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The Nonprofit FAQ: Tactics: Grantwriting

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Are there any sources for grants to individuals?
Foundations and government agencies make grants for scholarships, research, and other activities. Local organizations for emergency relief may help families or individuals in trouble. There is one new (10/02) organizations that allows requests online.
Can a grant writer share in the proceeds of successful applications?
In a word, 'no.' Two experienced observers expands on that answer in this item.
Email newsletter for grantseekers
A free email publication from a consulting firm (No longer published 1/28/10)
Grant Writing Tools Web Sites
A listing of free online resources that may be helpful in the preparation of grant applications (including a collection of complete sample proposals).
How can we decide which foundations to send proposals to?
Those which have natural ties to your organization or your program. Geographic proximity. Matching mission or goals.
How can we learn more about what funders want in a proposal?
A letter of inquiry often results in useful information (even if it isn't encouraging).
How do we apply for a grant if we're part of a group exemption?
The process is more complicated and will depend on what the prospective funder requires.
How do we find local support for our program?
Advice from a long-term observer of the search for funding (long! with lots of links and suggestions!).
How do you get started writing a proposal?
Simple, quick tips to for quick starts.
How should a nonprofit prepare before hiring a grantwriter?
Advance preparation is needed to make the most of a professional fundraiser.
Is grantwriting a fundraising expense
It depends how the resulting revenue will be treated.
Is it possible to raise money by contacting corporations?
Corporations support nonprofits when there is a strong alignment of goals. This item gives advice on how to identify the right corporations to contact.
Is the full-text of the Federal Register available on-line?
It is. But read this for even better deals!
Is there an ID number required when receiving a federal grant?
A D-U-N-S number is required before an organization can receive a federal grant. This subject is discussed in
Is there grantwriting software for sale or on the 'net?
None is identified. But the program itself is identified as the best best source of guidance.
Is there information about foundations on the Web?
More and more foundations are making information about their activities, including grants, available online.
Sources of local community information
There are many resources available online and in print that can help create community profiles. This item lists some hints about how to do this sort of research compiled some time ago.
What about U.S. Federal Grants
The process for applying for federal grants through
What characterizes a good proposal?
A close connection with the purposes of the funding is critical. Other factors matter too.
What if we do get a federal grant?
There's a good deal of paperwork that needs to be done, and many regulations to follow. This item lists general requirements; the grant documents will be much more specific.
What should we look for in a fundraiser?
What should you look for in a fundraiser? How and how much should they be paid?
Where can I find information about federal grants?
This information is covered in another FAQ item at