The Nonprofit FAQ: Finding Volunteer Opportunities

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Can I get information on volunteer opportunities online?
Discussion of some sites on the WWW that link to many volunteer opportunities.
Can we recruit volunteers via the Internet?
There are increasingly sophisticated websites available to help
How do I find volunteer opportunities in my community?
Here are some suggestions for community-based and online sources of announcements by organizations looking for volunteers.
How do I know what volunteer project is right for me?
Some self-screening is the first step, so that you know what you're looking for.
Organizations that Promote Volunteering by Persons with Disabilities
A list compiled by Jane Cravens of the United Nations Volunteer Program
What should I look for at an agency where I might volunteer?
Several observers give detailed advice about how to review the management practices of agencies that are seeking volunteers.
Where can I find information about service learning
Online bibligraphies of research reports and other useful information
Where can I find volunteer opportunities around the world?
Idealist's volunteer center offers a list of organizations to contact and Northwestern University coordinates overseas service-learning projects for the US.
Where can I post volunteer opportunities (want ads) online?
There are several choices; these webpages list many.
Where I can learn about volunteering overseas?
There are several online resources.
Why should I volunteer?
Because it is satisfying to do useful work that benefits others or the community and because volunteering offers many benefits and opportunities for the people who participate.