f15.0
csh_nnint_bearng_boy f15.0
savngs_temp_csh_invst_boy f15.0
pledge_grnts_rcvbl_boy f15.0
accts_rcvbl_boy f15.0
rcvbl_from_ofcrs_etc_boy f15.0
rcvbl_from_dsqlfy_prsns_boy f15.0
oth_nts_lns_rcvbl_net_boy f15.0
invntry_for_sl_or_use_boy f15.0
prepaid_exp_defrd_chrgs_boy f15.0
land_bldgs_equip_bss_net_boy f15.0
invst_pub_trd_sec_boy f15.0
invst_oth_sec_boy f15.0
invst_prg_rltd_boy f15.0
intangible_assts_boy f15.0
oth_asts_tot_boy f15.0
tot_asts_boy f15.0
accts_pybl_accr_exp_boy f15.0
grnts_pybl_boy f15.0
defrd_rev_boy f15.0
tx_exmpt_bnds_liab_boy f15.0
escrow_acct_liab_boy f15.0
lns_from_ofcr_dir_boy f15.0
sec_mrtg_nts_pybl_boy f15.0
unsec_nts_lns_pybl_boy f15.0
oth_liab_boy f15.0
tot_liab_boy f15.0
unrstrd_net_asts_boy f15.0
temp_rstrd_net_asts_boy f15.0
perm_rstrd_net_asts_boy f15.0
cap_stck_trst_pr_curr_fnd_boy f15.0
pd_cap_srpls_lnd_bldg_fnd_boy f15.0
rtn_earn_endow_etc_boy f15.0
tot_net_asts_fnd_bal_boy f15.0
tot_liab_net_asts_fnd_bal_boy f15.0
csh_nnint_bearng_eoy f15.0
savngs_temp_csh_invst_eoy f15.0
pledge_grnts_rcvbl_eoy f15.0
accts_rcvbl_eoy f15.0
rcvbl_from_ofcrs_etc_eoy f15.0
rcvbl_from_dsqlfy_prsns_eoy f15.0
oth_nts_lns_rcvbl_net_eoy f15.0
invntry_for_sl_or_use_eoy f15.0
prepaid_exp_defrd_chrgs_eoy f15.0
land_bldgs_equip_bss_net_eoy f15.0
invst_pub_trd_sec_eoy f15.0
invst_oth_sec_eoy f15.0
invst_prg_rltd_eoy f15.0
intangible_assts_eoy f15.0
oth_asts_tot_eoy f15.0
tot_asts_eoy f15.0
accts_pybl_accr_exp_eoy f15.0
grnts_pybl_eoy f15.0
defrd_rev_eoy f15.0
tx_exmpt_bnds_liab_eoy f15.0
escrow_acct_liab_eoy f15.0
lns_from_ofcr_dir_eoy f15.0
sec_mrtg_nts_pybl_eoy f15.0
unsec_nts_lns_pybl_eoy f15.0
oth_liab_eoy f15.0
tot_liab_eoy f15.0
unrstrd_net_asts_eoy f15.0
temp_rstrd_net_asts_eoy f15.0
perm_rstrd_net_asts_eoy f15.0
cap_stck_trst_pr_curr_fnd_eoy f15.0
pd_cap_srpls_lnd_bldg_fnd_eoy f15.0
rtn_earn_endow_etc_eoy f15.0
tot_net_asts_fnd_bal_eoy f15.0
tot_liab_net_asts_fnd_bal_eoy f15.0
method_of_acctng a1
acct_compile_or_review a1
fs_audited a1
audit_committee a1
fed_grnt_audit_reqrd a1
fed_grnt_audit_performed a1
non_pf_status_cd a2
type_suprtng_org a1
cert_chkbx a1
wrttn_IRS_determ a1
contri_by_cntrl_indiv a1
contri_by_rltd_prty a1
contri_by_35_cntrl_ent a1
sum_of_suprtd_amts f15.0
pltcl_expend f15.0
vlntr_hrs f15.0
amt_4955_tx f15.0
amt_4955_tx_on_mgrs f15.0
frm_4720_filed_4955_tx a1
corr_made a1
amt_expend_for_527_actvs f15.0
amt_intrnl_fnds_contri f15.0
tot_exmpt_func_expend f15.0
frm_1120_pol_filed a1
org_belongs_affltd_grp a1
ltd_cntrl_prvsns_apply a1
grssrts_lbbyng_filg_org_tot f15.0
drct_lbbyng_filg_org_tot f15.0
tot_lbby_expend_filg_org_tot f15.0
oth_exmpt_prps_filg_org_tot f15.0
tot_exmpt_prps_filg_org_tot f15.0
lbby_ntx_amt_filg_org_tot f15.0
grssrts_ntx_amt_filg_org_tot f15.0
lbby_gr_mns_ntx_filg_org_tot f15.0
ex_mns_lbby_ntx_filg_org_tot f15.0
grssrts_lbbyng_affltd_grp_tot f15.0
drct_lbbyng_affltd_grp_tot f15.0
tot_lbby_expend_affltd_grp_tot f15.0
oth_exmpt_prps_affltd_grp_tot f15.0
tot_exmpt_prps_affltd_grp_tot f15.0
lbby_ntx_amt_affltd_grp_tot f15.0
grssrts_ntx_amt_affltd_grp_tot f15.0
lbby_gr_mns_ntx_affltd_grp_tot f15.0
ex_mns_lbby_ntx_affltd_grp_tot f15.0
frm_4720_filed a1
c_vlntrs a1
pd_staff_or_mgmt a1
media_ads_amt f15.0
mailing_mems_amt f15.0
pub_or_broadcst_amt f15.0
grnts_oth_orgs_amt f15.0
drct_cntct_legis_amt f15.0
rallies_demos_amt f15.0
c_oth_actvs_amt f15.0
tot_lbby_expend_ii_b f15.0
not_descrbd_in_501c3 a1
amt_of_4912_tx f15.0
amt_of_mgrs_4912_tx f15.0
frm_4720_filed_4912_tx a1
subst_all_dues_nonded a1
only_in_hse_lbbyng a1
agree_to_cyov_py a1
c_dues_assmnts f15.0
nonded_lbby_pltcl_curr f15.0
nonded_lbby_pltcl_cyov f15.0
nonded_lbby_pltcl_tot f15.0
aggr_amt_rptd_dues_ntc f15.0
amt_to_be_cyov f15.0
c_txbl_amt f15.0
num_dafs_held f15.0
dnr_advsd_contri f15.0
grnts_pd_from_dnr_fnds f15.0
aggrgt_daf_vl f15.0
num_fnds_held f15.0
contri_fnds_oth_accts f15.0
grnts_fnds_oth_accts f15.0
aggrgt_fnd_vl f15.0
discl_orgs_lgl_cntrl a1
discl_for_chrtbl_prps a1
purpose_of_esmnt a6
tot_num_of_esmnts f15.0
tot_acreage f15.0
num_hist_strctr_esmnts f15.0
num_hist_strctr_esmnts_after f15.0
num_esmnts_modif f15.0
num_st_esmnts_held f15.0
wrttn_plcy_mntr a1
staff_hrs_spnt_on_enfrc f15.0
expns_incurd_for_enfrc f15.0
sect170h_rqrd_stsfd a1
art_exhib_amts_revs_incld f15.0
art_exhib_amts_asts_ptx f15.0
hld_art_amts_revs_incld f15.0
hld_art_amts_asts_ptx f15.0
use_of_collection a5
slct_asts_for_sale a1
agent_trst_etc a1
begng_bal f15.0
addn_during_yr f15.0
distri_during_yr f15.0
endng_bal f15.0
incld_on_fs a1
cy_begng_yr_bal f15.0
cy_contri f15.0
cy_invst_earn_or_loss f15.0
cy_grnt_or_schlr f15.0
cy_oth_expend f15.0
cy_admin_expns f15.0
cy_end_yr_bal f15.0
brd_desg_eoy_bal f15.0
perm_endwmt_eoy_bal f15.0
term_endwmt_eoy_bal f15.0
endwmt_held_by_unrltd_orgs a1
endwmt_held_by_rltd_orgs a1
are_rltd_orgs_list_sch_r a1
land_bk_vl f15.0
bldg_bk_vl f15.0
lshld_imprv_bk_vl f15.0
equip_bk_vl f15.0
oth_lnd_bldg_bk_vl f15.0
d_tot_bk_vl_land_bldg f15.0
d_tot_rev f15.0
d_tot_expns f15.0
d_excss_or_dfct f15.0
net_unrlzd_gl_invst f15.0
dnt_srvc_and_fclts f15.0
invst_expns f15.0
pr_pd_adj f15.0
d_oth_amt f15.0
d_tot_adj f15.0
excss_or_dfct_per_fs f15.0
tot_rev_etc_aud_fincl_stmt f15.0
net_unrlzd_gns_invst f15.0
dnt_srvc_and_use_of_fclts f15.0
rcvry_of_py_grnts f15.0
d_oth_revs f15.0
rev_not_rptd_f990 f15.0
rev_subtotal f15.0
invst_expns_not_incld f15.0
oth_rev_not_incld f15.0
rev_not_rptd_on_fincl_stmt f15.0
tot_rev_per_f990 f15.0
tot_expns_etc_aud_fincl_stmt f15.0
dnt_srvc_use_of_fclts f15.0
py_adj f15.0
loss_rptd f15.0
oth_expns_incld f15.0
expns_not_rptd_f990 f15.0
expns_subtotal f15.0
invst_expns_not_incld2 f15.0
oth_expns_not_incld f15.0
expns_not_rptd_on_fincl_stmt f15.0
tot_expns_per_f990 f15.0
g_fndrsng_actvs a7
agr_ref_fndrsng a5
rows_hghst_pd_fndrsrs f15.0
evnts_info_gro_rcpt_tot f15.0
evnts_info_chrtbl_contri_tot f15.0
evnts_info_gro_rev_tot f15.0
evnts_info_csh_prz_tot f15.0
evnts_info_ncsh_prz_tot f15.0
evnts_info_rnt_fclty_cst_tot f15.0
evnts_info_oth_drct_exp_tot f15.0
evnts_info_drct_exp_sum f15.0
evnts_info_net_incm_sum f15.0
gam_info_gro_rev_tot f15.0
gam_info_csh_prz_tot f15.0
gam_info_ncsh_prz_tot f15.0
gam_info_rnt_fclt_cst_tot f15.0
gam_info_oth_drct_exp_tot f15.0
gam_info_drct_exp_sum f15.0
gam_info_net_gam_incm_sum f15.0
fringe_bnfts a8
wrttn_plcy_t_and_e_expns a1
subst_rqrd a1
estab_comp_mthd a6
severance_pymt a1
supp_nqlfy_ret_pln a1
eqty_based_comp_arrngm a1
comp_bsd_rev_filng_org a1
comp_bsd_rev_rltd_org a1
comp_bsd_net_earn_filng_org a1
comp_bsd_net_earn_rel_org a1
any_nfixed_pymt a1
init_cntrct_excpt a1
works_num_of_contri f15.0
arth_num_of_contri f15.0
artf_num_of_contri f15.0
books_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 f15.0
cars_num_of_contri f15.0
boats_num_of_contri f15.0
iprop_num_of_contri f15.0
spt_num_of_contri f15.0
schs_num_of_contri f15.0
spti_num_of_contri f15.0
smisc_num_of_contri f15.0
qchs_num_of_contri f15.0
qco_num_of_contri f15.0
rer_num_of_contri f15.0
rec_num_of_contri f15.0
reo_num_of_contri f15.0
coll_num_of_contri f15.0
food_num_of_contri f15.0
drugs_num_of_contri f15.0
txdrmy_num_of_contri f15.0
histart_num_of_contri f15.0
spcmn_num_of_contri f15.0
archart_num_of_contri f15.0
oth_prprty_num_of_contri f15.0
works_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 f15.0
arth_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 f15.0
artf_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 f15.0
goods_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 f15.0
cars_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 f15.0
boats_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 f15.0
iprop_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 f15.0
spt_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 f15.0
schs_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 f15.0
spti_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 f15.0
smisc_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 f15.0
qchs_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 f15.0
qco_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 f15.0
rer_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 f15.0
rec_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 f15.0
reo_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 f15.0
coll_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 f15.0
food_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 f15.0
drugs_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 f15.0
txdrmy_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 f15.0
histart_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 f15.0
spcmn_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 f15.0
archart_ncsh_contri_rptd_f990 f15.0
oth_prprty_contri_rptd_f990 f15.0
num_of_8283_rcvd f15.0
any_prop_mst_be_held a1
rvw_proc_unsl_nc_gfts a1
third_prty_used a1
rows_lqdtn_trmntn_dsltn f15.0
dir_of_sucsr a1
empl_of_sucsr a1
ownr_of_sucsr a1
rcv_comp a1
assts_distri a1
determ_ltr a1
rqrd_to_ntfy_ag a1
ag_notif a1
liab_pd a1
bnds_outstd a1
bnd_liab_dischrgd a1
rows_sale_xchg_dspstn f15.0
dir_sucsr2 a1
empl_of_sucsr2 a1
ownr_of_sucsr2 a1
rcv_comp2 a1
rows_dsrgrdd_ents f15.0
rows_rltd_tx_exmpt_orgs f15.0
rows_rltd_txbl_prtnrshps a4
rows_rltd_txble_corp_trst a4
rcpt_intl_ann_rnts_rylts a1
gft_grnt_contri_from_oth_org a1
gft_grnt_contri_to_oth_org a1
lns_gurnt_from_oth_org a1
lns_gurnt_to_oth_org a1
sl_of_assts_from_oth_org a1
sl_of_assts_to_oth_org a1
exch_of_assts a1
rntl_of_fclts_to_oth_org a1
rntl_of_fclts_from_oth_org a1
perf_of_srvcs_for_oth_org a1
perf_of_srvcs_by_oth_org a1
shr_of_fclts a1
shr_of_pd_empls a1
reimb_pd_to_oth_org a1
reimb_pd_by_oth_org a1
oth_trnsfr_from_oth_org a1
oth_trnsfr_to_oth_org a1
rows_trnsctns_w_rltd_orgs f15.0
rows_unrltd_txbl_prtnrshps f15.0
dln a14
nteeSOI a4
samp_cd a2
weightOLD f15.0
weight f15.0
sam_cnt f15.0
pop_cnt f15.0
comp_cnt f15.0
suporg_cnt f15.0
NTEE1 a1
ntmaj10 a2
ntmaj12 a2
ntmaj5 a2
RandNum f15.0
nteeConf a1
NteeFinal a5
NteeFinal1 a1