DD Functional Expenses v2005b

NCCSKEYUnique key: ein + return dateUnique key: ein + return dateBeginning
EINEmployer Identification NumberEmployer identification number.Beginning, sec.D
FisYrFiscal yearFiscal year (ending year)
NAMEName of organizationOrganization name.Beginning, sec.C1
STATEStateTwo-letter state abbreviation.Beginning, sec.C3
NTEE1NTEE major groupNTEE major group (A-Z)
NTEECCNTEECC primary purposeNTEECC classificationBeginning
zip5Zip code, 5 digitsFirst 5 digits of zip codeBeginning, sec.C3
FIPSState + County FIPS code2-digit State + 3-digit County FIPS code (Federal Information Processing Standard). See also U.S. Census Bureau State & County QuickFacts.
MSA_NECHMetropolitan Statistical AreaMetropolitan Statistical Area (NCCS file) (list)
PMSAPrimary MSAPrimary Metropolitan Statistical Area - the component areas that comprise a CMSA (76 PMSAs as of 1995). (list)
outnccsOut of Scope flagOut-of-scope (IN/OUT) (see OUTREAS doc. for details)Beginning
OUTREASReason why out of scopeReason why out of scope
ntmaj5Major subsectorMajor subsector (5)
ntmaj10NTEE major group (10)10 NTEE major groups
ntmaj12NTEE major group (12)12 NTEE major groups: ntmaj10 plus higher education (BH) and hospitals (EH)
MAJGRPBMajor NTEE groupMajor NTEE group plus hospitals and higher education
p1totexpTotal ExpensesTotal expensesPart 1, line 17
NUMBERSort orderSort by state and number to order record
p2tgrantGrants & allocations - col. AGrants & allocations - col. A (total)Part 2, line 22_A
p2pgrantGrants and allocations- col. BGrants and allocations- col. B (program services)Part 2, line 22_B
p2tasistSpecific assistance to individSpecific assistance to individuals- col. A (total)Part 2, line 23_A
p2pasistSpecific assistance to individSpecific assistance to individuals- col. B (program services)Part 2, line 23_B
p2tmembBenefits paid to or for memberBenefits paid to or for members- col. A (total)Part 2, line 24_A
p2pmembBenefits paid- col. B (programBenefits paid- col. B (program services)Part 2, line 24_B
p2tcompCompensation of officers-col.Compensation of officers-col. A (total)Part 2, line 25_A
p2pcompCompensation of officers-col.Compensation of officers-col. B (program services)Part 2, line 25_B
p2mcompCompensations of officers-col.Compensations of officers-col. C (mgt. & general)Part 2, line 25_C
p2fcompCompensation of officers-col.Compensation of officers-col. D (fundraising)Part 2, line 25_D
p2fwagesOther salaries & wages-col. DOther salaries & wages-col. D (fundraising)Part 2, line 26_D
p2twagesOther salaries & wages-col. AOther salaries & wages-col. A (total)Part 2, line 26_A
p2pwagesOther salaries & wages-col. BOther salaries & wages-col. B (program services)Part 2, line 26_B
p2mwagesOther salaries & wages-col. COther salaries & wages-col. C (mgt. & general)Part 2, line 26_C
p2mpensnPension plan contributions-colPension plan contributions-col. C (mgt. & general)Part 2, line 27_C
p2fpensnPension plan contributions-colPension plan contributions-col. D (fundraising)Part 2, line 27_D
p2tpensnPension plan contributions-colPension plan contributions-col. A (total)Part 2, line 27_A
p2ppensnPension plan contributions-colPension plan contributions-col. B (program services)Part 2, line 27_B
p2membftOther employee benefits-col. COther employee benefits-col. C (mgt. & general)Part 2, line 28_C
p2fembftOther employee benefits-col. DOther employee benefits-col. D (fundraising)Part 2, line 28_D
P2TEMPTotal employment expensesTotal employment expenses (calculated)
p2pembftOther employee benefits-col. BOther employee benefits-col. B (program services)Part 2, line 28_B
p2tembftOther employee benefits-col. AOther employee benefits-col. A (total)Part 2, line 28_A
p2fpytaxPayroll taxes-col. D (fundraisPayroll taxes-col. D (fundraising)Part 2, line 29_D
p2ppytaxPayroll taxes-col. B (programPayroll taxes-col. B (program services)Part 2, line 29_B
p2mpytaxPayroll taxes-col. C (mgt. & gPayroll taxes-col. C (mgt. & general)Part 2, line 29_C
p2tpytaxPayroll taxes-col. A (total)Payroll taxes-col. A (total)Part 2, line 29_A
p2mfrfeeProfessional fundraising fees-Professional fundraising fees-col. C (mgt. & general)Part 2, line 30_C
p2ffrfeeProfessional fundraisng fees-cProfessional fundraisng fees-col.DPart 2, line 30_D/a)
p2tfrfeeProfessional fundraising fees-Professional fundraising fees-total (col.A)Part 2, line 30_A
p2pfrfeeProfessional fundraising fees-Professional fundraising fees-col. B (program services)Part 2, line 30_B
p2macfeeAccounting fees-col. C (mgt. &Accounting fees-col. C (mgt. & general)Part 2, line 31_C
p2facfeeAccounting fees-col. D (fundraAccounting fees-col. D (fundraising)Part 2, line 31_D
P2TOCCEQTotal occupancy & equip. costsTotal occupancy & equipment costsPart 2 (calculation)
p2tacfeeAccounting fees-col. A (total)Accounting fees-col. A (total)Part 2, line 31_A
p2pacfeeAccounting fees-col. B (prograAccounting fees-col. B (program services)Part 2, line 31_B
p2flgfeeLegal fees-col. C (fundraisingLegal fees-col. C (fundraising)Part 2, line 32_D
p2mlgfeeLegal fees-col. C (mgt. & geneLegal fees-col. C (mgt. & general)Part 2, line 32_C
P2TPROFTotal professional feesTotal professional fees (calculated)
p2tlgfeeLegal fees-col. A (total)Legal fees-col. A (total)Part 2, line 32_A
p2plgfeeLegal fees-col. B (program serLegal fees-col. B (program services)Part 2, line 32_B
p2fsupSupplies-col. D (fundraising)Supplies-col. D (fundraising)Part 2, line 33_D
p2psupSupplies-col. B (program serviSupplies-col. B (program services)Part 2, line 33_B
p2msupSupplies-col. C (mgt. & generaSupplies-col. C (mgt. & general)Part 2, line 33_C
p2tsupSupplies-col. A (total)Supplies-col. A (total)Part 2, line 33_A
p2fphoneTelephone-col. D (fundraising)Telephone-col. D (fundraising)Part 2, line 34_D
p2tphoneTelephone-col. A (total)Telephone-col. A (total)Part 2, line 34_A
p2pphoneTelephone-col. B (program servTelephone-col. B (program services)Part 2, line 34_B
p2mphoneTelephone-col. C (mgt. & generTelephone-col. C (mgt. & general)Part 2, line 34_C
p2mpostgPostage & shipping-col. C (mgtPostage & shipping-col. C (mgt. & general)Part 2, line 35_C
p2fpostgPostage & shipping-col. D (funPostage & shipping-col. D (fundraising)Part 2, line 35_D
p2tpostgPostage & shipping-col. A (totPostage & shipping-col. A (total)Part 2, line 35_A
p2ppostgPostage & shipping-col. B (proPostage & shipping-col. B (program services)Part 2, line 35_B
p2moccupOccupancy-col. C (mgt. & generOccupancy-col. C (mgt. & general)Part 2, line 36_C
p2foccupOccupancy-col. D (fundraising)Occupancy-col. D (fundraising)Part 2, line 36_D
p2toccupOccupancy-col. A (total)Occupancy-col. A (total)Part 2, line 36_A
p2poccupOccupancy-col. B (program servOccupancy-col. B (program services)Part 2, line 36_B
p2mequipEquipment rental & exp.-col. CEquipment rental & exp.-col. C (mgt. & general)Part 2, line 37_C
p2fequipEquipment rental & exp.-col. DEquipment rental & exp.-col. D (fundraising)Part 2, line 37_D
p2tequipEquipment rental & exp.-col. AEquipment rental & exp.-col. A (total)Part 2, line 37_A
p2pequipEquipment rental & exp.-col. BEquipment rental & exp.-col. B (program services)Part 2, line 37_B
p2mprintPrinting & publications-col. CPrinting & publications-col. C (mgt. & general)Part 2, line 38_C
p2fprintPrinting & publications-col. APrinting & publications-col. A (fundraising)Part 2, line 38_D
p2tprintPrinting & publications-col. APrinting & publications-col. A (total)Part 2, line 38_A
p2pprintPrinting & publications-col. BPrinting & publications-col. B (program services)Part 2, line 38_B
p2ftravlTravel-col. D (fundraising)Travel-col. D (fundraising)Part 2, line 39_D
p2ttravlTravel-col. A (total)Travel-col. A (total)Part 2, line 39_A
p2ptravlTravel-col. B (program serviceTravel-col. B (program services)Part 2, line 39_B
p2mtravlTravel-col. C (mgt. & general)Travel-col. C (mgt. & general)Part 2, line 39_C
p2mmtgsConferences, conventions & meeConferences, conventions & meetings-col. C (mgt. & general)Part 2, line 40_C
p2fmtgsConferences, conventions & meeConferences, conventions & meetings-col. D (fundraising)Part 2, line 40_D
p2tmtgsConferences, conventions & meeConferences, conventions & meetings-col. A (total)Part 2, line 40_A
p2pmtgsConferences, conventions & meeConferences, conventions & meetings-col. B (program services)Part 2, line 40_B
p2mintInterest-col. C (mgt. & generaInterest-col. C (mgt. & general)Part 2, line 41_C
p2fintInterest-col. D (fundraising)Interest-col. D (fundraising)Part 2, line 41_D
p2tintInterest-col. A (total)Interest-col. A (total)Part 2, line 41_A
p2pintInterest-col. B (program serviInterest-col. B (program services)Part 2, line 41_B
p2mdeprcDepreciation, depletion, etc.-Depreciation, depletion, etc.-col. C (mgt. & general)Part 2, line 42_C
p2fdeprcDepreciation, depletion, etc.-Depreciation, depletion, etc.-col. D (fundraising)Part 2, line 42_D
p2tdeprcDepreciation, depletion, etc.-Depreciation, depletion, etc.-col. A (total)Part 2, line 42_A
p2pdeprcDepreciation, depletion, etc.-Depreciation, depletion, etc.-col. B (program services)Part 2, line 42_B
p2mOthaOther exp.- 43a, col. C, m&gOther expenses- row 43a, col. C (mgt. & general)Part 2, line 43a_C
p2mOthcOther exp.- 43c, col. C, m&gOther expenses- row 43c, col. C (mgt. & general)Part 2, line 43c_C
p2mOthdOther exp.- 43d, col. C, m&gOther expenses- row 43d, col. C (mgt. & general)Part 2, line 43d_C
p2mOthEOther exp.- 43e, col. C, m&gOther expenses- row 43e, col. C (mgt. & general)Part 2, line 43e_C
p2fOthEOther exp.- 43e, col. D,fundr.Other expenses- row 43e, col. D (fundraising)Part 2, line 43e_D
p2fOthdOther exp.- 43d, col. D,fundr.Other expenses- row 43d, col. D (fundraising)Part 2, line 43d_D
p2fOthcOther exp.- 43c, col. D,fundr.Other expenses- row 43c, col. D (fundraising)Part 2, line 43c_D
p2fOthbOther exp.- 43b, col. D,fundr.Other expenses- row 43b, col. D (fundraising)Part 2, line 43b_D
p2fOthaOther exp.- 43a, col. D,fundr.Other expenses- row 43a, col. D (fundraising)Part 2, line 43a_D
p2mOthbOther exp.- 43b, col. C, m&gOther expenses- row 43b, col. C (mgt. & general)Part 2, line 43b_C
p2tOtheOther exp.- 43e, col. A ,tot.Other expenses- row 43e, col. A (total)Part 2, line 43e_A
p2tOthdOther exp.- 43d, col. A ,tot.Other expenses- row 43d, col. A (total)Part 2, line 43d_A
p2tOthcOther exp.- 43c, col. A ,tot.Other expenses- row 43c, col. A (total)Part 2, line 43c_A
p2tOthbOther exp.- 43b, col. A ,tot.Other expenses- row 43b, col. A (total)Part 2, line 43b_A
p2tothaOther exp.- 43a, col. A ,tot.Other expenses- row 43a, col. A (total)Part 2, line 43a_A
p2pOthEOther exp.- 43e, col. B ,prog.Other expenses- row 43e, col. B (program services)Part 2, line 43e_B
p2pOthdOther exp.- 43d, col. B ,prog.Other expenses- row 43d, col. B (program services)Part 2, line 43d_B
p2pOthcOther exp.- 43c, col. B ,prog.Other expenses- row 43c, col. B (program services)Part 2, line 43c_B
p2pOthbOther exp.- 43b, col. B ,prog.Other expenses- row 43b, col. B (program services)Part 2, line 43b_B
p2pothaOther exp.- 43a, col. B ,prog.Other expenses- row 43a, col. B (program services)Part 2, line 43a_B
p2fTotTotal functional expenses-col.Total functional expenses-col. (fundraising)Part 2, line 44_D
p2tTotTotal functional expenses-col.Total functional expenses-col. A (total)Part 2, line 44_A
p2pTotTotal functional expenses-col.Total functional expenses-col. B (program services)Part 2, line 44_B
p2mTotTotal functional expenses-col.Total functional expenses-col. C (mgt. & general)Part 2, line 44_C
p2jt_totJoint costs, totalJoint costs, totalPart 2z (i) end
p2jt_rptReporting of joint costsReporting of joint costsPart 2z, end
p2jt_frJoint costs allocated to fundrJoint costs allocated to fundraisingPart 2z (iv) end
p2jt_mgtJoint costs allocated to managJoint costs allocated to management & generalPart 2z (iii) end
p2jt_prgJoint costs alloc to program sJoint costs allocated to programs servicesPart 2z (ii) end
LEVEL1Public charity or priv. fndn?Public charity or private foundation?Beginning
LEVEL2Reporting public charity groupReporting public charity groups.Beginning
level3Major NTEE categoryMajor NTEE categoryBeginning
level4NTEE-CC Major GroupNTEE-CC Major GroupBeginning
LatestMost recent returnIs record the most recent one received from organization? (y)
FIN_IDUnique org. IDUnique organization ID
LAST_MODDate last modif. 2Date last modified (var 2)
GRREC_SMGross receipts < $25k flagGross receipts < $25k flag (Y/N)
SET_Source data setSource data set
NCCSKEY2Unique key: ein + fiscal yearUnique key: ein + fiscal yearBeginning
formtype990 or ez? (9/z)990 or ez? (9/z)beginning
RandNumRandom number between 0 and 1Random number between 0 and 1 used for creating samples