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Core 1998 PC File: LEGEXP (Schedule A, Part III, L1: lobbying expenses). (Technical Note).

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The Core 1998 PC file was updated on April 17th, 2008. The variable LEGEXP (lobbying expenses reported in Schedule A, Part III, Line 1 of the F990) was updated for the Johns Hopkins University with EIN = '520595110'. We discovered that lobbying expenses for the Johns Hopkins University was wrongly reported as $ 528,564,000 while the number in reality is $ 528,564. The mistake is probably due to the fact that the number had been assumed in thousands, so 3 zeroes had been added to the lobbying expense value. However, a comparison of LEGEXP for the Johns Hopkins University over several years, leads us to believe that the $528,564,000 lobbying amount for 2005 should be $528,564. Here is a table of our comparison of LEGEXP over a few years: JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY, Baltimore, MD: Fiscal Year LEGEXP 1998 528,564,000 1999 579,695 2000 no amount entered even though "yes" for legexp 2001 566,029 2002 761,440 2003 623,546
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