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The Nonprofit FAQ: Research & Data Collection

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Can I use a model to help draft my agency's strategic plan?
A strategic plan needs to be closely tied to the organization's needs and situation. Borrowing someone else's is a risky temptation. Here are some other suggestions.
Can we do our own market research? If so, how?
Some suggestions on how to do basic, low cost, practical research
Do we need a privacy statement?
There are many facets to this question, and many resources available online. It is especially important for organizations that do business online or that offer online services for kids.
How can nonprofits evaluate their fundraising productivity?
An expert in nonprofit accountability and evaluation shares his insights on how to interpret fundraising costs in a collection of essays called the Fundraising Productivity Series.
How can we be sure training is meeting volunteers' needs?
Ask the volunteers themselves
How do we know what training volunteers need?
Good training builds on context
Information on university programs about nonprofits?
There are more than can be listed here. This entry links to resources and lists that can help explore university programs in the US.