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The Nonprofit FAQ: Funders

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'A History of Foundations and Evaluation Research'
A paper by Peter Dobkin Hall reviews the history of grant-making foundations' use of evaluation in the second half of the 20th century. It includes an extensive bibliography.
Are churches required to register as 501(c)(3)s?
Generally, no. But some organizations connected to churches do apply for recognition as tax-exempt by the IRS.
Can a grant writer share in the proceeds of successful applications?
In a word, 'no.' Two experienced observers expands on that answer in this item.
Cultural and Nonprofit Facilities Funds
In some communities, revolving funds exist to assist nonprofits with financing construction and upgrading of facilities.
Ethical guidelines for grantmakers, and grant seekers
References to several books that explore the ethical side of grants.
How will the Net affect the work of Fundraisers?
Early discussions of many possible ways for fundraisers to use the net.
Is the full-text of the Federal Register available on-line?
It is. But read this for even better deals!
What about corporate philanthropy?
Corporate giving programs come in many forms