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The Nonprofit FAQ: Tactics: Events

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Are events really a good way to raise money for an organization?
A colloquy on the theme that often just asking people to support you directly is more effective than selling things or holding fundraising events. (From the newsgroup in 1995.)
Can I donate my door prize back and get a tax deduction?
Yes. But you may not want to. Best to decline the prize entirely so there are no tax consequences of any sort.
Can special events raise money with little cost?
Events are rarely successful until they have become well-established.
Can We Sell Ads in a Program Book?
Sure. But there are some factors that should be considered carefully before starting down this road.
How can I find sponsors for an event?
A 9-step guide for nonprofits on how to solicit corporate sponsors; and some advice from a seasoned observer.
How does the IRS treat nonprofits' gambling revenues?
Many nonprofits rely on gambling activities to bring in much-needed revenue. IRS publication 3079 covers related taxes and other issues in detail.
What About Nonprofit Charity Auctions Online?
Ideas for using existing auction facilities as a fund-raising tool.