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The Nonprofit FAQ: Evaluation

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How can foundations better evaluate the impact they are having? What are the major benefits of doing so?
Measuring the performance of a foundation can be a tricky and difficult process, especially when it's the grantees that actually deliver. But these days, more and more foundations are developing rigorous self-assessment systems. Find out why, and learn how to develop a results-based measurement system to help determine the impact that a foundation is making.
How can we do an organizational self-assessment?
There are a variety of published and on-line resources that address this question
How do we develop and evaluate programs?
Guidelines to develop and evaluate programs
How Do We Evaluate the Board of Directors?
The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits suggests it be done annually, and offers some criteria. More information is added from the Free Management Library.
How do we evaluate the Executive Director?
Suggestions from the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits and an author.
Resources for many types of evaluation
The Free Management Library provides guidelines for a variety of types of evaluation
What are job descriptions for nonprofit board members?
Suggestions for duties and responsibilities for board members and officers.
What are the steps of a strategic planning process?
The CompassPoint of San Francisco offers one outline
What influences people's reactions to npo materials?
Research shows that 'trust' is the central element in the decision to give.
What is a strategic plan?
The answer to the question: How will we accomplish our goals?
What is strategic planning?
Strategic planning can be used to determine mission, vision, values, goals, objectives, roles and responsibilities, timelines, etc.
What should our mission statement say?
Purpose. Business. Values. Beneficiaries.
What to do when the board gets too involved?
Some sensible rules to guide board members in choosing the right course.
Why do we develop an annual operating plan?
The strategic plan can only carry you so far