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The Nonprofit FAQ: National Policies Worldwide

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Governmental Policies in Canada
Links to discussions of the relations between nonprofits, the national government and provincial governments in Canada.
Governmental Policies in India
Link to discussions of the relations between nonprofits and the national government in India.
Governmental Policies in Poland
Policies have been developed but not been implemented in Poland.
Governmental Policies in Portugal
There is no national policy about nonprofits in Portugal. This item contains a discussion of general conditions in that country.
Governmental Policies in the United Kingdom
Links to discussions of governmental policies about nonprofits and similar organizations in Britain, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Governmental Policies in the United States of America
The US has no single national policy governing nonprofits and similar organizations. National, state and local laws and regulations can have a big impact, and they vary greatly across the country.
What is a "policy environment"?
Many nations and other jurisdictions provide a legal structure within which people can organize -- more or less formally -- projects and activities for public or community purposes. This item lists some resources for understanding this topic in general.