NTEE Codes

CODEMajor CodeMajor Code
TERM_NAMETerm nameTerm name
SEE_ALSOSee alsoSee also
changeDateChange dateDate record changed or created
SCOPE_NOTEScope notesScope Notes
notesUser notesUser notes
NAICSNorth American Industrial ClasNorth American Industrial Classification System
NAICS_pre2009N Am Industrial Class PrevNorth American Industrial Classification System (previous version)
NAICS3_pre2009NAICS Prev Ver - 1st 3 digitsNAICS - 1st 3 digits (previous version)
NaicsNameName of NAICS code
MAJGRPMajor groupMajor group (1st character of NTEE code)
MAJGRPNUMMajor group numberMajor group number (use for sorting)
NteeXPNTEE-XP codeCorresponding NTEE-XP code -- a slightly more detailed coding system used prior to late 1990s.
IrsSubsectionIRS Subsection codeCorresponding IRS subsection code (used for only a small number of NTEE codes). For example, most (but not all) industry associations in the S3s or S4s will be exempt as 501(c)(6) trade associations.
RandNumRandom number between 0 and 1Random number between 0 and 1 used for creating samples