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The Nonprofit FAQ: Strategies: Foundations

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How can we better the odds of getting a grant?
Paying attention to the guidelines is the first step. Limiting approaches to those potential supporters who have shown an interest in your mission, and better yet, who know about your work, is a frequent suggestion.
How can we decide which foundations to send proposals to?
Those which have natural ties to your organization or your program. Geographic proximity. Matching mission or goals.
How do we find local support for our program?
Advice from a long-term observer of the search for funding (long! with lots of links and suggestions!).
Is there information about foundations on the Web?
More and more foundations are making information about their activities, including grants, available online.
The Best E-Newsletters for Grants and Nonprofit Leaders
A ranked and annotated list of online announcement and discussion services for nonprofits prepared in September 2006 and revised in August 2008.
What about corporate philanthropy?
Corporate giving programs come in many forms
What are the benefits and drawbacks to engaging with foundations?
Benefits: A grant can be a bit boost to the program both financially and mentally. Drawbacks: Grants are hard to get and may come with significant restrictions.
What is a foundation?
Many types of organizations use the word 'foundation' in describing themselves. This item offers some help in sorting out the ways the term is used.