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The Nonprofit FAQ: Membership

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Can Members Review the Books & Financial Records?
An organization's by-laws should state the rights of its membership.
Creating connections between membership and donations
Do these two different sort of relationship with stakeholders have anything in common.
Do all nonprofits have members?
No. And the term 'member' is used in many ways. In some organizations, members have specific rights and powers.
How effective is a newsletter as a development tool?
If used correctly, newsletters can be a valuable fundraising tool.
Is the cost of a members' magazine tax-deductible?
Answering the question is complicated. Here is some guidance.
What is a grassroots organization?
The term has no 'official' meaning in spite of its widespread use. Nonethess, people often feel strongly about such organizations and how they are formed and led.
What membership benefits should we offer?
It depends. On the purposes of your organization and the environment in which you operate. This item discusses some of the considerations.