DD Revenue and Expenses v2005b

NCCSKEYUnique key: ein + return dateUnique key: ein + return dateBeginning
EINEmployer Identification NumberEmployer identification number.Beginning, sec.D
FisYrFiscal yearFiscal year (ending year)
NAMEName of organizationOrganization name.Beginning, sec.C1
STATEStateTwo-letter state abbreviation.Beginning, sec.C3
NTEE1NTEE major groupNTEE major group (A-Z)
NTEECCNTEECC primary purposeNTEECC classificationBeginning
zip5Zip code, 5 digitsFirst 5 digits of zip codeBeginning, sec.C3
FIPSState + County FIPS code2-digit State + 3-digit County FIPS code (Federal Information Processing Standard). See also U.S. Census Bureau State & County QuickFacts.
MSA_NECHMetropolitan Statistical AreaMetropolitan Statistical Area (NCCS file) (list)
PMSAPrimary MSAPrimary Metropolitan Statistical Area - the component areas that comprise a CMSA (76 PMSAs as of 1995). (list)
outnccsOut of Scope flagOut-of-scope (IN/OUT) (see OUTREAS doc. for details)Beginning
OUTREASReason why out of scopeReason why out of scope
ntmaj5Major subsectorMajor subsector (5)
ntmaj10NTEE major group (10)10 NTEE major groups
ntmaj12NTEE major group (12)12 NTEE major groups: ntmaj10 plus higher education (BH) and hospitals (EH)
MAJGRPBMajor NTEE groupMajor NTEE group plus hospitals and higher education
p1dirsupDirect public supportDirect public supportPart 1, line 01a
p1indsupIndirect public supportIndirect public supportPart 1, line 01b
p1govgtGovernment grantsGovernment grantsPart 1, line 01c
p1noncshNoncash contributionsNoncash contributionsPart 1, line 01d(in
p1cashCash contributionsCash contributionsPart 1, line 01d(in
p1tcontTotal contributionsTotal contributions, gifts, grants, etc.Part 1, line 01d
p1psrevProgram service revenueProgram service revenuePart 1, line 02
p1duesDues & assessmentsMembership dues and assessments, line 3. (Includes only portion of dues for which member directly benefits. "Dues" to public charities are often more accurately reported as Contributions.)Part 1, line 03
p1intInterestInterestPart 1, line 04
p1oinvOther investment incomeOther investment incomePart 1, line 07
p1divDividendsDividendsPart 1, line 05
p1invstTotal invest. inc. (990 linesTotal invest. inc. (990 lines 4+5+7 OR EZ line 4)Part 1, line 07
p1rentgGross rentsGross rentsPart 1, line 06a
p1renteRental expensesRental expensesPart 1, line 06b
p1assnetTotal gain, sale of securitiesTotal gain, sale of securities & "other" assetsPart 1, line 08d
p1rentnNet rental incomeNet rental incomePart 1, line 06c
p1invntGInventory, gross salesInventory, gross salesPart 1, line 10a
p1invntCInventory, cost of goods soldInventory, cost of goods soldPart 1, line 10b
p1invntNInventory, gross profit (net)Inventory, gross profit (net)Part 1, line 10c
p1securgGross amount from sale of asseGross amount from sale of assets (securities)Part 1, line 08a_A
p1securCCost or other basis (securitieCost or other basis (securities)Part 1, line 08b_A
p1securNGain (loss) from sale of securGain (loss) from sale of securitiesPart 1, line 08c_A
p1othgGross amount from sale of asseGross amount from sale of assets (other)Part 1, line 08a_B
p1othCCost or other basis (other)Cost or other basis (other)Part 1, line 08b_B
p1othNNet gain (loss) from sale of "Net gain (loss) from sale of "other" assets other than inventoryPart 1, line 08c_B
p1spEvCSpecial events - portion of grSpecial events - portion of gross reported in line 1a, contributions, & not reported in line 9Part 1, line 09a(in
p1spevGSpecial event, gross revenueSpecial event, gross revenuePart 1, line 09a
p1spEvESpecial events, direct expenseSpecial events, direct expensesPart 1, line 09b
p1spEvNSpecial events, net incomeSpecial events, net incomePart 1, line 09c
p1othrevOther revenueOther revenuePart 1, line 11
p1totrevTotal RevenueTotal revenuePart 1, line 12
p1frexpFund-raising expensesFund-raising expensesPart 1, line 15
p1chgasOther changes in net assets orOther changes in net assets or fund balancesPart 1, line 20
p1affilPayments to affiliatesPayments to affiliatesPart 1, line 16
GRRECGross receipts, t.rev+6b+8bA&BGross receipts (Sum of lines 6b, 8b A, 8b B (Cost or other basis and sales expenses from sale of assets other than inventory or securities),9b,10b, and 12)
p1pExpProgram service expensesProgram service expensesPart 1, line 13
p1mExpManagement & general expensesManagement & general expensesPart 1, line 14
p1totexpTotal ExpensesTotal expensesPart 1, line 17
p1netIncNet income ("excess (or deficiNet income ("excess (or deficit) for the year")Part 1, line 18
p1nasboyNet assets or fund balance-begNet assets or fund balance-beg. of yearPart 1, line 19
p1naseoyNet assets or fund balance-endNet assets or fund balance-end of yearPart 1, line 21
p2tmembBenefits paid to or for memberBenefits paid to or for members- col. A (total)Part 2, line 24_A
p4e_asstTotal assets- end of yearTotal assets- end of yearPart 4, line 59_B
p4e_liabTotal liabilities- end of yearTotal liabilities- end of yearPart 4, line 66_B
LEVEL1Public charity or priv. fndn?Public charity or private foundation?Beginning
LEVEL2Reporting public charity groupReporting public charity groups.Beginning
level3Major NTEE categoryMajor NTEE categoryBeginning
level4NTEE-CC Major GroupNTEE-CC Major GroupBeginning
LatestMost recent returnIs record the most recent one received from organization? (y)
FIN_IDUnique org. IDUnique organization ID
GRREC_SMGross receipts < $25k flagGross receipts < $25k flag (Y/N)
SET_Source data setSource data set
NCCSKEY2Unique key: ein + fiscal yearUnique key: ein + fiscal yearBeginning
formtype990 or ez? (9/z)990 or ez? (9/z)beginning
v1tcont1Tot. cont. verif. codeVerification of line items 1a,1b,1c sum to line ldPart 1, line 1
v1tcont2Tot. cont. cash verif. codeVerification of line 1,cash and non-cashPart 1, line 1
v1rentnRent. inc. verif. codeRental income verification codePart 1, line 6
v1securNSec. inc. verif. codeSecurities income verification codePart 1, line 8(A)
v1othNSales verif. codeVerification code for sales of assets other than inventorypart 1, line 8(B)
v1spEvNSpc. event verif. codeSpecial Event income verification codePart 1, line 9
v1invntNInvst. inc. verif. codeInvestment income verification code P. 1, lines 4,5,6,7
v1totexpTot. exp. verif. codeVerification code for total expensesPart 1, line 17
v1netIncNet. inc. ver. codeNet income verification codePart 1, line 18
v1naseoyNet. ass. ver. codeNet assets verification codePart 1, line 21
v1totrevTot. rev. verif. codeTotal revenue verification codePart 1, line 12
RandNumRandom number between 0 and 1Random number between 0 and 1 used for creating samples
ADD_IDAddress IDAddress ID used in original files