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The Nonprofit FAQ: Tactics: Direct Mail

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Advice on choosing a way to handle an online (email) newsletter
Advice on choosing a way to reach stakeholders online.
Can nonprofits use direct fax to fundraise?
For some applications, broadcast fax can be a successful fundraising tool. But federal rules suggest unsolicited faxes may not be the best strategy.
Can we allow other organizations to use our nonprofit mailing permit?
Only if the other organizations are also authorized to mail at nonprofit rates.
Can we get bulk mail at lower rates while our 501(c)(3) is pending?
The Postal Service and the IRS have different rules and standards
Can we use free email to build online mailing lists?
Possibly. This article has links to several services with thumbnail reviews of how they work.
How effective is a newsletter as a development tool?
If used correctly, newsletters can be a valuable fundraising tool.
How should we handle bulk mailings?
Strong recommendations to hire a mailing service
How should we use direct mail?
Questions and answers on effective uses of direct mail.
Some Online Tips and Resources for Direct Mail
Technical notes from all over.
What are Options for Nonprofit Mailing
It's worth doing some research to save both time and money