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The Nonprofit FAQ: Contracting

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How can I become a fundraising consultant?
Consultants must respond to a wide range of challenges (says an experienced fundraiser), so they need to have a wide range of experience.
How do I find and contract with a consultant?
Guidelines for finding and contracting with a consultant
How should we handle bulk mailings?
Strong recommendations to hire a mailing service
If we have no fee-for-service programs, do we still need marketing?
Regardless of the makeup of your funding base, you need to market your organization
Is a Management Company a Good Idea for an Association
Maybe. Especially considering the many details that go with having a small office staff.
What are employee laws? Any related major issues and topics?
There are a variety of federal laws, executive orders, etc., regarding the selection and treatment of individuals in the workplace.
What goes in a conflict-of-interest policy?
Here are some examples including one from the IRS.
What sorts of business deals can nonprofits do?
As corporations, nonprofits can enter into all sorts of contracts. But the arrangements can be complicated. Here's a book that may help.
Where can I find information about capital campaigns?
Online outlines of the process from campaign consultants and contract managers.
Where can I learn the basics of contract law?
Basic resources about U.S. contract law and the legal system