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Adding Sources to the Publications database

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1. Select the 'Publications' options in the J:CNPCenterInquiry.mdb 2. Choose Edit Publications. 3. Search to make sure the entry is not already in the database. To do this, click in the field in which you intend to search (ie title, author, etc.), then press Ctrl-F. Using the wildcard notation will allow you to search without knowing exactly what form the title or author is in. For example, search for *smith* instead of simply smith. 4. If the record does not already exist, click the arrow and star at the bottom to add a new record. 5. Enter the publication type. This is very important to the format of the output, so be sure that this field is correct. There is a drop down list to assist you. 6. Enter the Title. If you are entering a journal article or chapter of a book this title will be the article title or chapter title. Do not use quotation marks around the title -- these will be added automatically when citation is sent to printer or HTML. 7. Enter the Publication Title. (For chapters and articles only.) This will be the title of the book or journal in which the article or chapter appears. 8. Enter the Author (in the form: Last, First and First Last). See the bibliography on the website for examples. 9. Enter the Publication Author (use for Chapters only). The Publication Author is the author of the book in which the chapter appears. 10. Enter the subject (it may be necessary to click Edit first). More than one subject can be entered by clicking on the arrow and star. 11. The location and other information under the subject box is for internal references purposes only. It is not necessary to fill in all of this information. 12. Enter the place of publication, publishers name, and copyright date or publication date. (Use copyright if year for book, pub date for journal or article.) 13. Check 'OK to publish'. This means it is OK to put this source on the website. 14. There is a notes field for any notes you may wish to enter. 15. If the sources uses NCCS data check the 'Uses NCCS data' box. We are trying to keep track of publications that use our data. NOTE: It is not necessary to put quotations, underlines, or italics in the knowledge base. The database will automatically to this when it outputs the sources. (this entry is in J:cnpadminpubs_entry.wpd)
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