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Adding a new mysql table from SAS on the Alpha - FTP and Perl Scripts

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From the Urban Institute Alpha: - Run export.sas to create [nccs1.export]*.dd and *.dat files. From the Dataweb: - FTP the files to the /data/tmp directory From the dataweb prompt: ftp alpha2.urban.org or cd [.export] get xyz.dd get xyz.dat (in LOWER CASE letters; do NOT include the ";n") (gzip file first if large) - Run createTable.pl to load into mysql - Run addTable.pl to update data dictionaries and form lists - Run indexUpdate.pl to rebuild index files to speed performance - Run addFips2.pl to add FIPS, MSA info - Run ntee-update.pl to add NTEEs and related variables - Run fixQuotes.pl to remove double-quotation marks (") from key fields. ---------------------- Additional steps for SOI files: - Rename variables using add2dd.pl: - C999 -> WEIGHT - NTEE1 -> NTEESOI - name, city, state, start and end yr
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