Core 1991 PF

EINEmployer Identification NumberEmployer identification number.Beginning, sec.D
FisYrFiscal YearFiscal year (ending year)
NAMEName of organizationName.
STATEStateTwo-letter state abbreviation.
NTEE1NTEE major groupNTEE major group (A-Z)
NTEECCNTEECC- First 3 DigitsNTEECC classification
ZIP5Zip code, 5 digitsFirst 5 digits of zip code
ZIPZip code + 4ZIP code (10 digits)
FIPSState + County FIPS code2-digit State + 3-digit County FIPS code (Federal Information Processing Standard). See also U.S. Census Bureau State & County QuickFacts.
MSA_NECHMetropolitan Statistical AreaMetropolitan Statistical Area (NCCS file) (list)
PMSAPrimary MSAPrimary Metropolitan Statistical Area - the component areas that comprise a CMSA (76 PMSAs as of 1995). (list)
StYearStarting YearStarting year (yyyy when fiscal year began, which is also the tax form year)
ACTIV1Activity CodeFirst activity code.
P1TCONTContributions received, line 1(a)Contributions, gifts, grants, etc., received (Part I, line 1(a))
P1INTREVInterest on savings, line 3(a)Interest on savings and temporary cash investments (Part I, line 3(a))
P1DIVIDDividends, line 4(a)Dividends and interest from securities (Part I, line 4(a))4
P1NGASTSNet gain from sale of assets, line 6a(a)Net gain from sale of assets not on line 10 (Part I, line 6a(a))4
P1NLASTSNet loss from sale of assets, line 6a(a)Net loss from sale of assets not on line 10 (Part I, line 6a(a))4
P1GINVPFGross profit on sales, line 10c(a)Gross profit or (loss) on sales (gross sales less cost of goods sold) (Part I, line 10c(a))4
P1OTHINCOther income, line 11(a)Other income (Part I, line 11(a))4
P1TOTREVTotal revenue per books, line 12(a)Total revenue as per books (add lines 1 through 11) (Part I, line 12(a))4
P1OFCOMPCompensation of officers, line 13(a)Compensation of officers, directors, trustees, etc. (Part I, line 13(a))4
P1CONTPDContributions paid per books, line 25(a)Contributions, gifts, grants paid as per books (Part I, line 25(a))4
P1TOTEXPTotal expenses per books, line 26(a)Total expenses and disbursements as per books (lines 24 and 25) (Part I, line 26(a))4
P1TEXMEXTotal charity expenses, line 26(d)Total expenses and disbursements for charitable purposes (cash basis) (lines 24 and 25) (Part I, line 26(d))4
P1EXCREVExcess revenue over exp. per books, line 27aExcess of revenue over expenses and disbursements as per books (line 12 minus 26) (Part I, line 27a)4
P1NETINVNet investment income, line 27bNet investment income (line 12 minus 26, enter 0 if negative) (Part I, line 27b)4
P1NADINCAdjusted net income, line 27cAdjusted net income (line 12 minus 26, enter 0 if negative) (Part I, line 27c)4
P2GVTINVInvestments - govt. obligations, line 10a(b)Investments - U.S. and state government obligations, book value end of year (Part II, line 10a(b))4
P2CRPSTKInvestments - corporate stock, line 10b(b)Investments - corporate stock, book value end of year (Part II, line 10b(b))4
P2CRPBNDInvestments - corporate bonds, line 10c(b)Investments - corporate bonds, book value end of year (Part II, line 10c(b))4
P2TINVSCTotal securities inv. - line 10a(b)+10b(b)+10c(b)Total securities investments, book value end of year (Part II, line 10a(b)+10b(b)+10c(b))4
P2TOTASTTotal assets per book, line 16(b)Total assets, book value end of year (Part II, line 16(b))4
P2TLIABLTotal liabilities, line 23(b)Total liabilities, book value end of year (add lines 17 through 22) (Part II, line 23(b))4
P6EXMPFSection 4940(d)(2) exempt op. fndn.?, line 1Exempt operating foundation described in section 4940(d)(2)? (Part VI, line 1)4
P6DOMORGDomestic org. meets 4940(e) req.?, line 1Domestic organization that meets section 4940(e) requirements in Part V? (Part VI, line 1)4
P1TEXCTXTotal excise tax, line 5Total excise tax based on investment income (Part VI, line 5)4
P7POLITInfluence legislation or political camp.?, line 1aDuring the year, did the organization attempt to influence any national, state, or local legislation or did it participate or intervene in any political campaign? (Part VII-A, line 1a)4
P7LIQUIDLiquidation, termination, etc.?, line 5Was there a liquidation, termination, dissolution, or substantial contraction during the year? (Part VII-A, line 5)4
P7POFCLMClaim sec. 4942 private oper. fnd. status?, line 9Is the org. claiming status as a private operating foundation within the meaning of section 4942(j)(3) or 4942(j)(5) for calendar year xxxx or taxable year beginning in xxxx? (Part VII-A, line 9)4
P7DISSALSale or exchange with disqual. person?, line 1a(1)During the year did the organization engage in the sale or exchange, or leasing of property with a disqualified person? (Part VII-B, line 1a(1))4
P7DISBORBorrow or lend fr/to disqual. person?, line 1a(2)During the year did the organization borrow money from, lend money to, or otherwise extend credit to (or accept it from) a disqualified person? (Part VII-B, line 1a(2))4
P7DISSERGive/accept goods to/fr disqual. per?, line 1a(3)During the year did the organization furnish goods, services, or facilities to (or accept them from) a disqualified person? (Part VII-B, line 1a(3))4
P7DISPAYCompensate or reimb. disqual. person?, line 1a(4)During the year did the organization pay compensation to or pay or reimburse the expenses of a disqualified person? (Part VII-B, line 1a(4))4
P7DISTRATransfer inc./assets to disqual. per?, line 1a(5)During the year did the organization transfer any income or assets to a disqualified person? (Part VII-B, line 1a(5))4
P7PAYGVTAgree to pay a govt official?, line 1a(6)During the year did the organization agree to pay money or property to a government official? (Part VII-B, line 1a(6))4
P7UNDINCUndistributed inc. from prior yrs?, line 2aAt the end of the tax year, did the organization have any undistributed income for the tax years before the current tax year? (Part VII-B, line 2a)4
P7BUSINTHold >2% interest in any bus. during yr.?, line 3aDid the organization hold more than a 2% direct or indirect interest in any business enterprise at any time during the year? (Part VII-B, line 3a)4
P7JEOINVInvest would jeopardize charitable purp.?, line 4aDid the organization invest during the year any amount in a manner that would jeaopardize its charitable purposeses? (Part VII-B, line 4a)4
P7PROPAGPay for propaganda or influence leg.?, line 5a(1)Did the organization pay to carry on propaganda, or otherwise attempt to influence legislation? (Part VII-B, line 5a(1))4
P7ELECTInfluence election or voter registr.?, line 5a(2)Did the organization influence the outcome of any specific public election or to carry on any voter registration drive? (Part VII-B, line 5a(2))4
P7INDGRTGrant to ind. for travel, study, etc.?, line 5a(3)Did the organization provide a grant to an individual for travel, study, or other similar purposes? (Part VII-B, line 5a(3))4
P7ORGGRTGrant to non-charitable, etc. org.?, line 5a(4)Did the organization provide a grant to an organization other than charity, etc. described in section 509(a)(1), (2) or (3) or section 4940(d)(2)? (Part VII-B, line 5a(4))4
P7OTHPURProvide paymt for non-char. purpose?, line 5a(5)Did the organization provide for any purpose other than religious, charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes, or for the prevention of cruelty to children or animals? (Part VII-B, line 5a(5))4
RULEDATERuling date (YYYYMM) from IRSRuling date: year and month of IRS ruling or determination letter recognizing orgs exempt status (YYYYMM)4
FNDNCDReason for 501(c)(3) statusReason for & type of 501(c)(3) exempt status including codes for operating and grantmaking foundations, and broad type of public charity4
RandNumRandom number between 0 and 1Random number between 0 and 1 used for creating samples4