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The Nonprofit FAQ: Strategies: Sponsorship

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How can I find sponsors for an event?
A 9-step guide for nonprofits on how to solicit corporate sponsors; and some advice from a seasoned observer.
How can I get non-philanthropic corporate support?
You might appeal to their corporate marketing program instead of to the philanthropy area. If you can help a company get positive publicity...
How do we find local support for our program?
Advice from a long-term observer of the search for funding (long! with lots of links and suggestions!).
Is it possible to raise money by contacting corporations?
Corporations support nonprofits when there is a strong alignment of goals. This item gives advice on how to identify the right corporations to contact.
What about corporate philanthropy?
Corporate giving programs come in many forms
What About Corporate Sponsorships?
Some hints about the strains in these relationships and how to address them.
What works in fundraising from local businesses?
Tips for contacting potential supporters.