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The Nonprofit FAQ: Strategies: In-Kind

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Are there organizations that help with donated equipment?
Yes. A lot of information is available on this topic online.
Can a business receive a tax-deduction for an in-kind gift?
Yes, but in many cases, such gifts are treated as business expenses, which is often simpler and just as effective for the donor.
Can donated equipment be deductible for the donor?
Donations are deductible if made to a recognized 501(c)(3) organization, or one that meets the qualifications of such.
Can I Get a Tax Deduction if I Charge a Nonprofit Below-Market Prices?
In general 'no.' Deductions only reduce tax liability on income that has actually been received.
Can we seek inkind donations online?
Some suggestions of straightforward techniques.
Can we sell donated equipment and use the proceeds?
The feelings of the donor as well as federal regulations must be considered when determining the use of a donation.
How can I get software donated?
Some companies make donations to specific kinds of nonprofits and there are some organizations that distribute donations broadly among nonprofits; some of both are listed here.
How long must you keep an in-kind gift?
There is no time limit, but if a large gift is disposed of within two years, there is a form that must be filed with the IRS.
How should we acknowledge in-kind gifts?
Enthusiastically, of course. But there are some errors that must be avoided in this specialized area. Auctions require further attention.
How to value donated goods.
A gift acknowledgement, or receipt, must accurately describe the gift in kind but no monetary amount should be mentioned.
Is it possible to get computer equipment donated?
A posting from the early years of the FAQ which may offer some useful suggestions.
Is it Possible to Receive a Deduction for a Gift of Services?
In general, the answer is 'no.' A deduction cannot be taken when no income has been earned.
Strategies to Encourage and Find Donations of Equipment
Ideas for getting office equipment beside going to the store.
What about car donation programs?
Car donation programs can be effective for both donors and charities. New rules place new limits on such programs from January 1, 2005.
Where can I find pro bono legal advice?
The American Bar Association maintains a state-by-state list of organizations that facilitate finding pro bono assistance. This item also includes advice on other strategies for finding low-cost assistanct that may be useful.