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The Nonprofit FAQ: Marketing

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Do people volunteer more during the winter holidays?
Researchers and managers report their experience and evidence
Where should we place our volunteer ads?
A collection of ideas
A brief primer on marketing for nonprofits
An outline of key terms linked to a short FAQ item about each.
Advice on Advocacy from the American Association of Museums
Key steps in gaining attention from political leaders.
Advice on choosing a way to handle an online (email) newsletter
Advice on choosing a way to reach stakeholders online.
Are there any laws about advertising?
There are some laws you should consider when you advertise; check the Free Management Library for pointers:
Are there scholarly journals in the field?
Several are listed here by a long-term scholar and observer in the field; additional notes describe other publications.
Basic definitions for advertising, marketing, public relations, e-com
Advertising, promotion, marketing, public relations, publicity, sales and e-commerce -- what are they? How are they done?
Can special events raise money with little cost?
Events are rarely successful until they have become well-established.
Can we recruit volunteers via the Internet?
There are increasingly sophisticated websites available to help
How alike are nonprofits and for-profit businesses?
Some observers say running a nonprofit is much harder.
How can I get non-philanthropic corporate support?
You might appeal to their corporate marketing program instead of to the philanthropy area. If you can help a company get positive publicity...
How can one attract attention to a new web site?
Suggestions, including references to other material online, for appropriate promotion of WWW sites.
How can we be listed in the Encyclopaedia of Associations?
The Encyclopaedia of Associations is a directory of national non-profit groups in the United States.
How can We Find an Internet Service Provider (ISP)?
Look on the web and talk with other organizations in your area that use the 'net.
How can we use the Internet to reach more people?
Advice from two long-term observers of nonprofits' use of online tools.
How do we advertise our volunteer opportunities?
Suggested texts for strong recruiting ads
How effective is a newsletter as a development tool?
If used correctly, newsletters can be a valuable fundraising tool.
How much leeway should a website editor have?
A website is an important way of presenting an organization to friends and strangers. When staff and volunteers can't agree on its content, what should be done?
How-to Guide for Advocacy Campaigns
A large public relations firm with many nonprofit clients has posted a guide for advocacy campaigns on the web.
Some Online Tips and Resources for Direct Mail
Technical notes from all over.
Some Texts on Marketing for Nonprofits
Suggested books for use in college and graduate courses on the subject. See also the Center for Strategic Communications at
What about 'charity malls' or 'shop-to-give' websites?
Discussions of the pros and cons of encouraging supporters to do their online purchasing at websites that support charities with part of their revenue.
What do the news media think about nonprofits?
This study done in the Seattle area includes careful interviews with key informants including editors and publishers.
What Must Be in an Annual Report?
There is no standard format for the Annual Report but many states and some watchdog organizations have requirements for annual reporting.