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The Nonprofit FAQ: Meetings

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Are board officers the same as corporate officers
Not necessarily. And in fact is some cases it is important to keep the distinction clear.
Can a Board Meet by Conference Call or Online?
Laws vary from state to state. Some references to discussions of the several related issues.
Can a single board member wield too much power?
They can, and it's delicate to deal with the problem, but not necessarily evidence of corruption.
Can nonprofits use proxies when voting?
It's a complicated question. Some guidance may be found in state nonprofit corporation law.
Do board meetings or documents have to be public?
If there are any external rules about this, they will be found in state law or funding requirements.
Help with Parliamentary Procedure
Pointers to some useful tips and resource.
How can we all just get along?
Techniques to ensure strong, working relationships
How do we have effective meetings (staff or board)?
Guidelines for planning, conducting and evaluating meetings. Includes ice breakers and various types of groups and facilitation. Advice on how to have successful board meetings.
How should the board handle something confidential?
An 'executive session' of the board can be convened when necessary. Follow these steps to be sure it's done right.
Should Staff Attend Board Meetings?
Strong statements of competing views.
What are good jobs to keep board members involved?
Several experienced leaders offer guidance based on committee work.
Who should see board minutes?
Organizations need to consider carefully how and when discussions and decisions of the board should be accessible to others.