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The Nonprofit FAQ: Insurance

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'What to Do Until the Lawyer Comes'
That's the subtitle of the online handbook by James D. DeWitt which is available online. It gives a broad introduction to legal issues addressed to leadership volunteers of nonprofits.
Are Board members personally liable? Do we need D & O Insurance?
There are national organizations that offer answers to questions like this one.
How can life insurance policies be used to make a gift to a nonprofit?
This is one of several ways of making a planned gift.
Insurance Questions for Nonprofits
Important things to think about when assessing the risks involved in programs and the best ways to deal with them.
Resources for risk and crisis management
The web offers a variety of resources for crisis and risk management.
What kinds of health insurance do nonprofits offer employees?
Some suggestions on what to look for and where to look.
Where can we get insurance for our volunteers?
CIMA offers the Volunteer Insurance Service