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The Nonprofit FAQ: Mailing Lists

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Advice on choosing a way to handle an online (email) newsletter
Advice on choosing a way to reach stakeholders online.
Basic definitions for advertising, marketing, public relations, e-com
Advertising, promotion, marketing, public relations, publicity, sales and e-commerce -- what are they? How are they done?
Can we use free email to build online mailing lists?
Possibly. This article has links to several services with thumbnail reviews of how they work.
How can we use the Internet to reach more people?
Advice from two long-term observers of nonprofits' use of online tools.
How should we use direct mail?
Questions and answers on effective uses of direct mail.
Purging Mailing Lists
Advice on what to do with a list that's out of date.
Some Online Tips and Resources for Direct Mail
Technical notes from all over.
What about getting a nonprofit bulk mail permit?
The important thing to remember is that the Postal Service rules and the IRS rules are not the same.
What are Options for Nonprofit Mailing
It's worth doing some research to save both time and money