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The Nonprofit FAQ: Books (Bibliography)

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'A History of Foundations and Evaluation Research'
A paper by Peter Dobkin Hall reviews the history of grant-making foundations' use of evaluation in the second half of the 20th century. It includes an extensive bibliography.
A Classified List of Key Texts
Prepared by a former student at the Indiana University Center on Philanthropy.
Approaches to the History of Nonprofits
Approaches to documenting and understanding the history of nonprofits in the US by two well-known scholars.
Bibliography: Nonprofit Literature
A classified list compiled for the Internet Nonprofit Center by Prof. Peter Dobkin Hall sometime in the mid-1990s
Books That Give Background on Nonprofits for Donors
The 'Library' at this site has a short list at
Can I use a model to help draft my agency's strategic plan?
A strategic plan needs to be closely tied to the organization's needs and situation. Borrowing someone else's is a risky temptation. Here are some other suggestions.
Can we do our own market research? If so, how?
Some suggestions on how to do basic, low cost, practical research
Does a strong nonprofit sector make any difference?
Discussion of the connection between 'civil society' and nonprofit organizations.
Electronic or digital publishing resources
It is now possible to publish documents electronically and receive payments or royalties for them. Here is a brief discription of some resources.
How can we be listed in the Encyclopaedia of Associations?
The Encyclopaedia of Associations is a directory of national non-profit groups in the United States.
How do I incorporate an organization as a nonprofit?
The procedures vary from state to state. This item provides the names of three books that can help.
Indiana University's Philanthropic Studies Library
Many research tools for this extensive collection are available online.
Key Texts for Understanding Nonprofits
Compiled from email discussions of the topic.
List of Books on Volunteerism
Here is a list compiled in 1996.
Periodicals with news and commentary about nonprofits
Subscription and other information about general interest publications that focus on the nonprofit sector. Links to online sources.
Research on Nonprofits
Starting points for learning more about nonprofits and the various ways scholars examine them.
See What Nonprofit Books are Selling Now at Amazon.Com
Amazon.Com offers a service that tracks sales in categories. This item includes a link with a current list of books in the 'nonprofit' category that have been purchased freqently.
Some Texts on Marketing for Nonprofits
Suggested books for use in college and graduate courses on the subject. See also the Center for Strategic Communications at
Stereotypes of Philanthropy in Popular (?) Culture
Suggestions of books, etc., that portray nonprofit work for better or worse.
Useful books about nonprofits (authors A-H)
A listing of various publications suggested by readers. Part I of a three-part listing.
Useful books about nonprofits (authors I-R)
A listing of various publications suggested by readers (part II of a three-part listing)
Useful books about nonprofits (authors S-Z)
A listing of various publications suggested by readers. Part III of a three-part listing.
What are some useful books about nonprofits?
Listings of various publications suggested by readers.
What sorts of business deals can nonprofits do?
As corporations, nonprofits can enter into all sorts of contracts. But the arrangements can be complicated. Here's a book that may help.
Where can I find research reports about boards?
The Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership maintains an annotated bibliography of reports on boards.
Where can I find some simple marketing ideas?
Suggestions for some good but basic marketing ideas
Yale case studies in volunteer governance?
Short reports on board leadership available in a book and by mail.