SOI 1994 990PF All Returns

EINEmployer Identification NumberEmployer identification number.Beginning, sec.D
STATEStateTwo-letter state abbreviation.
NTEE1NTEE major groupNTEE major group (A-Z)
NTEECCNTEECC primary purposeNTEECC classification
zip5Zip code, 5 digitsFirst 5 digits of zip code
FIPSState + County FIPS code2-digit State + 3-digit County FIPS code (Federal Information Processing Standard). See also U.S. Census Bureau State & County QuickFacts.
MSAMSAMetropolitan Statistical Area (NCCS file) (list)
MSA_NECHMetropolitan Statistical AreaMetropolitan Statistical Area (NCCS file) (list)
outnccsOut of Scope flagOut-of-scope (IN/OUT) (see OUTREAS doc. for details)
OUTREASReason why out of scopeReason why out of scope
E162Return Status CdReturn Status CodePart 4, line 46_B
E011Tax Period End DateTax Period End DateBeginning section
E010Return YearTax Return YearBeginning, sec.C3
E014Foundation CodeType of Foundation CodeBeginning, sec.I
E013Foreign Org CodeForeign Organization CodeBeginning, sec.H(b)
E017507(B)1(A) Termination507(B)1(A) TerminationPart 6, line 80a
E018507(B)1(B) Termination507(B)1(B) Termination
E171Accounting MethodAccounting MethodPart 4, line 54_A
E024FMV of AssetsFair Market Value of AssetsPart 1, line 01d
ntmaj5Major subsectorMajor subsector (5)
ntmaj10NTEE major group (10)10 NTEE major groups
ntmaj12NTEE major group (12)12 NTEE major groups: ntmaj10 plus higher education (BH) and hospitals (EH)
MAJGRPBMajor NTEE groupMajor NTEE group plus hospitals and higher education
E025Cont., Gifts, Grants, Etc.Cont., Gifts, Grants, Etc. Col. APart 1, line 02
E026InterestInterest on savings and temporary cash investments Col. APart 1, line 03
E027DividendsDividends Col. APart 1, line 04
E028Gross RentsGross Rents Col. APart 1, line 05
E029Net Gain from Sale of AssetsNet Gain (Loss) from Sale of Assets Col. APart 1, line 06a
E030Gross Profit from Sales Activ.Gross Profit (Loss) from Sales Activities Col. A
E031Other IncomeOther Income Col. APart 1, line 06c
E032Tot. Income Col ATotal Income Col. APart 1, line 07
E167Cap. Gain Net IncomeCapital Gain Net Income (Part I, Line 7 Col B)Part 4, line 51c_B
E049Tot. Income Col BTotal Income Col. BPart 1, line 14
E033Comp. of OfficersCompensation of Officers Col. APart 1, line 08a_A
E034Other Salaries & WagesOther Salaries and Wages Col. APart 1, line 08b_A
E035Pension PlansPension Plans Col. APart 1, line 08c_A
E036Legal FeesLegal Fees Col. APart 1, line 08a_B
E037Accounting FeesAccounting Fees Col. APart 1, line 08b_B
E038Other Prof. FeesOther Professional Fees Col. APart 1, line 08c_B
E039Interest ExpInterest Expense Col. APart 1, line 08d
E040TaxesTaxes Col. A
E041DepreciationDepreciation & Depletion Col. APart 1, line 09b
E042OccupancyOccupancy Col. APart 1, line 09c
E043Travel, Confs., Mtgs.Travel, Confs., Mtgs. Col. APart 1, line 10a
E044Printing and PubsPrinting and Publications Col. APart 1, line 10b
E045Other ExpensesOther Expenses Col. APart 1, line 10c
E046Contributions, Gifts, GrantsContributions, Gifts, Grants Col. APart 1, line 11
E047Tot. Expenses Col ATotal Expenses Col. APart 1, line 12
E048Excess Rev. Over ExpensesExcess Revenue Over Expenses Col. APart 1, line 13
E050Tot. Expenses Col BTotal Expenses Col. BSection H
E051Net Investment IncomeNet Investment Income Col. BPart 1, line 16
E052Comp. of Officers Col DCompensation of Officers Col. DPart 1, line 17
E053Other Salaries & Wages Col DOther Salaries and Wages Col. DPart 1, line 18
E054Pension Plans Col DPension Plans Col. DPart 1, line 19
E055Legal Fees Col DLegal Fees Col. DPart 1, line 20
E056Accounting Fees Col DAccounting Fees Col. DPart 1, line 21
E057Other Prof. Fees Col DOther Professional Fees Col. DPart 2, line 22_B
E058Interest Exp Col DInterest Exp Col. DPart 2, line 23_B
E059Taxes Col DTaxes Col. DPart 2, line 24_B
E060Occupancy Col DOccupancy Col. DPart 2, line 25_A
E061Travel, Confs., Mtgs. Col DTravel, Confs., Mtgs. Col. DPart 2, line 25_B
E062Printing and Pub Col DPrinting and Publications Col. DPart 2, line 25_C
E063Other Expenses Col DOther Expenses Col. DPart 2, line 25_D
E064Contributions, Gifts,Grants Col DContributions, Gifts,Grants Col. DPart 2, line 26_A
E065Tot. Expenses Col DTotal Expenses Col. DPart 2, line 26_B
E066Invest-Govt obligat. Col AInvestments-Govt obligations Col. APart 2, line 26_C
E172Invest-Corp. Stock Col AInvestments-Corporate Stock Col. APart 4, line 54_B
E173Invest-Corp. Bonds Col AInvestments-Corporate Bonds Col. APart 4, line 55c_B
E067Tot. Assets Col ATotal Assets Col. APart 2, line 26_D
E070Cash Col BCash Col. BPart 2, line 27_C
E071Savings Col BSavings Col. BPart 2, line 27_D
E072Accounts Receivable Col BAccounts Receivable Col. BPart 2, line 28_A
E073Pledges Receivable Col BPledges Receivable Col. BPart 2, line 28_B
E074Grants Receivable Col BGrants Receivable Col. BPart 2, line 28_C
E075Rec Due from Officers Col BReceivables Due from Officers Col.BPart 2, line 28_D
E076Other Notes & Loans Rec Col BOther Notes & Loans Recvble. Col. BPart 2, line 29_A
E077Inventories Col BInventories Col. BPart 2, line 29_B
E078Prepaid Exp Col BPrepaid Expenses Col. BPart 2, line 29_C
E079Invest-Govt obligat. Col BInvestments-Govt obligations Col. BPart 2, line 29_D
E174Invest-Corp. Stock Col BInvestments-Corporate Stock Col. BPart 4, line 56_B
E175Invest-Corp. Bonds Col BInvestments-Corporate Bonds Col. BPart 4, line 57c_B
E080Invest-Land, Bld, & Equip Col BInvest.-Land, Bldgs, & Equip. Col. BPart 2, line 30_A
E081Invest-Mortgage Loans Col BInvestments-Mortgage Loans Col. BPart 2, line 31_A
E082Invest-Other Col BInvestments-Other Col. BPart 2, line 31_B
E083Land, Bldgs, and Equip Col BLand, Bldgs, and Equipment Col. BPart 2, line 31_C
E084Other Assets Col BOther Assets Col. BPart 2, line 31_D
E085Tot. Assets Col BTotal Assets Col. BPart 2, line 32_A
E088Cash Col CCash Col. CPart 2, line 32_D
E089Savings Col CSavings Col. CPart 2, line 33_A
E090Accounts Receivable Col CAccounts Receivable Col. CPart 2, line 33_B
E091Pledges Receivable Col CPledges Receivable Col. CPart 2, line 33_C
E092Grants Receivable Col CGrants Receivable Col. CPart 2, line 33_D
E093Rec Due from Officers Col CReceivables Due from Officers Col.CPart 2, line 34_A
E094Other Notes & Loans Rec Col COther Notes & Loans Recvble. Col. CPart 2, line 34_B
E095Inventories Col CInventories Col. CPart 2, line 34_C
E096Prepaid Exp Col CPrepaid Expenses Col. CPart 2, line 34_D
E097Invest-Govt obligat. Col CInvestments-Govt obligations Col. CPart 2, line 35_A
E176Invest-Corp. Stock Col CInvestments-Corporate Stock Col. CPart 4, line 58_B
E177Invest-Corp. Bonds Col CInvestments-Corporate Bonds Col. CPart 4, line 59_A
E098Invest-Land, Bld, & Equip Col CInvest.-Land, Bldgs, & Equip. Col. CPart 2, line 35_B
E099Invest-Mortgage Loans Col CInvestments-Mortgage Loans Col. CPart 2, line 35_C
E100Invest-Other Col CInvestments-Other Col. CPart 2, line 35_D
E101Land, Bldgs, and Equip Col CLand, Bldgs, and Equipment Col. CPart 2, line 36_A
E102Other Assets Col COther Assets Col. CPart 2, line 36_B
E103Tot. Assets Col CTotal Assets Col. CPart 2, line 36_C
E068Tot. Liabilities Col ATotal Liabilities Col. APart 2, line 27_A
E086Tot. Liabilities Col BTotal Liabilities Col. BPart 2, line 32_B
E069Tot. Fnd Bal/Net Wrth Col ATotal Fund Balance/Net Worth Col. APart 2, line 27_B
E087Tot. Fnd Bal/Net Wrth Col BTotal Fund Balance/Net Worth Col. BPart 2, line 32_C
E104Other Increase Fnd Bal/Net WrthOther Increases in Fund Balance/Net WorthPart 2, line 36_D
E105Other Decrease Fnd Bal/Net WrthOther Decreases in Fund Balance/Net WorthPart 2, line 37_A
E168Capital Gain Net Inc (Pt IV)Capital Gain Net Income (Part IV)Part 4, line 52_A
E106Average Payout Ratio (Pt V)Average Payout Ratio (Part V)Part 2, line 37_B
E107Net Invest Assets (Pt V)Net Investment Assets (Part V)Part 2, line 37_C
E108Mult. Line 4 by Line 3 (Pt V)Multiply Line 4 by Line 3 (Part V)Part 2, line 37_D
E019Section 4940 Code (Pt VI)Section 4940 Code (Part VI)
E109Tax on Invest Inc (Pt VI)Tax on Investment Income (Part VI)Part 2, line 38_A
E020Pt VII-A Q 4(A)Part VII Q 4(A) - Urelated Bus Inc > $1,000?
E021Pt VII-A Q 5Part VII Q 5 - Liquidation, Termination, etc?Part 1, line 01a
E022Pt VII-A Q 9Part VII Q 9 - Sect 4942(j)(3 or 5) Status?Part 1, line 01b
E169Pt VII-B, Q 2aPart VII Q 11a - Undistributed income?Part 4, line 52_B
E170Pt VII-B, Q 3bPart VII Q 12b - Excess business holdings?Part 4, line 53_B
E228No. of Uncomp Officers,Dir,ect.No. of Uncompensated Officers, Directors, etc.
E229Average Hours / Week-Emp1Average Hours Per Week-Employee 1
E232Compensation-Emp1Compensation-Employee 1 Emp Employee Benefit Plans-Employee 1
E231Exp Acct/Oth. Allow-Emp1Expense Account/Other Allowances-Employee 1
E233Average Hours / Week-Emp2Average Hours Per Week-Employee 2
E236Compensation-Emp2Compensation-Employee 2 Emp Employee Benefit Plans-Employee 2
E235Exp Acct/Oth. Allow-Emp2Expense Account/Other Allowances-Employee 2
E237Average Hours / Week-Emp3Average Hours Per Week-Employee 3
E240Compensation-Emp3Compensation-Employee 3 Emp Employee Benefit Plans-Employee 3
E239Exp Acct/Oth. Allow-Emp3Expense Account/Other Allowances-Employee 3
E241Average Hours / Week-Emp4Average Hours Per Week-Employee 4
E244Compensation-Emp4Compensation-Employee 4 Emp Employee Benefit Plans-Employee 4
E243Exp Acct/Oth. Allow-Emp4Expense Account/Other Allowances-Employee 4
E245Average Hours / Week-Emp5Average Hours Per Week-Employee 5
E248Compensation-Emp5Compensation-Employee 5 Emp Employee Benefit Plans-Employee 5
E247Exp Acct/Oth. Allow-Emp5Expense Account/Other Allowances-Employee 5
E249Tot. No of Other Emp Pd >$50kTotal Number of Other Employees Paid >$50,000
E110Net Value Nonchar-use Asset (Pt X)Net Value of Noncharitable-use Assets (Part X)Part 2, line 38_B
E111Min Investment Return (Pt X)Minimum Investment Return (Part X)Part 2, line 38_C
E112Tax on Invest Inc (Pt XI)Tax on Investment Income (Part XI)Part 2, line 38_D
E113Income Tax Subtitle A (Pt XI)Income Tax Under Subtitle A (Part XI)Part 2, line 39_A
E114Recoveries (Pt XI)Recoveries of Qualifying Distributions (Part XI)Part 2, line 39_B
E115Trust Inc DistTrust Income Distributions (Line 4B)Part 2, line 39_C
E116Ded from Distrib. Amt. (Pt XI)Deduction from Distributable Amount (Part XI)Part 2, line 39_D
E117Distrib. Amt. As Adjusted (Pt XI)Distributable Amount as Adjusted (Part XI)Part 2, line 40_A
E134Exp, Contrib, Gifts, (Pt XII)Expenses, Contributions, Gifts, Etc. (Part XII)
E135Prog. Related Invest (Pt XII)Program Related Investments (Part XII)
E136Amt. to Acquire Assets (Pt XII)Amount Paid To Acquire Assets (Part XII)
E137Suitability Test (Pt XII)Suitability Test (Part XII)
E138Cash Distribution Test (Pt XII)Cash Distribution Test (Part XII)
E140Tot. Qualifying Dist (Pt XII)Total Qualifying Distributions (Part XII)
E141Prior Excess Dist C-overPrior Excess Distributions Carryover
E142Dist Out of CorpusDistributions Out of Corpus
E143Remaining Amt. DistributedRemaining Amount Distributed
E144Excess Dist. C-over AppliedExcess Distribution Carryover Applied
E145Tot. Net CorpusTotal Net Corpus
E146Amts. Treated As DistsAmounts Treated As Distributions
E147Excess Dist. C-over, 1st YrExcess Dist. Carryover From 1st Prior Year
E148Excess Dist. C-over to Next YrExcess Dist. Carryover to Next Year
E178Applied to Undist. Inc. Prior YrsApplied to Undistributed Income of Prior YearsPart 4, line 59_B
E226Undistrib Inc. Prev YrUndistributed Income in Previous Year
E179Applied to Undist. Inc. Prev YrApplied to Undistributed Income in Previous YearPart 4, line 60_B
E227Undistributed Income for Prev YrUndistributed Income for Previous Year
E149Distributable Amt (Pt XIII)Distributable Amount (Part XIII)
E150Qualifying Dist Applied (Pt XIII)Qualifying Distributions Applied (Part XIII)
E151Undistributed Income (Pt XIII)Undistributed Income (Part XIII)
E023Part XIV filled out?Part XIV (Private Operating Foundations) filled out?Part 1, line 01c
E180Part XVI-A filled out?Part XVI (Analysis of Income-Producing Activities) filled out?Part 4, line 61_B
E181Interest Bus cd-Col AInterest on Cash Business code-Col APart 4, line 62_B
E182Interest amt-Col BInterest on Cash amt-Col BPart 4, line 63_B
E183Interest excl cd-Col CInterest on Cash Exclusion code-Col CPart 4, line 64b_B
E184Interest amt-Col DInterest on Cash amt-Col DPart 4, line 65_B
E185Interest amt-Col EInterest on Cash amt-Col EPart 4, line 66_A
E186Dividends Bus cd-Col ADividends & Interest on Securities Business code-Col APart 4, line 66_B
E187Dividends amt-Col BDividends & Interest on Securities amt-Col B
E188Dividends excl cd-Col CDividends & Interest on Securities Exclusion code-Col C
E189Dividends amt-Col DDividends & Interest on Securities amt-Col D
E190Dividends amt-Col EDividends & Interest on Securities amt-Col E
E191Net RE Rent Inc DF Bus cd-Col ANet Real Estate Rental Income (Debt Financed) Business code-Col A
E192Net RE Rent Inc DF amt-Col BNet Real Estate Rental Income (Debt Financed) amt-Col B
E193Net RE Rent Inc DF excl cd-Col CNet Real Estate Rental Income (Debt Financed) Exclusion code-Col C
E194Net RE Rent Inc DF amt-Col DNet Real Estate Rental Income (Debt Financed) amt-Col DPart 4, line 73_A
E195Net RE Rent Inc DF amt-Col ENet Real Estate Rental Income (Debt Financed) amt-Col EPart 4, line 73_B
E196Net RE Rent Inc NDF Bus cd-Col ANet Real Estate Rental Income (Not Debt Financed) Business code-Col APart 4, line 74_B
E197Net RE Rent Inc NDF amt-Col BNet Real Estate Rental Income (Not Debt Financed) amt-Col B
E198Net RE Rent Inc NDF excl cd-Col CNet Real Estate Rental Income (Not Debt Financed) Exclusion code-Col C
E199Net RE Rent Inc NDF amt-Col DNet Real Estate Rental Income (Not Debt Financed) amt-Col D
E200Net RE Rent Inc NDF amt-Col ENet Real Estate Rental Income (Not Debt Financed) amt-Col E
E201Net PP Rent Inc Bus cd-Col ANet Rental Income from Personal Property Business code-Col A
E202Net PP Rent Inc amt-Col BNet Rental Income from Personal Property amt-Col B
E203Net PP Rent Inc excl cd-Col CNet Rental Income from Personal Property Exclusion code-Col C
E204Net PP Rent Inc amt-Col DNet Rental Income from Personal Property amt-Col D
E205Net PP Rent Inc amt-Col ENet Rental Income from Personal Property amt-Col EPart 6, line 81a
E206Gain Sale Asset Bus cd-Col AGain (Loss) from Sale of Assets Business code-Col APart 6, line 81b
E207Gain Sale Asset amt-Col BGain (Loss) from Sale of Assets amt-Col B
E208Gain Sale Asset excl cd-Col CGain (Loss) from Sale of Assets Exclusion code-Col C
E209Gain Sale Asset amt-Col DGain (Loss) from Sale of Assets amt-Col D
E210Gain Sale Asset amt-Col EGain (Loss) from Sale of Assets amt-Col E
E211Gr Profit Inventory Bus cd-Col AGross Profit (Loss) from Sale of Inventory Business code-Col A
E212Gr Profit Inventory amt-Col BGross Profit (Loss) from Sale of Inventory amt-Col B
E213Gr Profit Inventory excl cd-Col CGross Profit (Loss) from Sale of Inventory Exclusion code-Col C
E214Gr Profit Inventory amt-Col DGross Profit (Loss) from Sale of Inventory amt-Col DPart 4, line 64a_B
E215Gr Profit Inventory amt-Col EGross Profit (Loss) from Sale of Inventory amt-Col EPart 6, line 89a (in
E216Sum Other Rev. Bus cd-Col ASum of Other Revenue Lines Business code-Col APart 6, line 89a (in
E217Sum Other Rev. amt-Col BSum of Other Revenue Lines amt-Col BPart 6, line 89a (in
E219Sum Other Rev. excl cd-Col CSum of Other Revenue Lines Exclusion code-Col CPart 6, line 89c
E220Sum Other Rev. amt-Col DSum of Other Revenue Lines amt-Col DPart 6, line 89d
E222Sum Other Rev. amt-Col ESum of Other Revenue Lines amt-Col E
E218Subtot amt-Col BSubtotal Amount-Col BPart 6, line 89b
E221Subtot amt-Col DSubtotal Amount-Col D
E223Subtot amt-Col ESubtotal Amount-Col E
E224Info Re:Trsfrs/Trnsacts 1a-c (Pt XVII)Information Regarding Trsfrs/Trnsacts Reported in 1a-c (Part XVII)?
E225Affilliated with Exempt Org 2a (Pt XVII)Is Affiliated/Related to Other Exempt Orgs 2a (Part XVII)?
E016Reject codeReject code
E166Generated Sample CodeGenerated Sample CodePart 4, line 50_B
E998Sample CountSample Count
E996Document Locator NumberDocument locator number used by the IRS
E015Condition CodeCondition codePart 6, line 78b
E008Sample CodeSample code
E997Population CountPopulation count
E164Mod DateModified date (error resolution)
E165Update NumberNumber of times record is updated
E300Edit DateDate of Completed Edit
E800Adj Col BAdjustment field-Col B
E801Adj Col DAdjustment field-Col D
E802Adj Col EAdjustment field-Col E
E803Adj MarginAdjustment field-margin
E900P Code Reject ReasReason for Reject of P Code
E901Accept ReasonReason for Accept Coding Return
level3Major NTEE categoryMajor NTEE category
level4NTEE-CC Major GroupNTEE-CC Major Group
NTEECC4DNTEECC code - 4th characterNTEECC Classification - fourth character
RandNumRandom number between 0 and 1Random number between 0 and 1 used for creating samples