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The Nonprofit FAQ: Personnel

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Are NPO wages too low?
Several writers think so, and offer arguments to support their points of view.
Can religious organizations use religion as a criterion when selecting employees?
This is a complicated question. This item points to resources for sorting it out.
Can religious organizations use religion as a criterion when selecting employees?
This is a complicated question. This item points to resources for sorting it out.
Considerations in setting up an all-volunteer program?
Assess the depth of commitment to this approach before starting in
Good interview questions when hiring a volunteer coordinator
Thoughts about how to give candidates a chance to show their strengths.
How can we all just get along?
Techniques to ensure strong, working relationships
How do I supervise employees?
Supervisors oversee the development and productivity of their employees, whether the supervisor is an executive or a first-line supervisor
How do we get our Federal tax-exempt number?
There really isn't any such thing. The Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) is used for identifying nonprofit organizations. Local tax exemptions are set by local jurisdictions and must be researched locally.
How do we hire a new or replacement Chief Executive Officer?
The Free Management Library offers guidelines for hiring a chief executive officer for the first time or as a replacement.
How do we know what training volunteers need?
Good training builds on context
How much information should be provided to volunteers?
It's important to accomodate a broad range of personal styles among volunteers, but there are still some kinds of information that everyone must have. Some information is always necessary though; here's a list of some things to consider.
How should the board and the executive director relate?
Keeping this relationship clear and productive is one of the biggest challenges facing nonprofits. There are many views on how to do that well. This item is adapted from the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits' online library.
How should the board handle something confidential?
An 'executive session' of the board can be convened when necessary. Follow these steps to be sure it's done right.
How to do performance appraisals
Some thoughts about how to assemble and use meaningful information about job performance.
Personal/employee development, wellness and productivity
Developing yourself and your personnel, ensuring health and wellness, and making the most of your time
Resources for employee policies, records and handbooks
Personnel policies guide toward legal, ethical and other desired behaviors in the workplace.
Should Staff Attend Board Meetings?
Strong statements of competing views.
The Association of Fundraising Professionals Code of Ethics
Excerpts pertaining to fees for consulting from the Association of Fundraising Professionals' Code of Ethical Principles and Standards of Professional Practice
What about group and interpersonal conflict?
Basic techniques for addressing conflict between two people or in groups
What are employee laws? Any related major issues and topics?
There are a variety of federal laws, executive orders, etc., regarding the selection and treatment of individuals in the workplace.
What documents should a new employee receive?
New employees need a lot of information about the organization and its policies; there are also some requirements of employment laws that need to be observed.
What employee taxes do nonprofits pay
Income taxes withheld from employees' pay and the employer's share of social security and medicare are due from any employer. Classifying someone as a contractor who isn't can be expensive (in penalties, etc). Unemployment taxes are more complicated. The IRS has explanations that can help.
What is 'Founder's Syndrome'? Do we have it? How do we recover?
'Founder's Syndrome' occurs when a nonprofit is shaped by a strong founder and loses track of a more general mission. Transitions can be difficult when the founder moves on, even with good intentions on all sides.
What is human resource management? Where can I get help?
Basic overview of functions of managing human resources
What is leadership? How do I develop my leadership skills?
Resources to help you explore leadership and what it means to you
What is meant by internal marketing?
Internal marketing means turning the focus of selling from your customers to your staff. If staff are not aware and in support of your marketing campaign, they may be unable or unwilling to provide the support that will ensure your project or campaign
What is telecommuting? How can it help me?
Telecommuting means working from home, and it's rapidly on the rise.
What is the role of a chief operating officer in a nonprofit, and how do we know whether we need one? offers two essays on the topic.
What is the role of the executive director?
The executive director is the person appointed by the Board of Directors to provide leadership toward the achievement of the organization's mission and strategic goals.
What is training? learning? development?
Descriptions of key terms in training and development at the Free Management Library
What kinds of retirement plans can NPOs have?
In 1995, there were two kinds.
What Must We, What Can We Disclose to the Public, Staff, Board and Clients?
A detailed review of the disclosure (and privacy protection) responsibilities of nonprofits.
What should the board be doing? How about staff?
The Free Management Library provides a concise comparison of the responsibilities of board and staff.
What should we look for in a fundraiser?
What should you look for in a fundraiser? How and how much should they be paid?
What should we say to our employees about philanthropy?
The key is wanting to give, not having to.
What ways do I guide employees?
Various methods to guide people, e.g., coaching, counseling, delegating, mentoring, etc.
Where are nonprofit jobs listed?
There are lots of online resources. This item links to several lists.
Where can I learn about Human Resources has connects to many helpful discussions of Human Resources at