Core Supplement 02-10-2009 Key Contact

EINEmployer Identification NumberEmployer identification number.Beginning, sec.D
p5NameContact namePart V - Key contact name (col.A)Part 5, Column A
p5TitleContact titlePart V - Key contact title (col.B)
p5HoursContact hoursPart V - Key contact hours (col.B)
p5CompContact compensationPart V - Key contact compensation: salaries, bonuses, fees, & severance payments paid (col.C)Part 5, ColumnóC
p5ContContact contributions to benefit plansPart V - Key contact contributions to employee benefit plans & deferred contribs. (col.D)Part 5, ColumnóD
p5ExpsContact expensesPart V - Key contact expenses (col.E)
PDFNameImage PDF NameForm 990 Return Image PDF File Name - unique identifier for Form 990 returns used to match Core Supplement Financial records to Part III (Purpose Program) and Part V (Key Contact) records
FormYrImage Form YearKeypunch Return Image Form YearBeginning, sec.A