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The Nonprofit FAQ: State Regulations

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AICPA SOP 98-2 and its Impact on Financial Reporting
Rules that took effect 12/15/98 require organizations to screen activities carefully if they include a fund-raising appeal and are not classified as fund-raising in the accounts; three writers explain the background.
Can the organization operate while completing the 501(c)(3) process?
Extra caution is needed, but many organizations have started work before the formal process was completed
Does Fundraising on the Internet Require Registration in Every State?
There is no final answer...yet. Several writers' have discussed the question online.
Further on Contingent Compensation (Percentage Fees)
Another compilation of an online debate on the ethics and practical implications of basing compensation for fundraising on a percentage of the funds raised.
General considerations when planning an audit
The word 'audit' is used in lots of ways. This article focuses on issues and resources for a financial audit by an accountant or CPA.
How can we streamline our charitable solicitations registration?
The Unified Registration Statement (URS) is accepted by many states.
How is fundraising regulated in the US?
State governments are the most active regulators of fund raising, and the standards are quite different from place to place. The use of the Internet for fund raising makes this situation even more complicated.
What about car donation programs?
Car donation programs can be effective for both donors and charities. New rules place new limits on such programs from January 1, 2005.
What state rules and regulations apply to nonprofits?
The IRS has a webpage with links to explanations of each state's requirements for nonprofit organizations. There are many differences.
Where can I learn the basics of contract law?
Basic resources about U.S. contract law and the legal system