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The Nonprofit FAQ: Leadership

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Advice on Advocacy from the American Association of Museums
Key steps in gaining attention from political leaders.
Are board officers the same as corporate officers
Not necessarily. And in fact is some cases it is important to keep the distinction clear.
Board Basics
Some first principles about the board of directors and pointers to other information on the subject.
Can attorneys serve on boards?
Of course they can. But there are things to think about that don't apply to board members in other professions.
Help with Parliamentary Procedure
Pointers to some useful tips and resource.
How can we all just get along?
Techniques to ensure strong, working relationships
How do I supervise employees?
Supervisors oversee the development and productivity of their employees, whether the supervisor is an executive or a first-line supervisor
How do we add a new board member?
Here are suggestions and links to forms to recruit and orient new board members.
How do we build skills in leadership, management and supervision?
Basic framework and all materials for leadership, management and supervisory development
How do we evaluate the Executive Director?
Suggestions from the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits and an author.
How do we have effective meetings (staff or board)?
Guidelines for planning, conducting and evaluating meetings. Includes ice breakers and various types of groups and facilitation. Advice on how to have successful board meetings.
Personal/employee development, wellness and productivity
Developing yourself and your personnel, ensuring health and wellness, and making the most of your time
Should an executive director be a member of the board?
Consider the drawbacks as well as the advantages.
Should Staff Attend Board Meetings?
Strong statements of competing views.
Theories of Management, Leadership and Organizations
Free Management Library offers information about basics of management, leadership and organizations
What are some ways to strengthen the leadership role of the board?
Boards must both govern and support. Advice and suggestions on how to balance these responsibilities from the Support Center of San Francisco.
What is a manager? leader? supervisor? executive?
Defnitions of key terms in management from the Free Management Library at
What is leadership? How do I develop my leadership skills?
Resources to help you explore leadership and what it means to you
What is project management? How is it carried out?
Project management is a method of planning used to effectively and efficiently reach a major goal, such as developing a program or building a facility.
What is the role of the executive director?
The executive director is the person appointed by the Board of Directors to provide leadership toward the achievement of the organization's mission and strategic goals.
What supervision styles work best for volunteers?
Define tasks, clarify expectations, and give people permission to proceed
What ways do I guide employees?
Various methods to guide people, e.g., coaching, counseling, delegating, mentoring, etc.
What's the purpose of board committees?
Board committees provide organized, focused means for members to achieve goals and address issues.
Where will I find leaders for my nonprofit?
An essay titled "The Leadership Deficit" from discusses how the need for 640,000 new leaders over the next decade will shape the future of the nonprofit sector.
Yale case studies in volunteer governance?
Short reports on board leadership available in a book and by mail.