Household Income by Zip 2008

AGILEVAdj Gross Inc LevelAdjusted Gross Income Level. u10= under $10,000; 10to25= $10,000 under $25,000; 25to50= $25,000 under $50,000; 50to75= $50,000 under $75,000; 75to100= $75,000 under $100,000; 100to200= $100,000 under $200,000; 200ormore= $200,000 or more; tot= total;
Cont2Amt. of contributionsAmount of charitable contributions, in thousands
FIPSState + County FIPS code2-digit State + 3-digit County FIPS code (Federal Information Processing Standard). See also U.S. Census Bureau State & County QuickFacts.
STATEStateState. Two-letter state abbreviation. Beginning, sec.C3
STATENAMEState NameState Name
STCODEState CodeState/ zip level? St= state-level figures; zip= zip-level figures.
STFIPSState FIPS CodeState FIPS Code
ZIPZip CodeZip Code. Five-digit zip code.Beginning, sec.C3
AGI2Adj Gross IncAdjusted Gross Income, in thousands of dollars Beginning, sec.C3
Comp2Amt. of sal. & wagesAmount of salaries and wages, in thousandsBeginning, sec.C3
TaxInt2Amt. of taxable interestAmount of taxable interest, in thousandsBeginning, sec.C3
TaxDiv2Amt. of taxable dividendsAmount of taxable dividends, in thousandsBeginning, sec.C3
SchCProfit2Amt of net profit on sch. CSchedule C: Used to Report Profit or Loss from Business. Amount of Net Profit or Loss, in thousandsBeginning, sec.C3
IRADed2Amt. of IRA payment deductionAmount of payment deductions for IRA (Individual Retirement Arrangements), in thousandsBeginning, sec.C3
Pension2Amt of self-employed pensionAmount of self-employed pension, in thousandsBeginning, sec.C3
SchAItemD2Amt. of itemized deductions on Sch. ASchedule A: Used to report itemized deductions. Amount of total itemized deductions, in thousandsBeginning, sec.C3
TotTax2Amt. of tot. taxAmount of total tax, in thousandsBeginning, sec.C3
MinTax2Amt. of alternative min. taxAmount of alternative minimum tax, in thousandsBeginning, sec.C3
TaxPaidD2Amt. of taxes paid deductionsAmount of taxes paid deductions, in thousandsBeginning, sec.C3
SchDCapGains2Schedule D: Amt. of capital gain/loss.Total net amount of capital gains and losses reported on Schedule D, in thousands.Beginning, sec.C3
EITC2Amt. of Earned Income Tax CreditTotal amount of Earned Income Tax Credit, in thousandsBeginning, sec.C3
TotReturns2Tot. num. of returnsTotal Number of ReturnsBeginning, sec.C3
ExempTot2Num. of tot. exemptionsNumber of Total ExemptionsBeginning, sec.C3
ExempDep2Num. Dependent ExemptionsNumber of Dependent ExemptionsBeginning, sec.C3
PrepareNum2Num. of returns w. paid preparerNumber of returns reporting paid preparerBeginning, sec.C3