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The Nonprofit FAQ: Training

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Are there advanced educational opportunities in East & Central Europe?
Scholars are working to assemble a listing; here is a report of progress.
How can we be sure training is meeting volunteers' needs?
Ask the volunteers themselves
How do we build skills in leadership, management and supervision?
Basic framework and all materials for leadership, management and supervisory development
How do we develop effective training for our volunteers?
Learn about working with adult learners
What is distance learning?
Distance learning -- sometimes called online learning -- means using telecommunications to access sources of learning.
What is the practical difference between Certification and an MBA?
Some practitioners weigh in in favor of the certificate approach.
What is training? learning? development?
Descriptions of key terms in training and development at the Free Management Library
What should I look for at an agency where I might volunteer?
Several observers give detailed advice about how to review the management practices of agencies that are seeking volunteers.
Where are nonprofit conferences listed?
Conference and seminar listing services on the Internet.