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The Nonprofit FAQ: Political Action

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Can 501(c)(3)s get involved in helping (or hindering) candidates for public office?
Basically no. 501(c)(3)s are not permitted to do anything to help or hinder the election of any candidate to public office. This item reproduces the texts of IRS statements on this question and provides links to other IRS materials.
Principles and Practices for Public Policy and Advocacy
Suggested policies for nonprofits to follow regarding advocacy and lobbying.
Statement about Importance of Policy Advocacy
The Alliance for Justice, the Center for Lobbying in the Public Interest, and OMB Watch jointly issued this statement in the Summer of 1998. It provides a rationale for and guidance about policy advocacy for charitable nonprofits in the United States.
Summary of federal rules about lobbying for 501(c)(3) organizations
Extensive discussions of the definition of and limits on lobbying by nonprofits.
What is a grassroots organization?
The term has no 'official' meaning in spite of its widespread use. Nonethess, people often feel strongly about such organizations and how they are formed and led.