The Nonprofit FAQ: Committees

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How can we all just get along?
Techniques to ensure strong, working relationships
How do we have effective meetings (staff or board)?
Guidelines for planning, conducting and evaluating meetings. Includes ice breakers and various types of groups and facilitation. Advice on how to have successful board meetings.
How do you develop board committees?
Committees should have clear purpose, active membership, meet regularly and have representation on the board as a whole.
What are board policies?
Board policies are members' guidelines for working together. The Free Management Library offers several on-line samples and links to policy manuals.
What are good jobs to keep board members involved?
Several experienced leaders offer guidance based on committee work.
What are some typical board committees?
Committees are used for many types of activities. Some committees are 'standing committees' which are ongoing, and some are 'ad hoc' that exist to achieve a certain goal.
What is an advisory committee? How do we organize one?
An advisory board or committee can be a very useful asset to board and staff. There's a difference between a board of directors and an advisory board.
What is an Executive Committee?
This term usually refers to a smaller group of board members that has been delegated specific powers to act in certain circumstances on behalf of the full board.
What's the purpose of board committees?
Board committees provide organized, focused means for members to achieve goals and address issues.