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The Nonprofit FAQ: Systems & Standards

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Guidance on accounting for equity investments by nonprofits
The approaches are different depending on whether the investment has an easy to measure value (like publicly traded stock) or not.
How can I figure out how our organization should divide its expenses?
Oversight organizations suggest standards for the proportions spent on program services, administration, fundraising, etc.
How can nonprofits evaluate their fundraising productivity?
An expert in nonprofit accountability and evaluation shares his insights on how to interpret fundraising costs in a collection of essays called the Fundraising Productivity Series.
How can we ensure our nonprofit operates ethically?
While no one can guarantee that every organization will always be highly ethical, there are certain measures to take that guide toward ethical behaviors.
Resources about Management of Nonprofit Organizations
An annotated list of some online services that are focused on the challenges of running nonprofits (mostly in the US)
What information must nonprofits disclose?
Generally, it depends on what kind of information is at stake and who is doing the asking.
What should I look for at an agency where I might volunteer?
Several observers give detailed advice about how to review the management practices of agencies that are seeking volunteers.