SOI 1983 990 c3

EINEmployer Identification NumberEmployer identification number.Beginning, sec.D
E007Accounting Period (month)Accounting period - month (Last month in year)
E011Exempt, 501(c)(_) or 4947(a)(1)?Exemption/subsection numberBeginning, sec.G
E012Group Return?Group return (Y/N)Beginning, sec.H(a)
E013Number of AffiliatesAffiliates, number ofBeginning, sec.H(b)
E014Group Exemption NumberGroup exemption numberBeginning, sec.I
NAMEName.Name.Beginning, sec.C1
STATEStateStateBeginning, sec.C3
NTEE1NTEE major groupNTEE major group (A-Z)
NTEECCNTEECC- First 3 DigitsNTEECC code.Beginning
zip5Zip code, 5 digitsFirst 5 digits of zip codeBeginning, sec.C3
FIPSState + County FIPS code2-digit State + 3-digit County FIPS code (Federal Information Processing Standard). See also U.S. Census Bureau State & County QuickFacts.
MSA_NECHMetropolitan Statistical AreaMetropolitan Statistical Area (NCCS file) (list)
PMSAPrimary MSAPrimary Metropolitan Statistical Area - the component areas that comprise a CMSA (76 PMSAs as of 1995). (list)
outnccsOut of Scope flagOut-of-scope (IN/OUT) (see OUTREAS doc. for details)Beginning
OUTREASReason why out of scopeReason why out of scope
ntmaj5Major subsectorMajor subsector (5)
ntmaj10NTEE major group (10)10 NTEE major groups
ntmaj12NTEE major group (12)12 NTEE major groups: ntmaj10 plus higher education (BH) and hospitals (EH)
MAJGRPBMajor NTEE groupMajor NTEE group plus hospitals and higher education
E021Direct Public SupportDirect public support, line 1aPart 1, line 01a
E022Indirect Public SupportIndirect public supportPart 1, line 01b
E023Government GrantsGovernment grantsPart 1, line 01c
E024Tot.ContributionsTotal contributionsPart 1, line 01d
E025Program Service Rev.Program service revenuePart 1, line 02
E026Dues & AssessmentsMembership dues and assessments,line 3. (Includes only portion of dues for which member directly benefits. "Dues" to public charities are often more accurately reported as Contributions.)Part 1, line 03
E027InterestInterestPart 1, line 04
E028DividendsDividendsPart 1, line 05
E029Gross RentsGross rentsPart 1, line 06a
E030Rental Exp.Rental expensesPart 1, line 06b
E031Net Rental IncomeNet rental expensesPart 1, line 06c
E032Other Investment IncomeOther investment incomePart 1, line 07
E033Gr. Amt. fr. Sale of Assets (sec.)Gross amount from sale of assetsPart 1, line 08a_A
E036Gr. Amt. fr. Sale of Assets (oth.)Gross amount from sale of assetsPart 1, line 08a_B
E034Cost or Other Basis (sec.)Cost or other basis, assetsPart 1, line 08b_A
E037Cost or Other Basis (oth.)Cost or other basisPart 1, line 08b_B
E035Gain (loss)Gain (or loss)Part 1, line 08c_A
E038Net Gain Sale of Other AssetsGain (or loss)Part 1, line 08c_B
E039Gain, Sale of Sec. & Oth. AssetsTotal gain (or loss)Part 1, line 08d
E041Special Events, Direct Exp.Direct expensesPart 1, line 09b
E042Special Events, Net IncomeNet incomePart 1, line 09c
E043Inventory, Gross SalesGross salesPart 1, line 10a
E044Inventory, Cost of Goods SoldCost of goods soldPart 1, line 10b
E045Inventory, Gross Profit (net)Gross profit from sales of inventoryPart 1, line 10c
E046Other Rev.Other revenuePart 1, line 11
E047Tot.Rev.Total revenuePart 1, line 12
E048Program Service Exp.Program services expensePart 1, line 13
E049Mgt & General Exp.Management and generalPart 1, line 14
E051Payments To AffiliatesPayments to affiliatesPart 1, line 16
E052Tot.Exp.Total expensesPart 1, line 17
E053Net IncomeExcessPart 1, line 18
E054Net Assets- BOYFunding balance beginning of yearPart 1, line 19
E055Other Changes In Net AssetsOther changesPart 1, line 20
E056Net Assets - EOYFunding balance end of yearPart 1, line 21
E040Special Event Gross Rev.Gross revenue from fundraisingPart 1, line 09a
E050Fund-raising Exp.FundraisingPart 1, line 15
E057Grants & Allocations- Prog.Srv.Grants and allocationsPart 2, line 22_B
E058Spec. Assist. to Indiv.- Prog.Srv.Specific assistance to individualsPart 2, line 23_B
E059Benefits Paid- col.B (pgm.srv)Benefits paidPart 2, line 24_B
E060Compens. of Officers-Tot.Compensation of officers - Column APart 2, line 25_A
E061Compens. of Officers-Prog.Srv.Compensation of officers - Column BPart 2, line 25_B
E062Compens., Officers-Mgt.& Gen.Compensation of officers - Column CPart 2, line 25_C
E063Compens. of Officers-Fundr'gCompensation of officers - Column DPart 2, line 25_D
E064Oth. Salaries & Wages-Tot.Other salaries and wages - Column APart 2, line 26_A
E065Oth. Sal. & Wages-Prog.Srv.Other salaries and wages - Column BPart 2, line 26_B
E066Oth. Sal. & Wages-Mgt.& Gen.Other salaries and wages - Column CPart 2, line 26_C
E067Oth. Salaries & Wages-Fundr'gOther salaries and wages - Column DPart 2, line 26_D
E068Pension Plan Contrib.-Tot.Pension plan contributions - Column APart 2, line 27_A
E069Pension Plan Cont.-Prog.Srv.Pension plan contributions - Column BPart 2, line 27_B
E070Pension Plan Cont.-Mgt.& Gen.Pension plan contributions - Column CPart 2, line 27_C
E071Pension Plan Contrib.-Fundr'gPension plan contributions - Column DPart 2, line 27_D
E072Oth. Employee Benefits-Tot.Other employee benefits - Column APart 2, line 28_A
E073Oth. Emp. Benefits-Prog.Srv.Other employee benefits - Column BPart 2, line 28_B
E074Oth. Emp. Benefits-Mgt.& Gen.Other employee benefits - Column CPart 2, line 28_C
E075Oth. Employee Benefits-Fundr'gOther employee benefits - Column DPart 2, line 28_D
E076Payroll Taxes-col.A (Tot.)Payroll taxes - Column APart 2, line 29_A
E077Payroll Taxes-Prog.Srv.Payroll taxes - Column BPart 2, line 29_B
E078Payroll Taxes-Mgt.& Gen.Payroll taxes - Column CPart 2, line 29_C
E079Payroll Taxes-col.D (Fundr'g)Payroll taxes - Column DPart 2, line 29_D
E080Profes. Fundr'g Fees-col.A TotProfessional fundraising fees - Column APart 2, line 30_A
E081Accounting Fees-col.A (Tot.)Accounting fees - Column APart 2, line 31_A
E082Accounting Fees-Prog.Srv.Accounting fees - Column BPart 2, line 31_B
E083Accounting Fees-Mgt.& Gen.Accounting fees - Column CPart 2, line 31_C
E084Accounting Fees-Fundr'gAccounting fees - Column DPart 2, line 31_D
E085Legal Fees-col.A (Tot.)Legal fees - Column APart 2, line 32_A
E086Legal Fees-col.B (Prog.Srv.)Legal fees - Column BPart 2, line 32_B
E087Legal Fees-col.C (Mgt.& Gen.)Legal fees - Column CPart 2, line 32_C
E088Legal Fees-col.D (Fundr'g)Legal fees - Column DPart 2, line 32_D
E089Supplies-col.A (Tot.)Supplies - Column APart 2, line 33_A
E090Supplies-col.B (Prog.Srv.)Supplies - Column BPart 2, line 33_B
E091Supplies-col.C (Mgt.& Gen.)Supplies - Column CPart 2, line 33_C
E092Supplies-col.D (Fundr'g)Supplies - Column DPart 2, line 33_D
E093Telephone-col.A (Tot.)Telephone - Column APart 2, line 34_A
E094Telephone-col.B (Prog.Srv.)Telephone - Column BPart 2, line 34_B
E095Telephone-col.C (Mgt.& Gen.)Telephone - Column CPart 2, line 34_C
E015Tax Return 990-T Filed?Part VI Question 78(b)Part 6, line 78b
E096Telephone-col.D (Fundr'g)Telephone - Column DPart 2, line 34_D
E097Postage & Shipping-Tot.Postage and shipping - Column APart 2, line 35_A
E098Postage & Shipping-Prog.Srv.Postage and shipping - Column BPart 2, line 35_B
E099Postage & Shipping-Mgt.& Gen.Postage and shipping - Column CPart 2, line 35_C
E100Postage & Shipping-Fundr'gPostage and shipping - Column DPart 2, line 35_D
E101Occupancy-col.A (Tot.)Occupancy - Column APart 2, line 36_A
E102Occupancy-col.B (Prog.Srv.)Occupancy - Column BPart 2, line 36_B
E103Occupancy-col.C (Mgt.& Gen.)Occupancy - Column CPart 2, line 36_C
E104Occupancy-col.D (Fundr'g)Occupancy - Column DPart 2, line 36_D
E105Equip. Rental & Exp.-Tot.Equipment rental and expenses - Column APart 2, line 37_A
E106Equip. Rental & Exp.-Prog.Srv.Equipment rental and expenses - Column BPart 2, line 37_B
E107Equip. Rental & Exp.-Mgt.& Gen.Equipment rental and expenses - Column EPart 2, line 37_C
E108Equip. Rental & Exp.-Fundr'gEquipment rental and expenses - Column DPart 2, line 37_D
E109Printing & Publications-Tot.Printing and publications - Column APart 2, line 38_A
E110Printing & Pubs. -Prog.Srv.Printing and publications - Column BPart 2, line 38_B
E111Printing & Pubs.-Mgt.& Gen.Printing and publications - Column CPart 2, line 38_C
E112Printing & Pubs. -Fundr'gPrinting and publications - Column DPart 2, line 38_D
E113Travel-col.a (Tot.)Travel - Column APart 2, line 39_A
E016Changes In Org. or Gov. Docs?Part VI Question 79Part 6, line 79
E114Travel-col.B (Prog.Srv.)Travel - Column BPart 2, line 39_B
E115Travel-col.C (Mgt.& Gen.)Travel - Column CPart 2, line 39_C
E116Travel-col.D (Fundr'g)Travel - Column DPart 2, line 39_D
E117Confr., Conventns & Mtgs-Tot.Conferences, conventions, and meetings - Column APart 2, line 40_A
E118Conf., Conven., Mtgs-Prog.Srv.Conferences, conventions, and meetings - Column BPart 2, line 40_B
E119Conf., Conven., Mtgs-Mgt.& Gen.Conferences, conventions, and meetings - Column CPart 2, line 40_C
E120Confr., Conven. & Mtgs-Fundr'gConferences, conventions, and meetings - Column DPart 2, line 40_D
E121Interest-col.A (Tot.)Interest - Column APart 2, line 41_A
E122Interest-col.B (Prog.Srv.)Interest - Column BPart 2, line 41_B
E123Interest-col.C (Mgt.& Gen.)Interest - Column CPart 2, line 41_C
E124Interest-col.D (Fundr'g)Interest - Column DPart 2, line 41_D
E125Deprec., Depletion, Etc.-Tot.Depreciation, depletion - Column APart 2, line 42_A
E126Deprec., Depletion...-Prog.Srv.Depreciation, depletion - Column BPart 2, line 42_B
E127Deprec., Depletion...-Mgt.& Gen.Depreciation, depletion - Column CPart 2, line 42_C
E128Deprec., Depletion...-Fundr'gDepreciation, depletion - Column DPart 2, line 42_D
E149Tot.Other Exp.--col. A (a-f)Other expenses (itemize) - Column A
E150Tot.Other Exp.--col. B (a-f)Other expenses (itemize) - Column B
E151Tot.Other Exp.--col. C (a-f)Other expenses (itemize) - Column C
E152Tot.Other Exp.--col. D (a-f)Other expenses (itemize) - Column D
E153Tot. Func. Exp.-col.A (Tot.)Total functional expenses - Column APart 2, line 44_A
E017Related To Other Orgs.?Part VI Question 80Part 6, line 80a
E154Tot. Func. Exp.-Prog.Srv.Total functional expenses - Column BPart 2, line 44_B
E155Tot. Func. Exp.-Mgt.& Gen.Total functional expenses - Column CPart 2, line 44_C
E156Tot. Func. Exp.-Fundr'gTotal functional expenses - Column DPart 2, line 44_D
E019Sch.-A-Pt IV statusSchedule A, Part IV status
E161Cash- EOYCash, non-interest-bearing - Column BPart 4, line 45_B
E162Savings- EOYSavings & temporary cash investments - Column BPart 4, line 46_B
E163Accounts Receivable- EOYAccounts receivable - Column BPart 4, line 47c_B
E164Pledges Receivable- EOYPledges receivable - Column BPart 4, line 48c_B
E165Grants Receivable- EOYGrants receivable - Column BPart 4, line 49_B
E166Receivables Due- Officers, Dirs.Receivables due from officers, directorsPart 4, line 50_B
E167Oth. Notes & Loans Rec.- EOYOther notes & loans receivable - Column BPart 4, line 51c_B
E168Inventories- BOYInventories for sale or use - Column APart 4, line 52_A
E169Inventories- EOYInventories for sale or use - Column BPart 4, line 52_B
E170Prepaid Exp.- EOYPrepaid expenses & deferred chargesPart 4, line 53_B
E171Investments- Securities- BOYInvestments (securities) - Column APart 4, line 54_A
E172Investments- Securities- EOYInvestments (securities) - Column BPart 4, line 54_B
E173Invest- Land, Blg & Eq - Acc.Dep- EOYInvestments (land, buildings, equipment)Part 4, line 55c_B
E174Investments-other- EOYInvestments (other) - Column BPart 4, line 56_B
E175Land, Blg & Equip - Acc. Dep.- EOYLand, buildings, & equipment - Column BPart 4, line 57c_B
E176Other Assets- EOYOther assets - Column BPart 4, line 58_B
E177Tot. Assets- BOYTotal assets - Column APart 4, line 59_A
E178Tot. Assets- EOYTotal assets - Column BPart 4, line 59_B
E179Accounts Payable- EOYAccounts payable & accrued expensesPart 4, line 60_B
E180Grants Payable- EOYGrants payable - Column BPart 4, line 61_B
E181Rev. Desig. for Future - EOYSupport & revenue designated for futurePart 4, line 62_B
E182Loans fr. Officers, Dirs...- EOYLoans from officers, directors, Part 4, line 63_B
E183Mortgages & Oth. Notes Pay.- EOYMortgages and other notes payablePart 4, line 64b_B
E184Other Liabilities- EOYOther liabilities - Column BPart 4, line 65_B
E185Tot.Liabilities- BOYTotal liabilities - Column APart 4, line 66_A
E186Tot.Liabilities- EOYTotal liabilities - Column BPart 4, line 66_B
E194Tot. Fund Balances - BOYTotal fund balances or net assets - Column APart 4, line 73_A
E195Tot. Fund Balances - EOYTotal fund balances or net assets - Column BPart 4, line 73_B
E196Tot. Liab. & Net Assets-EOYTotal liabilities & fund balances/net assetsPart 4, line 74_B
LEVEL1Public charity or priv. fndn?Public charity or private foundation?Beginning
LEVEL2Reporting public charity groupReporting public charity groups.Beginning
level3Major NTEE categoryMajor NTEE categoryBeginning
level4NTEE-CC Major GroupNTEE-CC Major GroupBeginning
RandNumRandom number between 0 and 1Random number between 0 and 1 used for creating samples