NCCS Form 990EZ RTF 2013

EINEmployer Identification NumberEmployer identification number.Beginning, sec.D
NAMEName of organizationOrganization name.Beginning, sec.C1
SEC_NAMESort Name (Secondary name)Secondary organization name
ADDRESSAddressAddressBeginning, sec.C2
CITYCityCityBeginning, sec.C3
STATEStateTwo-letter state abbreviation.Beginning, sec.C3
ZIPZip code + 4ZIP code.Beginning, sec.C3
NteeCat12NTEE major group (12)12 NTEE major groups: higher education (BH) separate from other education (ED); and hospitals (EH) separate from other health (HE)Beginning, sec.C3
SUBSECCDSubsection codeIRS subsection code (03=501(c)(3), etc.)
FNDNCDReason for 501(c)(3) statusReason for & type of 501(c)(3) exempt status including codes for operating and grantmaking foundations, and broad type of public charity
RULEDATERuling date (YYYYMM) from IRSRuling date: year and month of IRS ruling or determination letter recognizing orgs exempt status (YYYYMM)
ORGCDForm of organization codeForm of organization: corporation, trust, assoc, etc.
ACCPERAccounting period (MM)Accounting period
AFCDAffiliation codeAffiliation code
CLASSCDClassification codeCombination of subsection code and classification code reflects a further breakdown of the Internal Revenue Code subsections
DEDUCTCDIRS deductability codeIRS Deductibility code
EOSTATUSEO StatusExempt Organization Status Code defines the type of exemption held by the organization
FRCDFiling Requirement CodeFiling requirements code. The 1st 2 characters indicate the requirements for 990/990-EZ forms. The 3rd character = 1 if a 990-PF is required or 0 if not.
GENGroup Exemption NumberGroup Exemption Number
tax_pd990-EZ Header, Line ATax period (ending year/month, YYYYMM)
FisYr990-EZ Header, Line AFiscal year (ending year, YYYY)
subcd990-EZ Header, Line JSubsection code
totcntrbs990-EZ Pt I-1Contributions, gifts, grants, etc received
prgmservrev990-EZ Pt I-2Program service revenue
duesassesmnts990-EZ Pt I-3Membership dues and assessments
othrinvstinc990-EZ Pt I-4Investment income
grsamtsalesastothr990-EZ Pt I-5aGross amount from sale of assets
basisalesexpnsothr990-EZ Pt I-5bCost or other basis and sales expenses
gnsaleofastothr990-EZ Pt I-5cGain or (loss) from sale of assets
grsincgaming990-EZ Pt I-6aGross income from gaming
grsrevnuefndrsng990-EZ Pt I-6bSpecial events gross revenue
direxpns990-EZ Pt I-6cSpecial events direct expenses
netincfndrsng990-EZ Pt I-6dSpecial events net income (or loss)
grsalesminusret990-EZ Pt I-7aGross sales of inventory
costgoodsold990-EZ Pt I-7bLess: cost of goods sold
grsprft990-EZ Pt I-7cGross profit (or loss) from sales of inventory
othrevnue990-EZ Pt I-8Other revenue - total
totrevnue990-EZ Pt I-9Total revenue
totexpns990-EZ Pt I-17Total expenses
totexcessyr990-EZ Pt I-18Excess or deficit
othrchgsnetassetfnd990-EZ Pt I-20Other changes in net assets
networthend990-EZ Pt I-21Net assets - eoy
totassetsend990-EZ Pt II-25BTotal assets - eoy
totliabend990-EZ Pt II-26BTotal liabilities - eoy
totnetassetsend990-EZ Pt II-27BTotal net worth - eoy
actvtynotprevrptcd990-EZ Pt V-33Activity not previously reported?
chngsinorgcd990-EZ Pt V-34Significant changes to governing docs?
unrelbusincd990-EZ Pt V-35aUBI over $1,000?
filedf990tcd990-EZ Pt V-35bOrganization Filed 990T
contractioncd990-EZ Pt V-36Liquidation, dissolution, termination, or contraction
politicalexpend990-EZ Pt V-37aDirect or indirect political expenditures.
filedf1120polcd990-EZ Pt V-37bFile Form 1120-POL?
loanstoofficerscd990-EZ Pt V-38aLoans to/from officers, directors or trustees?
loanstoofficers990-EZ Pt V-38bAmount of loans to/from officers
initiationfee990-EZ Pt V-39aInitiation fees and capital contributions
grspublicrcpts990-EZ Pt V-39bGross receipts for public use of club facilities
s4958excessbenefcd990-EZ Pt V-40bSection 4958 excess benefit transactions?
prohibtdtxshltrcd990-EZ Pt V-40eParty to a prohibited tax shelter transaction?
nonpfrea990/990EZ Sch A Pt I-1-11Reason for non-PF status
totnooforgscnt990/990EZ Sch A Pt I-11hNumber of organizations supported
totsupport990/990EZ Sch A Pt I-11h(vii)Sum of amounts of support
gftgrntsrcvd170990/990EZ Sch A Pt II-1(f)Gifts grants membership fees received (170)
txrevnuelevied170990/990EZ Sch A Pt II-2(f)Tax revenues levied (170)
srvcsval170990/990EZ Sch A Pt II-3(f)Services or facilities furnished by gov (170)
pubsuppsubtot170990/990EZ Sch A Pt II-4(f)Public support subtotal (170)
exceeds2pct170990/990EZ Sch A Pt II-5(f)Amount support exceeds total (170)
pubsupplesspct170990/990EZ Sch A Pt II-6(f)Public support (170)
samepubsuppsubtot170990/990EZ Sch A Pt II-7(f)Public support from line 4 (170)
grsinc170990/990EZ Sch A Pt II-8(f)Gross income from interest etc (170)
netincunreltd170990/990EZ Sch A Pt II-9(f)Net UBI (170)
othrinc170990/990EZ Sch A Pt II-10(f)Other income (170)
totsupp170990/990EZ Sch A Pt II-11(f)Total support (170)
grsrcptsrelated170990/990EZ Sch A Pt II-12Gross receipts from related activities (170)
totgftgrntrcvd509990/990EZ Sch A Pt III-1(f)Gifts grants membership fees received (509)
grsrcptsadmissn509990/990EZ Sch A Pt III-2(f)Receipts from admissions merchandise etc (509)
grsrcptsactivities509990/990EZ Sch A Pt III-3(f)Gross receipts from related activities (509)
txrevnuelevied509990/990EZ Sch A Pt III-4(f)Tax revenues levied (509)
srvcsval509990/990EZ Sch A Pt III-5(f)Services or facilities furnished by gov (509)
pubsuppsubtot509990/990EZ Sch A Pt III-6(f)Public support subtotal (509)
rcvdfrmdisqualsub509990/990EZ Sch A Pt III-7a(f)Amounts from disqualified persons (509)
exceeds1pct509990/990EZ Sch A Pt III-7b(f)Amount support exceeds total (509)
subtotpub509990/990EZ Sch A Pt III-7c(f)Public support subtotal (509)
pubsupplesub509990/990EZ Sch A Pt III-8(f)Public support (509)
samepubsuppsubtot509990/990EZ Sch A Pt III-9(f)Public support from line 6 (509)
grsinc509990/990EZ Sch A Pt III-10a(f)Gross income from interest etc (509)
unreltxincls511tx509990/990EZ Sch A Pt III-10b(f)Net UBI (509)
subtotsuppinc509990/990EZ Sch A Pt III-10c(f)Subtotal total support (509)
netincunrelatd509990/990EZ Sch A Pt III-11(f)Net income from UBI not in 10b (509)
othrinc509990/990EZ Sch A Pt III-12(f)Other income (509)
totsupp509990/990EZ Sch A Pt III-13(f)Total support (509)