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The Nonprofit FAQ: Risk Management

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'What to Do Until the Lawyer Comes'
That's the subtitle of the online handbook by James D. DeWitt which is available online. It gives a broad introduction to legal issues addressed to leadership volunteers of nonprofits.
Criteria for Nonprofits' Operating Reserves
This article by Tom Raffa discusses nonprofit organizations need to maintain the balance between operating income and expenses to be prepared to weather periods with revenue shortfalls.
How can we ensure our nonprofit operates ethically?
While no one can guarantee that every organization will always be highly ethical, there are certain measures to take that guide toward ethical behaviors.
How does the US Patriot Act affect nonprofits?
A guide by several national organizations answers many questions
Insurance Questions for Nonprofits
Important things to think about when assessing the risks involved in programs and the best ways to deal with them.
Is a Board Necessary?
Many factors affect the answer to the question. Being incorporated is probably a good idea; corporations usually have boards.
Policies for Financial Accountability
Here is a sample of a detailed list of policies governing how the board of a larger nonprofit might deal with financial oversight and controls.
Resources for risk and crisis management
The web offers a variety of resources for crisis and risk management.
Weathering Funding Reductions and Financial Uncertainty
This Nonprofit Quarterly Article authored by Thomas Raffa and Robert Cocchiaro presents a basic framework for dealing with financial uncertainty.
What about computer and network security?
Computer security involves backing up data, protecting hardware and software and documentation, along with guarding on-line data from intrusion.
What US schools offer BA & graduate programs on nonprofits?
Links to lists of graduate programs and some information about undergraduate opportunities.
Where can we get insurance for our volunteers?
CIMA offers the Volunteer Insurance Service