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The Nonprofit FAQ: Advocacy

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Advice on Advocacy from the American Association of Museums
Key steps in gaining attention from political leaders.
How-to Guide for Advocacy Campaigns
A large public relations firm with many nonprofit clients has posted a guide for advocacy campaigns on the web.
Is there a good resource on activism for young people?
There are several.
Online Advocacy for Nonprofit Associations
There are informative websites that support nonprofit policy initiatives at the national and state levels plus online information on the subject of doing advocacy work online.
Principles and Practices for Public Policy and Advocacy
Suggested policies for nonprofits to follow regarding advocacy and lobbying.
Starting Up an Advocacy Organization
Advice about the requirements when setting up an organization that is focused on advocacy.
Statement about Importance of Policy Advocacy
The Alliance for Justice, the Center for Lobbying in the Public Interest, and OMB Watch jointly issued this statement in the Summer of 1998. It provides a rationale for and guidance about policy advocacy for charitable nonprofits in the United States.
Summary of federal rules about lobbying for 501(c)(3) organizations
Extensive discussions of the definition of and limits on lobbying by nonprofits.
Will signing a petition get us in trouble for lobbying?
A 501(c)(3) can express an occassional opinion about a matter of public policy without risking being challenged for lobbying. This item discusses the rules about lobbying and advocacy and points to some more detailed resources.