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The Nonprofit FAQ: Strategies: Donations

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How can a community radio station find funds for new equipment?
Extensive discussion of ideas for soliciting donations to fund new equipment for a radio station. Many ideas would be applicable to campaigns for capital equipment or other similar fundraising situations.
How do we plan a program to secure major gifts? Build an endowment?
Two veteran fundraisers outline the major steps.
I want to start a campaign to raise money for a cause. What do I need to worry about?
Besides finding the money, you mean? Well, there are actually several issues that you should consider before running your own fundraising campaign.
Is it possible to raise money by contacting corporations?
Corporations support nonprofits when there is a strong alignment of goals. This item gives advice on how to identify the right corporations to contact.
Is it Possible to Receive a Deduction for a Gift of Services?
In general, the answer is 'no.' A deduction cannot be taken when no income has been earned.
Setting Up a Fund to Help People Meet the Costs of Fighting a Disease
Gifts to individuals generate no tax deduction. There are other complications. Working with a community foundation can help.
What is a Donation?
A 'donation' is a gift of money or property to a nonprofit organization.
What is a gift acceptance policy?
A gift acceptance policy provides guidance to development staff, and to the board, about issues that may arise in connection with unusual gifts or unusual requests from prospective donors.
What is a giving circle?
A more or less structured group of individuals who pool funds for charitable purposes and together choose organizations they will support.
What kinds of gifting by individual donors are most common?
A classification of various kinds of gifts.
What works in fundraising from local businesses?
Tips for contacting potential supporters.