Core Supplement 02-10-2009 Purpose Program

EINEmployer Identification NumberEmployer identification number.Beginning, sec.D
p3TYPEDescription TypePart III Description Type:
p3TYPE=Purpose - Exempt Purpose Record
p3TYPE=Program - Program Service Record
p3TEXTDescriptionPart III Description:
p3TYPE=Purpose - Exempt Purpose Description
p3TYPE=Program - Program Service Description
p3expProgram ExpensesPart III Program Service Expenses:
p3TYPE=Purpose - Not Applicable
p3TYPE=Program - Program Service Expenses
p3grtsProgram GrantsPart III Program Grants and Allocations:
p3TYPE=Purpose - Not Applicable
p3TYPE=Program - Program Service Grants and Allocations
PDFNameImage PDF NameForm 990 Return Image PDF File Name - unique identifier for Form 990 returns used to match Core Supplement Financial records to Part III (Purpose Program) and Part V (Key Contact) records
FormYrImage Form YearKeypunch Return Image Form YearBeginning, sec.A