* Special analysis Jan05.

EIN "Employer identification number."
FisYr "Fiscal year (ending year)"
NAME "Organization name."
STATE "Two-letter state abbreviation."
ADDRESS "Address"
CITY "City"
Name2 "Organization name (proper case)"
p1psrev "Program service revenue"
p1totrev "Total revenue"
p1affil "Payments to affiliates"
p1chgas "Other changes in net assets or fund balances"
p1totexp "Total expenses"
p1nasboy "Net assets or fund balance-beg. of year"
p1naseoy "Net assets or fund balance-end of year"
p2tgrant "Grants & allocations - col. A (total)"
p2pgrant "Grants and allocations- col. B (program services)"
p2tasist "Specific assistance to individuals- col. A (total)"
p2pasist "Specific assistance to individuals- col. B (program services)"
p2tmemb "Benefits paid to or for members- col. A (total)"
p2pmemb "Benefits paid- col. B (program services)"
p2tcomp "Compensation of officers-col. A (total)"
p2pcomp "Compensation of officers-col. B (program services)"
p2mcomp "Compensations of officers-col. C (mgt. & general)"
p2fcomp "Compensation of officers-col. D (fundraising)"
p2twages "Other salaries & wages-col. A (total)"
p2pwages "Other salaries & wages-col. B (program services)"
p2mwages "Other salaries & wages-col. C (mgt. & general)"
p2fwages "Other salaries & wages-col. D (fundraising)"
p2tpensn "Pension plan contributions-col. A (total)"
p2ppensn "Pension plan contributions-col. B (program services)"
p2mpensn "Pension plan contributions-col. C (mgt. & general)"
p2fpensn "Pension plan contributions-col. D (fundraising)"
P2TEMP "Total employment expenses (calculated)"
p2tembft "Other employee benefits-col. A (total)"
p2pembft "Other employee benefits-col. B (program services)"
p2membft "Other employee benefits-col. C (mgt. & general)"
p2fembft "Other employee benefits-col. D (fundraising)"
p2tpytax "Payroll taxes-col. A (total)"
p2ppytax "Payroll taxes-col. B (program services)"
p2mpytax "Payroll taxes-col. C (mgt. & general)"
p2fpytax "Payroll taxes-col. D (fundraising)"
p2tTot "Total functional expenses-col. A (total)"
p2pTot "Total functional expenses-col. B (program services)"
p2mTot "Total functional expenses-col. C (mgt. & general)"
p2fTot "Total functional expenses-col. (fundraising)"
p4e_asst "Total assets- end of year"
RULEDATE "Ruling date: year and month of IRS ruling or determination letter recognizing orgs exempt status (YYYYMM)"
FNDNCD "Reason for & type of 501(c)(3) exempt status including codes for operating and grantmaking foundations, and broad type of public charity"
REASON "Reason why org. not private foundation (Sched. A, Pt.IV)"
RandNum "Random number between 0 and 1 used for creating samples"
NteeDraft "Draft NTEE-CC code"

"18" "Organization organized and operated to test for public safety"
"17" "Supporting Organization 509(a)(3) for benefit and in conjunction with organization(s) coded 10-16"
"16" "Organization income is <=1/3 investment or unrelated business and >1/3 donated or related to purpose"
"15" "Organization with a substantial portion of support from a governmental unit or the general public"
"14" "Governmental unit"
"13" "Organization operated for the benefit of a public (government owned or run) college or university"
"12" "Hospital or medical research organization"
"11" "School"
"10" "Church"
"09" "Suspense"
"04" "Private non-operating foundation"
"21" "Supporting Organization 509(a)(3) Type I"
"03" "Private operating foundation (other)"
"22" "Supporting Organization 509(a)(3) Type II"
"02" "Private operating foundation exempt from paying excise taxes on investment income"
"23" "Supporting Organization 509(a)(3) Type III functionally integrated"
"00" "All organizations except 501(c)(3)"
"24" "Supporting Organization 509(a)(3) Type III not functionally integrated"
"03" "Hospital"
"04" "Governmental Unit"
"05" "Medical Research"
"06" "Operated for benefit of college or university owned or operated by governmental unit."
"07" "Receives substantial part of support from government unit or general public"
"08" "Community Trust"
"09" "Receives more than 33 1/3% of support from contributions, membership fees"
"10" "Supporting organizations for other exempt orgs"
"11" "Organized and operated to test for public safety"
"00" "Default value for those who fail to check a box or those that do not file Schedule A."
"01" "Church"
"02" "School"

SPSS input statement lines

/FILE="c: emp.csv"