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The Nonprofit FAQ: Job Listings

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Are 'stipends' wages?
Yes. Reports must be filed on the money people are paid for work and taxes may be due, however small the payments and no matter how they are calculated.
Are NPO wages too low?
Several writers think so, and offer arguments to support their points of view.
What US schools offer BA & graduate programs on nonprofits?
Links to lists of graduate programs and some information about undergraduate opportunities.
Where are nonprofit jobs listed?
There are lots of online resources. This item links to several lists.
Where are nonprofit jobs listed? (Older version)
This item contains the text of a review of nonprofit job sites performed in 2002 and updated in 2003. It is no longer being updated, but may nonetheless contain useful information about sites that continue to operate.
Where can I find nonprofit salary information?
This item includes several links to online resources about nonprofit compensation.
Where can I learn about Human Resources has connects to many helpful discussions of Human Resources at